Hey, guys. I was sick over the last week, so that’s why this is so late… and why there wasn’t a review. Overall, I thought this episode was okay. I still don’t understand the whole slaughter one episode, let’s not discuss it at all the next. It seems like a huge deal that the final thing Silas kind of needed to pull off his two universes portal thing just happened and no one wants to even discuss it, but whatever.

Regardless, here’s the photo recap for The Vampire Diaries “American Gothic.”

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  • LunaticDesire

    Ahahaha, awesome as usual. Love the “to the rescue” capture!
    BTW, I still watch Revenge (and still like it) 😉

    • I do too, actually. Haha! I have been annoyed with it a lot recently, however.

  • munki28

    The last one about Bonnie is the best LOL seriously WTH? They made her go through that and also a random memory loss but would not care to talk about it.

    • It’s getting on my nerves.

    • Corina Ramos

      Agreed! There is so much potential with Bonnie and her storyline, but it just seems like the writers are way too lazy to even develop anything for her.

  • Jello

    I actually enjoyed this episode more than any other this season.
    I liked the whole Katherine, Elena and Rebbekah skit. It was funny to watch.
    Predictable since I knew Rebbekah wasn’t going to take the cure, it will be Elena at the end of the season of course.
    I looove Elijah, so I am glad to see him and not to fully fall for Katherine’s lies.
    Why the idiot brothers (this season) don’t lock Elena up in their dungeon until the cure is found. Oh yeah, Elena is the star of the show, she needs to be kept outside.
    Loved the whole Silas as Caroline bit and the introduction of a new Silas power.
    I see silas coming back next season for sure. He will be the new bad guy, for at least a couple of more seasons.
    He needs a new body though.

    • Bubbles

      I don’t think Silas will come back in any other seasons than this one and the next. He isn’t like Klaus and I believe he is boring. They could kill him. I like his different body power though. It’s cool.Why do you love Elijah? He is not important and very VERY boring. And Elena is very cool now so she should stay bad and be with Damon and live happily ever after. Carolina and Klaus need to get together. One last thing, Elijah still did fall for Katherine’s lies anyway so he is still stupid like the other boys Damon and Stephan.

      • Jello

        I think Elijah is a great character.
        He is an original and has the power to kill any of the vampires in town.
        The problem is that the writers are not giving his character a good storyline.
        He came back and he should stay and become a little evil. I want him to kill katherine and get with Elena.
        Elena was always nice to him and he listened to her. I think that they will make a great match. F…Katherine.
        Damon and Stefan became interested in Elena because she looks like Katherine, so Elijah should do the same.

    • i wish we could forget parts of season 3 and 4. they totally ruined characters (though they did well by tyler, matt, and kinda stefen for the most part). still, i do love me some elijah and katherine. elena…not so much. seriously, what happened to her??? ugh.

      i know that silas is supposed to be a serious threat, but for some reason, i’m not getting those vibes. maybe because he’s just been body-hopping and getting bonnie to do his dirty work, idk. he doesn’t seem so scary…but i guess the fact that he wants to “bring down the veil” could be problematic…

  • katherine_fan

    LOVED IT!!!!”We’re looking for me-You’re right here”,”I was going vamp speed.I’ll slow it down”,”the Bonnie just killed 12 ppl but let’s not discuss it diaries”.I CAN’T HANDLE IT!!!!
    Sometimes,I wish Silas would kill all of them (except for Katherine),because they are all so stupid.Silas is out,the 3rd massacre is complete and Rebekah only thinks about herself and the Salvatores only care about controlling Elena.As for Elijah,he has no right to judge Katherine,when he has done worse (and some of his evil actions were directed to Katherine and her family) and because Katherine is flawless.Who and for what reason would want to change her???Only Elijah would want the doppelganger A who did not mean to ‘help’ * Silas kill doppelganger B’s brother to be more like the doppelganger B who came up with the plan and helped kill his own brother (and a million other vamps,too).
    *I wouldn’t mind if Katherine wanted to kill Jeremy or if she was the one to do it (techinically Silas killed Jeremy not Katherine).I want her to be evil.I love her when she’s evil!!But after watching Jeremy’s death scene a bunch of times,I believe that Katherine only meant to feed Silas by using Jeremy,she did not mean for him to die.In fact,she didn’t even looked pleased when Silas grabbed Jeremy-she looked scared of Silas.Katherine is evil because she was trying to save herself and did not mean for Jeremy to die, but Elena is pure and good when she planned and helped J to kill Kol (and his entire bloodline) for her own reasons??

  • Mandy

    I still watch Revenge =) Its not that bad….compared to TVD

  • mg

    hahhaha ;D 😀 keep on recaping, we love it


    not gonna lie, i started watching TVD last week and have caught up with all 4 seasons, it was that good. well, not so much season 4 and parts of season 3, but it was entertaining enough and i’m invested in some of the characters.

    anyway, love your photo recaps always! the “that’s not on us, that’s on the floor” bit is hilarious. the twitter and tumblr over capacity images will never get old. i’m glad you’ve kept the “goin’ down” from GG 🙂

  • show, more salvatore bromance shenanigans please! and can we please get their characters straight? i seriously get confused about their development sometimes. it’s that damn elena.

    but kudos to emotionless!vamp!elena being interesting for once. yo bros, listen to the girl and leave her alone.