Dan Harmon asked to return to Community!

Take a moment to reread that title and compose yourself. As Hollywookiee.com reports, Dan Harmon let it slip during a Harmontown podcast that NBC has invited him to return to the show. No word yet on if he’s accepted the offer, but he did joke that he’d only come back if Chevy Chase did the same. Community puns. Lulz.

But yay! My hope in Community season 5 is (somewhat) restored!

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Honestly, you're lucky I'm even a person after Lost ended. The ending of that was kind of like the end of my life, but I might be in a Community cult. Other favorites include The O.C, Suits, and almost everything else (slight exaggeration). Cool cool cool.

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  • Monika Alem


    can we pretend that season 4 was just a dream?