How I Met Your Mother has had pretty average episodes as of late, and I wasn’t expecting this one to be any different, but I was very wrong. I actually loved the entire episode from beginning to end. Although I know this won’t be the consensus among most viewers because it brought back focus onto the Ted-Robin relationship, which will certainly carry over into the season finale, I liked what this episode provided in way of story; it showed the fears Ted is having over Lily and Marshall moving to Italy and Robin’s doubts about marrying Barney. The show really developed these stories in a nice, realistic way, while setting up the final episode of the season.

So let’s jump into this week’s episode, starting with Ted, Marshall, and Lily’s story. As Marshall and Lily begin packing for Italy, they discover that they both have different ideas on what should go and what needs to be sent to the “Triangle” (just in case you forgot, it’s the curb on the sidewalk where things magically disappear). Due to this disagreement, they decide to bring in the packing master, Ted, who shows up with his tape dispenser. I have to say there is something so comedic about Ted’s love of organization. Anyway, Ted comes up with a system, the “have you used it in the past year” system, which works until some more sentimental items for Ted come up — such as an old, destroyed bean bag chair — which he tries to force Lily and Marshall to take to Italy. At first Lily and Marshall refuse to take it, but when they can’t convince Ted, they send him on a fool’s errand to buy fanny packs. Although, when he realizes what is really going on he rushes back to the apartment and jumps onto the beanbag chair to save it from the “Triangle,” leading Lily and Marshall to question his attachment to it, to which Ted tells them that he doesn’t want to be thrown out like the beanbag chair (the first piece of furniture they bought when they all moved to New York).

He then goes on to say that a lot can change in a year and he doesn’t want to lose his best friends, something very true to their situation and sad as a viewer to know and watch. Now that Robin and Barney are together, Lily and Marshall were all Ted had to confide in about his problems, many concerning Robin and Barney. It was nice to see the show address this change and how it not only affects Lily and Marshall but Ted as well, because he is cumin to their salt and pepper. After they realize this, they send Ted a picture with the beanbag chair and a sign that says Italy, a simple gesture, but very meaningful because it shows that Ted is always going to be part of their lives. His “I love you guys” text was the perfect way to end this story. It is quite amazing how impactful this moment was, especially since it was all done through texts, instead of actual dialogue.

Now let’s move onto Robin’s story. The entire episode centered around her search for a locket that she buried when she was a teenager, so that she could one day come back, dig it up, and use it as her something old on her wedding day. This was probably one of my favorite stories that her character has had this season because it showed her more vulnerable side, something we rarely get to see. The episode starts off with she and her father — who agreed to join her on this dig, but when Barney calls, she let’s him go off to play laser tag with Barney instead. Unfortunately, after countless hours and a destroyed field, she is unable to find the locket she buried and when she tries to call Barney to help her he asks if it’s really important. She just shrugs it off and tells him, “nah, it’s stupid.”  She later calls Ted, but since he has a meeting for a new building, he says he can’t make it, but asks if it’s important and she replies again with, “nah, it’s stupid”. But Ted being Ted shows up anyway because he knows that “nah, it’s stupid” is Robin for “yes, it’s really important,” something Barney still doesn’t understand.

When she tells him what she’s looking for, Ted is surprised, like me, that Robin is actually a “girl.” She then finds that box and tells Ted the truth about the locket, that when she couldn’t find it at first she was scared that it was a sign that she shouldn’t marry Barney. However, by finding the locket she knew that everything was going to be okay, but upon opening the box she finds that the locket isn’t there and she begins to break down. All her doubts come rushing to the surface, when she realizes that it’s a sign and she shouldn’t marry Barney because he is just like her emotionally distant father. Ted then begins to defend Barney and tells Robin that the universe isn’t giving her any signs, that little things like a locket or a beanbag chair don’t have any special meaning. Like I’ve said in past reviews, Ted is an amazing friend to both Robin and Barney. Anyway, as this is all happening, right on cue it starts to rain, and Ted gives Robin and us a fun little science lesson about where rain comes from. After Ted’s heartfelt monologue about signs and the universe being meaningless, Robin says nothing and she just holds his hand, as they sit there in silence. It was a lovely ending and moment for these two characters and like I said before, sets us up for a good season finale next week.

We know from pervious flash-forwards that Robin and Barney do in fact get married, so I’m sure we have nothing to worry about. The only thing I’m wondering now is when are we going to see the wedding because it doesn’t look like it is going to happen this season.

What did you think of this episode? Are you looking forward to the season finale?