Imagine joining Lost Girl, a seductive Supernatural series in its third season which already has a settled and extremely vocal fan base, are you picturing it? Fists flying, people crying over their favorites not getting enough screen time because of the newbie, the madness… the horror! Well, it seems we’ve kept the brawls down to a minimum this season and we’re not entirely sure how she did it (I personally think she used some of that Fae juju on us), but the fact remains, that when Rachel Skarsten strolled onto the scene she managed to not only piss off the majority of the loyal Lost Girl fans, but make them love her as well.

Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin in Lost Girl.

Two episodes into Season 3 we met Tamsin, a vicious Valkyrie with a knack for darkness, and like any (ir)rational fan of their favorite show, week after week, Monday (Sunday) after Monday (Sunday), I, as well as many others watching thrived off loving to hate this girl. Now, after speaking in depth with Skarsten herself, I feel almost guilty for giving her character such a hard time in the beginning… but, isn’t that the beauty of it? Loving to hate, and hating to love. And after interviewing this lively, humble and phenomenal talent, I’ve come to learn that some of the sweetest of people can make even the meanest, most controversial characters likable.

Now onto the good stuff, the real reason why you’re all here eagerly pawing through this post trying to get the scoop on Lost Girl‘s resident bad girl. As you know, I got to chat with fan favorite, Rachel Skarsten, we talked about the possible, or perhaps impossible direction of Valkubus, she takes a controversial stand on the never-ending Dyson or Lauren debate, and she even admits to being a fellow fangirl!

So scroll on you Faenatics, this is one interview you will not want to miss…

McKenzie M: For starters, so glad to hear you’ll be back in Season 4. I know that the fans are extremely thrilled to see some more of Tamsin. At what point did you know that your character would continue into the next season? 

Rachel Skarsten: I guess it was about half way through filming the first season that I sort of started to hear rumblings from the producers or some of the cast that I might be back, and Jay [Firestone] had spoken to me a little bit about some ideas that he had for the next season and Tamsin’s character, however I didn’t get my official offer to come back until we wrapped and the season had actually premiered on television.

MM: You brought a fresh dynamic to an already pretty solid show, do you and Tamsin have any similarities? Differences?

RS: Tamsin is way cooler than me. [Laughs] Like way, way cooler. So that would be a difference. I guess ultimately every character that you play, while they would like her to be so much cooler and more dynamic and much more dramatic and interesting, I think that there’s always a little bit of personification of certain characters fixed to your own. I love Tamsin’s humor. I think that we have the same sense of humor. Maybe I’ve given her a little bit of mine, and vice versa. And I think just coming from a past that, she’s obviously struggled with things and perhaps we share that a little bit and I think that that’s probably true to the human condition.

MM: Now that you’re a season into this character, have the fans warmed up to you? Is the response to your character generally positive or do you still get some negative feedback as well?

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Skarsten

RS: You know, originally when the news sort of broke that there was going to be a new character, there was some negative feedback, and nothing terribly malicious. I know how it is when you love a show and you love all the characters on that show you’re hesitant to want a new character to come in just because it changes the dynamic of that show and maybe people were a little bit worried about that. They were also worried that if a new character came in that must mean that one of the original characters is going to be killed off so I got a couple of tweets where people wanted to not have Tamsin come on. When the show first premiered people didn’t really like her, which I anticipated because Jay Firestone had said to me “oh, people are just going to love to hate Tamsin. They’re gonna hate her as if they’re going to love to hate her.” So I was expecting that, however very quickly on into the season people just gave the warmest reception and I don’t think I’ve gotten a single negative tweet. Although now that I said that I’m going to get some.

MM: Have you had any weird or crazy fan encounters, in real life or on Twitter? 

RS: When I joined Lost Girl, I don’t think I really knew what the extent of the fan base of the show or how big the show really was. I mean I had heard of Lost Girl but it really hit me when the show premiered and on Twitter it was trending number one Worldwide and I thought “man this is crazy.” Since the show premiered, I’ve been in Los Angeles and I’ve had a couple of people come up to me or kind of tap me on the back and just say, “I’m sorry, I never do this, but you’re on Lost Girl and that is my favorite show and I never miss the show and I shut the doors and I just watch my show,” and they go, “all by myself.” And I’m always like that’s a little weird, but cool. But no one has been particularly crazy, although sometimes I do get people tweeting me ten times in a row “I love you so much, message me back.” So that’s also a little extreme but I do appreciate the love.

MM: Lost Girl has really skyrocketed in the U.S., what do you think makes this show so special compared to competing Supernatural dramas such as The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf or Fringe?

RS: I think that what makes Lost Girl so special and different from the other shows, and it’s one thing that people really respond to and enjoy about the show, is the humor in it. So many of the characters, it’s not just you have that kind of one token funny character that says the one-liners, the whole show has an undercurrent of humor. It extends with Bo and Kenzi and Tamsin and just all of these different characters that are not only intelligent and brooding and Supernatural but the difference is there’s a humor about it and I think not taking yourself too seriously while doing it seriously is one of the special things about Lost Girl.

MM: You’re being referred to as the Joseph Morgan of Lost Girl because you had a similar affect on the fandom as he did with The Vampire Diaries. If you’re not familiar with him he’s an actor who came onto The Vampire Diaries, stole the show and now has his own spinoff series. What would you do if Tamsin got her own show? 

RS: [Laughs.] Tamsin’s own show? I mean, first of all that is so flattering, thank you, I didn’t even know that and I think Tamsin’s own show would just be a train wreck to be honest because [while laughing] she’s such a train wreck. But what would I do? Well first of all I think I would miss everyone else; I’d have to just take a whole bunch of them with me. I would be so down for it. I love Tamsin. People always ask you, “oh do you like playing this character?” And sometimes you don’t really and sometimes you do. But Tamsin is this really empowered female. It’s one thing that people always comment about her and I always say that Jay Firestone just truly loves women. He writes these female characters that are just so badass. And to have the opportunity to continue to play a female like that, especially in the type that I’m in, you know in the twenty-something on girl, you just don’t get the opportunity to play characters like that very often.

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MM: To refresh my memory I rewatched the season finale last night: we saw Tamsin unravel towards the end of the season… do you think that had a lot to do with her underlining feelings for Bo? Was all of that Bo/Tamsin subtext intentional, I mean she basically confessed her love to her in a bathtub, am I right, or am I right? [Laughs.]

RS: Yes. Well, there’s actually a whole backstory to Tamsin’s investment in Bo that will start to be explored in the next season that I can’t really say anything about. But it’s a very long history, and it’s very personal to Tamsin, because Tamsin is obviously a very old, old Valkyrie who continues to reincarnate. The story goes back way way before Bo was even born. I’m excited for the fans to see what happens.

MM: Many fans are rooting for Bo and Tamsin to have a go at a real relationship, these characters are so alike, yet so different, would you be for something like that blossoming between the two in the upcoming season… or are you terrified all the rabid Dyson and Lauren fans will pounce on you? 

RS: [Laughs.] Yeah, no. People ask me that all the time and I’m like NO WAY! [Laughs.] That actually has been one of the things that people tweeted at me about that “well we love Tamsin but don’t get in the way of Bo and Lauren” or something similar with Dyson. And I have no desire to get in front of that moving train. [Laughs.] I think that exploring relationships whether it be romantic or friendship with Bo would be definitely interesting but especially romantic I think I’m going to leave that up to Lauren and Dyson.

MM: Who do you get along with most on set? The entire cast seems like such characters. Can you describe each one of them in one or two words?  

RS: Yes. I feel like a broken record when I say this but it really is the truth that they were all just so welcoming of me. You never know what you’re going to get when you come on and usually by season three either everyone hates each other or everyone’s so tight that there’s just no way that you’re ever going to make it in with the cool kids. And they were just so, so, so, so great from day one. Most of my scenes are with Anna [Silk] and Kris [Holden-Ried] and, you know, what do I even say about them… I’ve had the pleasure of actually getting to spend a lot of time with Anna both on and off set and her and her husband Seth [Cooperman] have just sort of adopted me in Los Angeles and I got to see them and their new baby which is amazing. Anna is the real deal. That would be the best way to describe Anna. She’s one of the most genuinely kind and gracious people I have ever met in my life, I mean, there’s literally nothing. I feel like I’m gushing like I’m actually in love with her. Like, I might actually be. [Laughs.]

Kris is so much fun. I feel like when I’m with him, we’re partners in crime, and Kris is one of my favorite people to joke around with because he takes everything so seriously. [Laughs]. But then at the same time is such a big goofball.

Ksenia [Solo] is just wildly talented. I love watching her work. I’ve had two scenes with her and sometimes in scenes when you’re acting against someone and you just think “man I should just throw in the towel” because they’re just totally dominating the scene. That’s how I feel when I work with Ksenia. Rick [Howland], Rick is just awesome. He’s a class act. K.C. [Collins] the same thing. K.C. too, he just went out of his way.

Zoie [Palmer], the perfect way to describe her is actually a cool kid, like Anna and I talk about this all the time, when we’re around Zoie we’re just like “omigosh, you are just so cool, we want to be more like you!” [Laughs.] She’s just so smart and together and I love them all. I can honestly go on forever.

MM: There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Tamsin and the exact nature of her powers and her life cycle, what would you like to see Tamsin do with her powers in Season 4? 

RS: We kind of caught Tamsin at the end of her life cycle and there was reference made to the sheer force that she was at the beginning of her life cycle and I would have really loved to explore Tamsin’s power in her prime. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Because she is such a strong female, and a strong personality and character and to sort of see her powers really reflecting that, I’m pretty stoked.

MM: Your one-liners on Lost Girl have become notorious, and after every episode I would get loads of tweets from people asking me to make some more Tamsin Tones. What was your response to this ringtone craze? Would you ever have yourself as a text tone? haha.

RS: [Laughs.] I actually saw it on Twitter and I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t even think that it was a real thing and then when I heard it. [Laughs.] It was, like, so odd. It’s like one of those very surreal moments. Would I ever have myself? Probably not, simply because I think my friends would just roast me for it. But I’m very flattered that it was done. It’s kind of weird, kind of crazy to think that my voice comes out of someone’s phone every time that they get a text message from someone. [Laughs.] Hopefully it’s not one of my more, like, swearing, mean ones. [Laughs.] Maybe something a little nicer.


MM: If Tamsin became human, what obstacles do you think she would face? Do you think that bad ass, take no crap personality she’s known for would disappear? 

RS: No, I think she would have it even more because she would be so frustrated. I feel like there were a lot of times throughout the season when Tamsin really struggled because there were ways in which she was used to being able to behave because of her powers and when she was losing them she could no longer act that way and I think that’s kind of why she was so grumpy the whole season. So I’m sure she would be like the grumpiest human.

MM: Who would you want to see guest star on next season’s Lost Girl, and what role would you want them to play? 

RS: Oh, who would I want to guest star? That’s a very good question. I mean I think I sort of lucked out with Linda Hamilton. I’m not sure you could beat that, not only just because of who she is in the business but also just how she was as a person. I don’t know. You stumped me! You know what? Just for old times sake let’s say Sarah Michelle Gellar because I was a huge Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan, and I’d love to meet her. [When Buffy ended,] that was one of the saddest days of my life. I would love Sarah Michelle Gellar and she could play my Valkyrie sister so I could be in every scene with her. [Laughs.]

MM: What are some of your guilty pleasure TV shows? 

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RS: The Walking Dead. I love, love, The Walking Dead. Criminal Minds, my mother and I are obsessed with it. I think we’ve seen every episode. We started watching it because I did Birds of Prey with Shemar [Moore] so when he got Criminal Minds we were like, “oh we’re going to watch it to support Shemar and check out the show.” I get really into, like, all the Law & Order‘s and Unsolved Mysteries. I was into Chopped, that show on Food Network for a while but then I became a vegetarian and decided to not be so into it because I felt like they were killing all the baby pigs.

MM: If you were an animal, which one would you be? 

RS: An Elephant, one hundred percent.

MM: What are some of your hobbies?

RS: I love doodling, I’m always doodling. I suppose that’s not a real hobby but it is something that I do with much of my spare time. I love watching hockey. I will watch any team at any time. I was in the Czech Republic last month and there was a game on in a pub and I made my friend who I was traveling with go in and have a beer and we watched the whole game and he was like so not into hockey but I’m quite a big fan. [Laughs.] What else? I wish I could say something cool like cooking, but that would not be true.

MM: A fan actually asked me to ask you that if Lost Girl was a hockey team, which cast members would play which positions?

RS: Really!?

MM: Yes!

RS: Well, I would be the goalie because that’s the position that I always play. I think Ksenia would be a forward because she’s like small and agile and she’d be the one to just fake everyone out. Anna would be my defenseman because she’s always got my back. Kris, I don’t know what Kris would be. I think Kris would be the guy who like keeps score in the box maybe. [Laughs.] Zoie would be that power forward, who’s just like, “do not mess with her.” And K.C. and Rick, they would probably also be forwards. [Laughs.] I don’t know, that’s a hard one.

MM: What advice would you give your 14-year-old self?

RS: As lame as this sounds, when I was 14 I was so in love with this guy and he was much too cool for me, and years later he came back around and asked me out. As a theme generally I tend to be so invested in things and want things to work out and I think I would try to take my own advice which is the same I would give to my 14-year-old self to just sort of Vive La Vie and not stress out so much about things or worry about the future and everything being perfect.

MM: So now, I think I know the answer to this next question, but I’m going to ask it anyways: Zombie apocalypse or Alien Invasion?

RS: Oh my gosh, Zombie Apocalypse for sure! [Laughs.]

MM: Figures, it seems like the majority of people answer Zombie Apocalypse, except I did have one person who answered Alien Invasion and I was like caught off guard and was like, whhhaattt, what is this? 

RS: [Laughs.] Although I did love that show District 9, but that’s only because I wanted to rescue all of the aliens. So that’s not technically an invasion.

MM: Favorite Candy?

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Skarsten

RS: What’s my favorite candy… well, it’s definitely not chocolate. I’m not a chocolate person, I think I’d have to say like Sour Keys. Or you know what? Marzipan, although I’m not sure that counts as a candy.

MM: Team Dyson or Team Lauren? Or perhaps Team Tamsin?

RS: Team Dyson.

MM: Look at you! 

RS: Oh, my gosh. I’m just going to get roasted for this one.

MM: All the angry Doccubus fans are going to be like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” 

RS: I know! So bad. Oh, my goodness. I’m just asking for it. I should have just said, “No comment.” But yeah, I think Team Dyson. And I say that because he’s Fae, and I think that ultimately, such as in life, one should probably choose [someone with whom there are no] fundamental and inherit problems pre-existing, because marriage is hard enough. [Laughs.] [*]

MM: What is your dream guest starring gig?  

RS: I was actually thinking about it the other day that I would love to be on The Walking Dead, but that’s just because I’m obsessed with the show. What other show would I love to guest star on? You know what… probably CSI: Miami only because my mom loves the guy who plays Horatio. I would love to introduce them because she gets so kind of fan crazy. [Laughs.]

MM: Now do you get fan crazy over any one? Is there a celebrity that you— 

RS: I get crazy over everyone. I’ve been around actors and celebrities since I was a teenager, and yet every single time I see a famous person I get so awkward and I try and act cool and I just look like a geek and I never say the right thing. I mean I don’t really say the right thing anyway but it’s even worse. I saw Howie Mendel at Soho House and I almost, like, completely geeked out and my friend was like, “It’s Howie Mendel! It’s not a big deal.” [Laughs.]

MM: Do you have a newfound respect for fans since now you’re kind of in that position of people being like, “Oh my God, you’re famous!”

RS: Truthfully, I have always been quite humbled by people who come up and say such lovely things and I’ve never really understood celebrities who find that annoying or who don’t like it or who aren’t gracious, because, to me, not only does it take a lot of courage to go up to someone but to have people affirm you in something that is truly your passion, it’s the best thing. To have people come up to you and say they appreciate your work or they love it, I don’t think it will ever get old. I just love it and when someone comes up to me and apologizes I’m like, “Yeah, no, no, no, can you maybe hang out with me for the rest of the day?” [Laughs.]

MM: Besides Lost Girl, do you have any upcoming projects that you want to tell the fans about? Or maybe anything in general… a message to the fans?

RS: Yes. I had the pleasure [to work on] a short film [with] a really amazing man who is sort of segueing into film, Erwin McManus, and we actually did it for the American Bible Society, and it’s just this beautiful short that will be in Times Square and Washington Square and all over the place. It’s called What Would You Do For Love, and I’m so proud of it. It’s just the most beautiful little short. But other than that, Lost Girl really takes up most of my time, which is fine with me. And in terms of a message to the fans… I guess I would just say that I’m profoundly grateful for how they’ve really embraced me and let me go along for the ride. So yeah, thank you.

No, Thank You, Rachel, for an awesome interview filled with substance, giggles, and good times. For more information on Rachel, visit her website at Be sure to follow her on Twitter, @RachieSkarsten, and tell her how much you love (or love to hate) Tamsin! 

[*] This answer was previously worded differently. It has since been edited to exclude paraphrasing and include more of Ms. Skarsten’s words.

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  • InvestedInYourFuture

    This is a much needed interview especially considering the fanbase freakout over current spoilers on s4.

    I have to say that I came to like Tamtam since the very first appearance – RS gave her character such a big presence, made the character stand out. Tamsin was rash, unapologetic, a bit awkaward socially, yet strong and funny

    Its sad to see RS so scared of shippers, although i guess its expected after how “that certain fanbase” handled itself towards her. I personally find her relationship with Bo refreshing and interesting. Its the love-hate relationship i usually ship, it brings out new sides of both involved and it allows both sides to be badass without one having to constantly be in distress. Whats more important, unlike Dyson or Lauren, Tamsin is not trying to CHANGE Bo – for her Bo is already perfect. I never expected that to happen, but ever since the very first hints, i found myself shipping them just as much as i did bo/lauren.

    Overall Tamsin easily climbed up to the top of my favorite lost girl characters(and sits there happily with vex and kenzi) and is just so fresh,interesting and complex character that brings so much new and exciting things both story,character and relationship-wise, that i hope Tammy(and RS because she is who made Tamsin into Tamsin) stays on this show till its end.

    • I’m not sure how Lauren has actually tried to change Bo. Could you elaborate?

      • InvestedInYourFuture

        Lauren is in love with “lighter” Bo(she herself admitted she is scared of the darker Bo).

        Both Lauren and Dyson essentially were intent on teaching Bo – how to live and how to feed, whom to befriend, with who, to have sex. Dyson is not okay or comfortable with Bo as a human, Lauren – with Bo as a succubus. So while doccubus has that in a lesser degree(mainly because Lauren is not as much of an asshole as Dyson can be), both of those love interests can come off quite patronizing from time to time.

        Tamsin so far is only one who is content with how Bo is now and is fascinated with both sides of her, especially BECAUSE she has both sides. Thus Tamsin does not want to control or change who she is, she is content with standing by Bo’s side, letting Bo be Bo and watching her in fascination every time when Bo manages to surprise her.

        • Tamsin’s Panties

          Well said

        • Di Cru

          You make excellent points! Your last statement is actually very beautiful.

          Ezekiel 12:2: Son of man, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            I agree

        • Jordan_0815

          Very well said.

          Makes me ship them even more. Lol.

        • The only stipulation Lauren made was that there would be no Dyson. That’s hardly making Bo change for her. Bo is also scared of dark Bo, not Bo’s succubus nature. Bo embracing her faedom distances her from humans and that also means letting go of Kenzi. So is Tamsin a replacement for that relationship? Because if it is I’m afraid that’s not something I’d be keen on watching.

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            I can’t imagine the outrage if they try to get rid of Kenzi
            and I franlky obiously love Tamsin but to cut out Kenzi
            in favor of Tamsin is not something I want to think about
            I love Kenzi too.

    • Veets

      Eh this is not the first time RS mentioned that she wants Tamsin to have a different type of relationship to Bo. I really want to see the repercussions Tamsin’s friendship have with the Dark and the Morrigan.

      • InvestedInYourFuture

        Eh, I am thinking its both her being quite scared of shippers AND being not allowed to divulge the nature of the said relationship, because that would count as S4 spoilers

        Her answers are horribly in-line with what we know about Tamsin/BO RIGHT NOW and frankly if she said ANYTHING else to that question, readers would be able to interpret the direction of S4.

        By remaining neutral and saying the exact same thing that the show already said(there’s a connection between those two), but not going further into it, is the best way to avoid hate from irrational parts of shipper fandoms.

        • Veets

          If she was scared of shippers she would not have said she was Team Dyson. I think she just has a different outlook on her character than shippers.

          • InvestedInYourFuture

            But even her team dyson answer is pretty much a xerox from what Show tried to say last season.

            The whole shipper pairing is her pretty much stating what show said in s3, as a way to not get into spoiler territory 😛

          • Veets

            How was the show Team Dyson? It was all Doccubus in the beginning then the Yawning happened where Dyson and Lauren flipped flopped positions and then Doccubus broke up. Only good thing Bo did for Dyson was saving him after she stabbed him.

          • InvestedInYourFuture

            S3 pretty much went all “doccubus is beautiful and touching, dybo makes sense time-wise and valkubus has a connection”.

            What did Rachel Say? “dybo make sense time-wise and valkubus has a connection”.

            Diplomatic speak.

          • Veets

            They essentially friendzoned Dyson by saying they’ll get together 100 years down the line and we don’t know Tamsin’s connection to Bo is. Tamsin does not seem to she wants to push it with Bo whenever they could have played up a romantic connection. It should be interesting to find out next season.

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            I have to say I am all over the place with how things are
            going to work out between Bo and whomever?? The
            writers keep hinting that Bo and Tamsin are going to
            become something more than friends. After episode 8
            that was starting to become apparent, and that steamy
            eye sex scene between Bo and Tamsin at the very end
            of ” Those who wander” was off the charts. It’s all really
            kind of confusing. It’s all kind of a mind F**K for me and
            I’m not sure that I am cool with that. I used to ship Doccubus but when episode 8 was done so was my
            love for Doccubus and my love for Valkubus was in
            full swing. I don’t want to endure some emotional turmoil
            over Valkubus so I hope that the writers and producers
            start to clearly define Bo and Tamsin’s relationship fairly
            quickly in season 4 or I might have to move on to something else on Monday nights.

          • Tamsin’sVibrator

            Except Team Dyson Shippers are not nearly as much and as agressive and Team Lauren…..I’ve read the stuff on the showcase site.. the war is between Lauren and Tamsin

        • Tamsin’s Panties

          For pete sake I would love to formally invite you to post
          at the showcase lost girl forum. Also at the syfy forum when
          it heats up again when lost girl starts it’s new season. Your
          posts are obviously well thought out and insightful.

      • Jordan_0815

        She didn’t say that she wanted a different type of relationship with Bo?

    • Tamsin’s Panties

      Damn I wish you people would show up in the showcase lost girl
      blog because you guys are making way to much sense and no I
      am not being sarcastic. I actually mean that!

      • InvestedInYourFuture

        Oh gods, I would never ever want to visit that place, lol.

        if you took every single irritating angry hysterical fan of anything on the internet, put them in one place and made them all suffer from caffeine withdrawal, you would get showcase blog. Its literally possible to DROWN in vitriol there 😛

        • Tamsin’s Panties

          try the syfy forum those people are very articulate
          and tolerant of everyone. The problem is that no one
          talks there during the season down time. Showcase
          at least has a little action negative against anyone who
          isn’t doccubus but ya know at least they are talking lost girl there.

        • Jordan_0815

          Lmao. Nice description.

    • Ine

      Bo and tamsin are sooo perfect together <3 Shipping them like crazy !

  • Skyfyre

    Thanks for doing a pretty involved interview. As a member of “that certain fanbase” I can say all interviews of Lost Girl are appreciated and definitely read by the online fans. Hats off to RS, for clearly winning over the series on her character and performance. I have to say I enjoyed Tamsin much better in the beginning half, but I appreciated the challenge she brought to Bo and co. Something the show lacks is fleshed out adversaries that stick around for more than 3 episodes, I had hopes that Tamsin would be more of a dark foil for Bo rather than her other BFF. While I am disappointed that another cast member sees only the value in Bo’s physical relationship to Dyson, it’s not unexpected. The show means a whole lot more than just fun to many people. A mantle I’m sure they really didn’t expect to inherit, but one that is present nonetheless. Cheers.

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      The thing is, Lauren is not necessarily “team humanity”(that would be all about Kenzi, Bo’s “heart”).

      Lauren is “team accepting who you are”. “You are not a monster”. Lauren is a human who sees Bo as a person, someone who is not defined by her species. She is okay with who Bo is(to a degree) and she wants Bo to be okay with who Bo is too. Its all about not being ashamed of who you are – no lies, no half-truths,

      Relationship representing humanity and human nature has to be inherently platonic(because romantic love in on itself is inherently animalistic), thus Kenzi/Bo brotp fits that category more perfectly, with Kenzi as moral compass and a reminder of everything frail and human for Bo. Her anchor(and of course going by how the plot has gone, it seems that team-humanity is loosing).

      • Skyfyre

        Lauren is a human being, she is the lover, the monogamous choice Bo made… thus she is a part of the protagonist’s supposed fight. What Lauren brings to the table for the story is the flip side of society’s coin, and the side of humanity that has been used and abused by a more powerful species. Ultimately, I find the entire Lost Girl tale immeasurably more powerful illustrating the torn nature of Bo’s love for her and the biased world she partakes in.

        If the fae represent a society’s lack of empathy and respect towards what they consider “less than”, Bo represents change and progress in sentient understanding. Hence all of the fawning the fae characters do over Bo’s goodness and actions.

        Kenzi and Lauren represent Bo’s moral compass and the place she must return to. Comparing platonic love and romantic love is like apples and oranges, there’s no “better than”, there is just pull, sway and narrative drive.

        • Tamsin’s Panties

          Once again good point although I am team Valkubus

        • InvestedInYourFuture

          On the opposite – Lauren’s whole life represents on what loosing yourself to the Fae does to you.

          She’s a lost girl just like the rest of them – Bo, Tamsin, Kenzi. She’s not a moral compass and she made many mistakes in her life, but that’s normal and only human, that’s only real reminder for her of just how human she is, considering every other aspect of her life has been so tightly controlled by Fae.

          Her whole life has been controlled and manipulated by Fae, to the point that they have practically made her into a slave. To the point that using a fake name and identity became the norm for her.

          Where does Lauren end and Light Fae begin? That’s something that has been torturing Lauren for quite some time and she is fed up and Bo has inspired her to be herself, to find back who she is, instead of being an extension of The Light Fae will(which is foreshadowed by her and Kenzi making peace between each other).

          Kenzi represents what is Humanity, while Lauren reminds Bo what what would happen if she lost what Kenzi represents, thus while Kenzi IS the representation of Bo’s humanity(as a state of existence and morality, via the platonic and serene relationship), Lauren is the reminder that Bo HAS her humanity(as an emotion, via animalistic idea of love)

          • GyFy

            “Her whole life has been controlled and manipulated by Fae” – – no one can say this because we don’t really know anything about Lauren’s “whole life.” All we know of her life are the 7 years she has been with the Light Fae (5 yrs at the time of pilot & Season 1 + 2 more yrs for Seasons 2 & 3). We really don’t know anything about Lauren’s life from childhood to adulthood.

    • Tamsin’s Panties

      I’d agree with that btw I’ve enjoyed our chats in the lost girl
      syfy forum. You know me as someone else there but just
      wanted to give a shout out.

      • Skyfyre

        Hi fives TP 🙂

        • Tamsin’s Panties

          Hey Skyfyre! I miss all the action at syfy 🙁 . BTW I see that the loser known as Nobody at the showcase blog blasted you awhile back. He’s a pretty nasty vicious person.

      • Tamsin’s Panties

        HaHa someone already has given me a thumbs
        down LMAO. It must be that trolling stalker known
        as NOBODY in the showcase blog. Hey NOBODY
        what up?

        • InvestedInYourFuture

          Yeah, this has been going on there for a while. Any mention of TamTam gets downvoted for whatever reason by whoever ;P

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            come by and see us at syfy you are always welcome

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            Tamsin is a threat to doccubus

          • GyFy

            I don’t buy into Tambo but If Tamsin is considered a threat to doccubus – – she’s also a threat to Dybo. Both B&L and B&D ships would be sunk.

  • maverick

    Loved reading about her thoughts on the cast and especially on Anna Silk ..! She is a sweetheart! Love Tam-Bo face offs.. .but if its romance its DOCCUBUS for me n forever! Looking forward to Season 4 ..! Good Luck Rach..!

  • Sandra

    Love the interview and love Rachel…but I firmly disagree on that one

    “I think that ultimately, such as in life, one should probably choose [someone with whom there are no] fundamental and inherit problems pre-existing”

    This statement is soooo sad and without hope…you should choose the one you love Bo, being Lauren or Dyson!

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      Even better, WHY CHOOSE?

      Why can’t all those pretty people just get over it and have one beautiful orgy, thus ending all the ship wars and problems 😛

      • Sandra

        No ship wars from me, I’m team Bo…I just think the statement is sad, in my real life I hope I will able to choose the one I love and not the one is more convenient. Maybe Rachel wanted to say other things, but this quote just sounded a bit awful for me.

        • Di Cru

          Maybe… she has a point. 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. What does that say? Maybe that marrying for love is nice and all … but, getting into a relationship that would probably stand a better chance if there were less NOT more road blocks in the relationship is more reasonable. Marrying for Love. Yeah, I did that. Twice. If I ever do that again… I will make sure that my road is a little less littered with debris and chose a mate that is more compatible with me. Love is sometimes… NOT ENOUGH.

          Divorce rates all across the globe have been rising rapidly owing to certain problems like incompatibility between couples, infidelity issues, lack of trust and understanding, and financial pressures. It is sad to observe that the rising divorce rates across the world and see marriages breaking.

          • Luke

            But LG is not real, it is a fantasy show in a fantasy world.
            I personally prefer the Bo and Lauren storyline exactly because they have more difficulties to overcome…from a TV point of view, a hard relationship is interesting to watch, an easy relationship is just boring.

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            I get what you are saying but I don’t like the writing that
            they do for the Lauren character. I’m going to be careful
            and try not to sound like a Lauren basher even though there
            are plenty of people who don’t mind bashing my Valkubus ship. Lauren just doesn’t have alot going for her. She’s not a badass like Tamsin and Dyson and well she comes off as kinda whiney. That is not Zoie Palmer’s fault that is the writers who write her that way. She stays mostly in her lab and well her life revolves around Bo, but Bo’s life does not revolve around Lauren. If you notice they didn’t exactly have a whole lot of camera time together after episode 1. To be honest they never really had alot of camera time together Bo and Lauren I mean. It seems like there is just so far you can take that relationship. I used to be a Doccubus fan but when you have someone like Tamsin who seems to be the best
            of Lauren and Dyson put together how could you
            not support it?

          • Di Cru

            Hey TP… what a name. lol
            I was just at the Blog. Hopping around… being nice and all. lol

            I’ve often thought the same thing about Tamsin being a nice blend of Dyson and Lauren.

            It remains to be seen what TPTB will do with TamTam and BoBo. I’m just hoping they don’t make Tamsin, Bo’s half sister or some other close relation. OH THE HORROR!!


          • Tamsin’s Panties

            yeah I know I think that I will hurl if tam tam turns out
            to be Bo Bo’s older sis. ewwwww gross such a turn off.

          • Jordan_0815

            Hmmm, I like Lauren’s character. She’s not all physical, kick ass, no. But I like the geeky characters, and she’s helpful in other ways. I agree that Lauren kind of revolves around Bo and I’m hoping that this Karen plotline will give her more of a story.

            Doccubus is still dear to me. Some of their fans are stupid but BoLo is still cute. A little boring but I blame that on the writers. Valkubus just stole my heart.

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            Same here sexy ol Rachel S. sached on to the screen
            and I was like whoa whoa whoa. Who is that???? It
            should be a crime to be that hot. I do have to admit
            that I didn’t care for the way she treated Bo at first but
            by episode 6 I was like wow I don’t even think I care
            anymore just give me more of her!

          • Di Cru

            lol I dare say a relationship between Dyson and Bo would be anything but easy. Dyson is very territorial and has already make it clear to Bo he doesn’t like to share. In that respect at least Lauren/Karen did try to accommodate her Sex Fiend of a girlfriend (Zoie Palmer’s description of Bo, not mine lol) But, even Lauren/Karen in the end had to leave Bo because her heart was being crushed (Zoie’s words) and she had to protect herself. So, I say again. Sometimes Love is sometimes just not enough.

          • Di Cru

            Too many Sometimes in there… lol

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            Hey Di Cru I recognise your screen name from the showcase blog. Me and Jordan are shooting the breeze
            over there. Sorry you and Lostgirlfan decided to take a
            break from the blog but wouldn’t mind talking to you
            sometime if you get the chance to swing by every once
            in awhile. We can laugh about a certain Palmerist poster
            who is as manical as ever. I’ve read alot of his posts to
            all the Tamsin posters and holy cow you talk about an
            unhindged person LOL!!!! If not I look forward to talking
            to you when Lost girl starts back up at the end of the
            year. 🙂

    • Tamsin’s Panties

      I don’t know RS has a right to her opinion. More than likely
      she was just trying to be polically correct and there is nothing
      wrong with that. She probably feels that she walks a fine line
      and has to be careful so that people like you don’t come unglued.

  • Claire

    OMG, the explanation of the Team Dyson answer is just way out of lines, totally not understanding the point of LG in my opinion…

  • Tamsin’s Panties

    I saw that sign and she wasn’t the only one to hold up a
    sign K C Collins also held up a sign. I for one am not really
    sure what your point is though?

    • Jordan_0815

      They’re talking about how those signs were addressing an important and serious issue – domestic violence. People using them for kicks and giggles can be seen as disrespectful.

      • Tamsin’s Panties

        Well yeah of course I am just not sure what this has
        to do with the interview? Oh well? Is Leonie blaming
        Anna Silk , Rachel , or what?

        • Imin Cognito

          She’s not blaming any of the actors .. but rather questioned the sensitivity/common sense of the person who created the manip. Anna never held a sign that said anything about Valkubus. Or Doccubus. Or Dybo.

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            Okay yeah I can understand but to bad that Leonie can’t
            direct this post to the person who manipulated that sign.

        • Jordan_0815

          I don’t even know where the sign is. I assumed that somebody posted the manipulated photos that talked about Valkubus and season 4 and Leonie is saying that it can be viewed as disrespectful.

          Either way, it’s a fair point. I don’t know how or why it came up.

          • Imin Cognito

            The picture with the manipulated sign was posted within the interview. I guess the interviewer saw the merit of Leonie’s suggestion and took it down.

  • rumplestilkin

    lmaoooo…team dyson,nice one….hey am not and will never be team dyson but i like Rachael’s honesty..

  • GyFy

    When other pre-Skarsten members of Lost Girl’s central cast have been asked about reactions to their characters by fans, they have expressed a unanimous public opinion: ‘Lost Girl fans are the best fans’ (paraphrasing). They have been careful in their interviews to not refer to the obsessed lunatics in Lost Girl’s fandom (such as the ones who’ve sent “I hate Lauren” & “Lauren must die” etc., tweets to Zoie Palmer) – – but along comes Rachel Skarsten and her inability to control what she says during an interview and we now have a member of the cast going on record, saying “one of the things that people tweeted at me about that ‘well we love Tamsin but don’t get in the way of Bo and Lauren’ or something similar with Dyson. And I have no desire to get in front of that moving train.”

    Her role in Lost Girl led to another recent interview and in it she was asked which character, of all the acting jobs she’d had, was her favorite and instead of saying something diplomatic such as, for example, “There have been so many I’ve liked that I can’t pick a favorite” – – she stated that her favorite character was one she had played in an obscure independent movie. In view of why she was being interviewed, a tactless and shortsighted response.

    This woman needs a handler because she doesn’t know when not to say something in public.

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      “this woman’s” honesty and natural behaviour is refreshing. Its not like she said something wrong or untruthful.There’s no need to fan-pander to the unreasonably vocally aggressive parts of fanbase. That’s the easiest way to turn the show to shit(Ex: Heroes, Supernatural, etc).

      Stop hating~

    • Jordan_0815

      She can’t seem to do anything right with some folks. You’re criticizing her for being honest? The aggresive and hostile fans should be called out and addressed.

      You call people who don’t like Lauren obsessed lunatics but RS speaks up about the lunatics who hate on her character and that means…… I’m not quite sure.

      • Tamsin’s Panties

        Hey Jordan my hommie from the showcase blog seems there
        are more friendlier Tamsin fans here. I will be replying to your
        reply in the showcase blog shortly.

        • Jordan_0815

          I saw it. I’ll respond in the most recent blog for season four. The season finale blog needs to die down already. Lol.

          • Tamsin’s Panties

            Sure not a problem if you ever do want to talk season 4

            syfy has a season 4 general discussion thread open so

            be sure to join and leave me a note at the showcase blog

            and I’ll meet you there and tell you my screen name in that

            forum. I am known as someone different there. I have

            different names for different websites. Don’t want everyone

            to know my business. I can send a private message to you there.

    • Tamsin’s Panties

      I would just like to say that calling the beautiful and talented Miss
      Skarsten ” That Women ” is very disrespectful and pathetic! If you
      hate Tamsin fine but don’t take your hate on Rachel. She gave you
      an honest answer and you have the nerve to call her ” that women”
      I’d just like to borrow a Tamsin line from episode 10 Deliquints and
      say that ” HER NAME IS RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” YOU JERK! I am
      just sorry that I can’t scream that in your face like Tamsin did to
      Acacia when she called Bo a B**CH. Tamsin stood up for Bo and I
      will stand up for Rachel. Personally Rachel should have just said
      no comment when it came any questions about the Dyson or Lauren
      teams/Ships. She could have avoided people like you coming in here
      to tear her down. If it were me I just wouldn’t do any interviews at all,
      but then those of us whom are her fans would suffer for it. I would like
      to thank you for showing you obvious Tamsin/Rachel hate. You have
      now demonstrated that you yourself are one of the Lunatic hatefilled
      Doccubus fans who can’t seem to the difference between the character
      that Rachel portrays and Rachel herself. You really should be ashamed
      of yourself!

  • For those confused: An image with Anna Silk holding a sign that was photoshopped to say something else was included in the post above at first, until Leonie made us aware of its original message. At that point, I decided to remove it.

  • Sorry but i have to ask

    I’m a Doccubus fan. I will be honest and say i don’t want to see Tamsin with Bo, and i think i would like Tamsin more if she really was dark, because almost all dark fae that appear in the show are underused and turn mostly good. Again i have nothing agains RS.

    I read the interview. I discussed it with other doccubus fans and some (not many) Valkubus fans too. I screened twitter and i didn’t see a wave of any shippers (doccubus or any others) sending hate RS way. I’m sure there were some weird messages but they were the minority. Every fandom has crazy people, but one thing is having a minority of crazy people another is to say that a whole fandom is crazy or lunatics. This kind of comments here or any other place will fuel ship wars, that i wish didn’t exist. When i was screening twitter i saw some valkubus fans sending some weird tweets like “who is that guy with you? Are you betraying me?” to RS, should i assume you Valkubus fans are all crazy like that? I don’t think so.

    From my discussion with other fans what people didn’t like wasn’t that she chose Team Dyson, it’s her choice and her opinion. What i didn’t like and others didn’t like too, was the justification for her choice. Implying there weren’t “inherited problems” if Bo was with Dyson. Lets be honest please, it doesn’t matter what couple you ship, i think is obvious that every relationship Bo had, had inherited problems. The life span of Lauren, the monogamy with Dyson, and even Tamsin that is an emotionally conflicted character and is dying. And neither of them can satisfy Bo’s need to feed. None of that is easy. For some fans it sends the message that perhaps she didn’t pay much attention to the previous seasons.

    Just one last thing, i have nothing against the interviewer but giving so much importance to this will only fuel more comments and problems. I would take her own advice and not engage the crazy but please, please don’t judge all doccubus fans because a couple of them are misbehaving. I hope you can get other interviews with the rest of the cast.

    • lol

      Down voted already, that was fast.

      • Tamsin’s Panties

        Here I’ll balance it out with a thumbs up!

    • Tamsin’s Panties

      I used to ship doccubus but feel that Tamsin is better suited for
      Bo. I don’t know if Valkubus is even going to happen but I hope
      so. I have a doccubus fan for a friend at the syfy forum and we get
      along pretty well. I don’t slam doccubus to her and she respects my
      decision to ship Valkubus now. I also go to another site where the
      the doccubus click there does it’s best to run off anyone who isn’t pro
      doccubus. I guess it all depends on where you spend your time. I agree
      with probably half of what you said, and 100% agree that you have
      every right to come here and not be harrassed. As long as you don’t
      do what GYFY did and absolutely go out of your way to belitte RS like
      that poster did then you are okay with me. I may disagree but will do
      my best to be civil towards you if I feel that you were really trying to
      raise legitimate points and not come here and slam RS. Thank you for
      your posts. 🙂

      • Hi again


        Yes there are worst places, where is more difficult to ship. But i was in a pro-Doccubus place and there were comments made by one poster about RS possibly being homophobic and i can tell you that there were more or less 30 people around, Most were doccubus fans and were trying to explain what i explained in my message before and trying to shut down the comments, that went on for several pages. If there were no respect for RS as an actor and more important as an human being, people wouldn’t have been that invested in defending her. But it all comes back to what i said, in 30 people 1 was being an idiot. The truth is that we don’t have to like every character but we have to respect the actors/actresses and their work. Bottom line: Ship and let ship.

  • TamTam is way cooler than Lauren.

  • Nac

    I really hope the writers aren’t scared by the crazies of the LG fandom and tell the stories they really want to tell. I hope these stories include more of Tamsin and Bo together and hope their relationship can develop into more. And I can’t wait to learn more about Tamsin, she’s a great character, she’s mysterious and also cracks me up.

    Rachel won me over when she said she was a Buffy fan, and that would be awesome if SMG could make a cameo!

    Anyway I’m team Bo.
    And team Tamsin 😉

  • Persephonie(Valkubus Shipper)

    I absolutely love Tamsin and I adore Rachel. I still ship Valkubus just because they seem like the best couple (and the hottest couple). I think it would be a welcome change and twist. Everyone’s thinking “Dyson or Lauren? Dyson or Lauren?” then for it to just come out “Nope Tamsin”. Plus they both except and understand each other to the max. Believing themself to be a monster but really there is true Good within then. Tamsin, unlike Lauren and Dyson, allows Bo to be herself. She doesn’t try to change her. She believes she’s perfect. And Tamsin but confessed her love to Bo in the tub. So yes…I completely,without doubt, ship Valkubus.