So… we need to talk about this episode. Just a quick review:

The absolute best thing about Scandal is that it’s not afraid to show its hand. It doesn’t just seem like the President was shot. He was shot. Mellie doesn’t just threaten to tell the entire nation that her husband cheated on her. She does it. And every time Scandal has done it again and again, that each time you keep asking yourself how are they going to feasibly top it for the next big moment. And yet they do. I keep telling myself to calm down, because whenever series do this — burn through twists and turns so quickly — sometimes they burn out. And I hope that’s not what happens with Scandal.

The only thing that really had be groan this episode was more Olivia and Fitz yelling at each other. I’m kind of done with their entire situation. And I’m certainly not a fan of how scatterbrained it made Olivia during this hour, either. Of course, she was dealing with the possibility that one of her closest friends put a hit on her, but still. Regardless, I do think that Olivia has had the fear that she doesn’t think she’s as important (or more important) to Fitz than his life or his position or his power. And tonight, he proved that he would be willing to sacrifice it all for her. Again, we have to remember that Fitz greatly thought that Mellie was bluffing and that she wouldn’t actually say anything on live television.

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But that’s not who Mellie is. (And I don’t care, guys, I love Mellie. She’s ballsy and says everything how it is.) And the world is about to come crumbling down on President Fitzgerald in the morning. Where can Scandal go from here? I know that Fitz seems to be halfway into his term, so there’s plenty of story left to tell for Scandal while having Fitz still be in office, but goodness, how many shockers can this series throw at us this season?

Meanwhile, the Gladiators (blegh, hate that term) are trying to figure out who’s the mole. I can’t tell if I’m very interested or just sort of hoping that would be done with already. To be honest, what truly made this episode is that the writers were fearless going in with Mellie’s threat-slash-promise. And there’s seriously two more episodes left. I’m in awe of Scandal this season.

Michael Collado
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  • cacherr1

    I respect Mellie but I hate her. She plays the woe is me card when it suits her but the fact of matter is all about her. No she is not a heartbroken wife cause what Cyrus said to her is true (I don’t know why no one brings up the fact this woman endanger her baby’s life in order to stay first lady). I also think Fitz was counting on Mellie to say something as mind you and he even said it he has tried to walk away before only to have Liv, Cyrus and Mellie eff it up. I know he was serious about divorcing Mellie before he found out that rigging thing that got him the bullet in the brain.

    • I just can’t bring myself to hate Mellie. Personally, no one on the show is redeemable and Mellie makes it so much fun for me on screen. And I think that Fitz really doesn’t care about the presidency all that much if it means he can be with Olivia, but I think that HE thinks that Mellie loves being First Lady so much that she wouldn’t actually do anything to ruin that. In a sense, she kind of tried to make light of the situation during the interview; she was all “I hope we can move forward from this” but we’ll see what happens next episode. The promo gave away zero things.

      • cacherr1

        I think Mellie was banking he really did love being president and she I think she finally realize he really don’t care and knows he going to leave her anyway, she all about sympathy, now cause if she comes across willing to work this out, he’s a big a-hole (I have issues with people making Fitz to be the bad guy for trying to establish his agency from people like Cyrus, Mellie, and even my girl Liv that take it away to suit the overall agenda). I love to hate her because I like she is ballsy and makes drama but her fans paint her as some victim and I know better. She still the one woman that made up a miscarriage to win a primary. As I said what Cyrus said to her when he gave her options were all true, she is cold (I mean she sanitize her hands after holding the baby), she was complicit in the affair (I mean she even bitch at Liv for leaving in the season 1 finale), humiliates Fitz when it suits her and she is a liar (I mean I recall she said she hated Big Jerry when I remember scenes showing she along with Verna were like his big cheerleaders). Like I get Fitz is mean to her but people act like she is the best wife and we still don’t know what she did that turn him from her in the first place. I personally see what Shonda doing to Mellie is like what she did for Addison if I recall was made sympathetic in season 2 as well despite the fact she originally did cheat on Derek.

  • Eric Pharand

    Fist bump and hug for Mellie! Olivia can do much, much better than Fitz.

  • brittany

    My emotions are once again all over the place with this episode. I love you Shonda for giving me this gift that keeps on giving!

    Just when I really start to get behind the possibility of Jake and Olivia happening, Fitz does something incredibly amazing for her. Darn it. And at the same time that those two were together I was feeling sad for Mellie because ol’ girl really looked gutted and surprised that Fitz didn’t bow to her wishes.

    Cyrus I ain’t feelin, homeboy scared me alot this episode with his intentions towards Olivia. I was very glad Jake was there to prevent him from seeing her. Anyone else think the music choice for the Olitz reunion was perfect?! Oh and the line “If you want me, EARN ME!” slayed me in a good way.

  • Alyssa

    I think Fitz and Mellie were both trying to call each other out on their bluffs, but just like Mellie… Fitz deserves credit because he is just as willing to show his hand and be publicly labeled an adulterer. This was a BIG moment for Fitz because it wasn’t Cyrus telling him what to do or Olivia coddling him or Mellie manipulating him… for once he made a decision and he honored his own will. Fitz being decisive and strong. Wow.

    The entire time I honestly believed Mellie would not go through with it and OMFG when she did! And I love how she still gave herself a perfect out, “hopefully we can work through this together.” She also managed to screw Cyrus over in the most perfect manner.

    Dang, why didn’t someone come out with a show about the president’s mistress years ago? I needed Scandal in my life. This show is so, so, soooo amazing!

  • weeboo

    I am among the people that think scandal is overrated and hate Kerry W’s acting (okay hate is a strong word,more like I roll my eyes) and despise unrealistic plots BUT I did like last night’s episode and like you, I LOVE Mellie. Her and Cyrus have the most amazing speeches,and they are the reason I keep watching (okay Fitz’s voice isn’t unpleasant ha!) I love them !!

    • Ntsiki

      Oh really you hate KW acting? You do know that she is the main lead, without her there is no show? Second to that the show is about her relationship with Fitz? Why are you torturing yourself by watching this show? There are so many other shows that surely have the acting you love airing, why not just watch those? I do feel sorry for you though because you have put yourself in a very awkward position of watching a show about someone you hate their acting. Most of the scenes have KW. I can imagine you sitting there seething while waiting for those brief scenes that she isn’t in. So, in essence you are enjoying about 10-20% of the show! Wow, you must be a glutton for punishment. But whatever!

      • Fifi

        Lololol Overreacting much?
        I hate Chad Murray’s acting but I love One tree hill.I can think of many shows with okay or bad acting from main leads but I am still able to enjoy the show because, well the writing is good and there are other characters. I don’t know if we’re watching the same “Scandal” but KW isn’t omnipresent.There are a lot of scene with cyrus, mellie and Olivia’s team. And Again I do hate her acting and I personally know a few people who agree, but that doesn’t make watching the show a torture.
        Ps: Are you black ? Because I am, and I have a feeling that’s the reason you’re so mad about how I don’t like her acting