So what grade should be given for this Vampire Diaries episode? And why did I have to sleep overnight for this review of the episode?

Did I have fun? Was this a gripping, escapist hour of television or just a cluster of random things thrown at you for 60 minutes? Did it make sense that all Elena wanted to do was kill Katherine? Does she not remember that Klaus is also responsible for a lot of death in her family? Do we just forget that because he’s getting a spinoff show? Or how’s about the fact that actually Silas is the one who killed Jeremy? Sure, Katherine pushed him into Silas’ arms, but she does know that Silas fed on him, right? And even then, why wouldn’t anyone help Elena out? Don’t they think Katherine is awful (as much as the audience loves her)? And what about the strength of vampires?

Why does everyone remind Elena that she can’t take Katherine? And why, then, can she defeat her so easily with about one punch and a shove to hot iron or whatever that was? More so, why can Stefan just defeat an Original vampire — who should be extremely swift and powerful or whatever else — with one quick twist of the neck? And how did Kol know where Elena was anyway? And continuing with old vampires being supposedly strong, how is it that Damon was able to tie Silas up on a whim?

Speaking of returning people, did Alaric turn into a guidance counselor on the other side? He and Damon were close — I guess in a old, married couple banter sort of way — but was he really always this ever-knowing sage and not anything other than a creepy, alcoholic history teacher?

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And is there a reason why Silas decided to turn into him? Is there a reason why Silas decided to “become” everyone and just taunt everyone? Was it just because he’s an asshole? And so, wait, his whole plan was to die? But he needs the two worlds to be unveiled so that he can do that? But permanently? But what?

What’s his plan?

And what was Bonnie’s? She planned to basically make Silas stone again right? But she needed an ancient witch’s advice on how to go about that? But in the end, all she needed was Jasmine Guy’s words of encouragement to do so? And why couldn’t she let anyone know about this plan since they probably would have agreed?

And while we’re on the topic of Bonnie’s storyline, are we just going to waste her potential? Did she really die without being able to go balls-out crazy in a blaze of glory, killing all of these people because they’re the worst? Did she really die trying to keep Jeremy (who she dated for like five minutes and then he cheated on her with a ghost) on this side without so much of a, “Whelp, I’m dead”? And did they really make her disregard her grandmother’s very wise advice once again knowing that every time she does that bad things happen?

And did Lexi just show up so that we can get another triangle brewing? Does Caroline not have enough suitors? Do I hate myself for not caring anyway because I think Stefan and Caroline have chemistry?

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Did everyone coming back for the finale in the promo remind you of the series finale of Seinfeld like it did for me? Do I admit that I kind of want to see that, like, yesterday? And with Bonnie dead, who is going to do anything on this show anymore? Will it push the structure so that no plot devices can be used anymore? And remember April? Was she important? No I said April; you don’t remember April? Why am I not surprised?

Can I admit I had fun but have no idea what was happening?

So what grade should be given for this Vampire Diaries episode?

Michael Collado
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  • InvestedInYourFuture

    So let me get this straight – a POC female character was just killed in order to revive a white caucasian male character? Well congrats Plec, you just fused racism and sexism together. Death won’t stick though. Since hey its TVD – and TVD redefines the term “plot armour”.

    Will it push the structure so that no plot devices can be used anymore?

    Seriously this is TVD. IT RUNS on plot devices and asspulls. Bonnie or no bonnie. If Bonnie does not get revived(which I have no doubt she will since hey TVD), someone else will have to do lolplotmagic then.

    Do I hate myself for not caring anyway because I think Stefan and Caroline have chemistry?

    I do have to admit that back then when I still watched this show, I shipped them. mainly in S2 because Steffdward was actually FUN with her and they were adorable without all the angsty twilight-y bulll the other pairings had. It was fun, snarky and playful – sort of S1 DE, minus ” I banged your mom” part.

    Sadly Season Three pretty much ruined Steffdward as character and decided to consistently ignored their relationship, so all I can say is meh. Just like with about half the stuff this show did – “too little, too late”.

    Why does everyone remind Elena that she can’t take Katherine? And why, then, can she defeat her so easily with about one punch and a shove to hot iron or whatever that was? More so, why can Stefan just defeat an Original vampire — who should be extremely swift and powerful or whatever else — with one quick twist of the neck? And how did Kol know where Elena was anyway? And continuing with old vampires being supposedly strong, how is it that Damon was able to tie Silas up on a whim?

    Please. Please Please. Don’t try to bring logic to a show where a vampire was defeated by a seatbelt.

    Also, d’uuh? Its ELENAHHHHHH, the perfect caring flawless perfect person who mastered martial arts by punching logs for five minutes and managed to graduate high school despite only having attended total of 2 lessons…in all of her time there. Plec is in love with her at such a degree that stuff like that is a given – EVERYONE will sacrifice themselves for her and EVERYONE will unconditionally like her and show will continue to treat her like second coming of Jesus Christ.

    As for rating: Rating of this episode is “cupcakes and teddy bears in the fridge”. Because that makes as much of sense as this show does nowadays.

    • LOL OMG “a vampire was defeated by a seatbelt!!!” Seriously, the biggest TVD mystery of all time!

      • QMargo

        It trully is.

  • Eric Pharand

    They’ve stopped making any sense and it was good despite this but I’m still not watching Season 5.

  • Pellinore

    It’s obvious Julie Plec loves to fap to the sound of Elena’s voice. Elena and Caroline are her darlings and that’s why Elena can never do anything wrong and Caroline often gets the most romantic pairings, even when they don’t make any sense. Hell, do-nothings like Matt and Rebekah fair better than Bonnie and they do absolutely nothing. Rebekah, who is totes stronger than Elena, is essentially there to be her punching bag or to make Elena look cool b/c she’s an Original vampire who has essentially been neutered and shown to look immature and ineffectual. Like they try to get you to believe that Rebekah is so pathetic that she has no friends and no other suitors beyond Matt? Like do they know what this bitch looks like? She is attractive and this ugly duckling bullshit does not make a lick of sense. Elena has to talk down to her talking about “silly blondie we were never friends.” And Rebekah does nothing. Nothing Elena ever does can ever be named for what it is. No one can ever claim she’s homicidal, that she’s illogical, that she’s selfish, that she’s a bitch, essentially that her shit stinks to high heaven and then some.

    So we get these repeats of interactions that have already happened. Like she already did her non-apology scene with Bonnie when the brothers killed Abby and then turned her into a vampire for funsies. And we already got Bonnie using magic for no good reason to her personal detriment for Elena’s sake. Least people forget that she tried to reverse Elena’s vampirism and seemed to destroy her grams inadvertently. But it seems that the ultimate result was that she could no longer communicate with the spirits.

    Like I said before one major flaw in Elena’s character is that she doesn’t think. Because thinking would require perspective and prioritizing multiple things and not talking out your ass all the time. And it would make you question if your ideas are always sane and well-formulated.

    There was absolutely no reason for Bonnie to preserve the veil. The writers gave absolutely no indication that that would be her next move so it came out of nowhere. Essentially the writers just wanted to kill Bonnie at the end of the episode but had no clever way of going about it other than to yet again place her in the role of self-sacrificing negro who does things for people who gave less than two shits about her. The writers don’t know what to do with Bonnie’s character other than to keep her in her place. That’s why you’ll never see her have a sophisticated interaction with a villain like what we’ve seen with Caroline and Elena. The most Bonnie ever gets is a chock-hold or some major mind manipulation. But no villain has ever treated her respectfully or waxed philosophical while in her presence. B/c being an uber powerful witch does not warrant the same narrative space as being Elena or Caroline.

    But yeah, I can’t imagine season 5 being an improvement. Whatever was left of the adult brain of this show was likely transferred over to The Originals. So I might watch that. But I hope that show doesn’t fracture into yet another show when Julie writes that one into the gutter.

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      Meh I would not say Plec likes Caroline. she HATES HER.

      Why do you think she never gets any interesting plotlines and is treated as a hypocrite by the show with teh narrative condemning her for things the show praises Elena for?

      • Pellinore

        But that isn’t unique to Caroline. They pretty much do that to any female character in opposition to Elena. They did it to Katherine. They did it to Rebekah. They’ve also done it to Caroline. But that doesn’t prevent JP from occasionally showing favor to Caroline, esp by giving her a surplus of love interests.

        • InvestedInYourFuture

          Oh but it is.

          The show does NOT patronize Katherine. The show does NOT Patronize Katherine. Sure the show hates them for opposing Elena, but they have Damon’s “oh those poor misunderstood souls” kind of feel.

          With Caroline there’s none of that and since KW left, Caroline has been treated not as snarky independent empowered woman she was in S2, but as clingy lovestruck girl, who constantly gets tortured and kidnapped., with Plec intent on undoing every bit of character development Caroline got in S1 and S2.

          • Pellinore

            Katherine does not get treated like Damon. Maybe Steffan does, and esp Elena is not blamed for most of the stuff she does on this show. But with Damon you’re continually being bonked on the head with this idea that you should feel bad for him b/c he’s not getting into Elena’s pants. It’s gross. Also my argument was not about people being patronized. It’s about people getting blamed or maligned in opposition to Elena. Katherine is criticized for playing men and not being able to keep Elijah. They constantly bring up the fact that she’s alone, nobody loves her, etc. Kind of like Rebekah but somewhat less pathetic. But Elena doesn’t get shamed for doing the same thing, minus the Elijah situation. And also taking into consideration the issues with consent. And then you have Katherine being blamed for Jeremy’s death and we’ve all but forgotten Elena’s hand in killing Kol plus hundreds or thousands of other vampires. And no one stays mad at her for it but it’s okay for her to have a murderous rage directed at Katherine, though she technically didn’t kill Jeremy. And then Bonnie gets called crazy and is dismissed yet again for plotting to kill 12 witches and seemingly Caroline inspires ire for committing the deed, but doing so in order to protect Bonnie.

          • Pellinore

            I think overwhelmingly there is a trend of letting JP speak through Elena, esp when she has these apathetic, rage, sire bond spells, and she says a lot things that go unchallenged. Such as her dismissing of Caroline’s rape despite the fact that in S1 she actually defended Caroline. Or her at first blaming the Jeremy death on Bonnie for her inability to bring him back and then using that plus the presence of Silas as justification to kill her. And then just blaming Jeremy’s death on Katherine again citing that as justification to kill her but leaving Silas completely out of the equation. Personally I’ve never really seen Caroline as a bad character. I guess JP relies on the -isms inherent in certain people and just uses certain storytelling and narratives to get people to rant about their hatred of certain characters who probably didn’t do anything wrong at the time. I’ve only ever gotten on Carline’s case for her disproportionately going after POCs during her first night as a vampire and more recently attributing success to people who did nothing to get rid of Silas. A lot of it comes down to horrid writing. So I couldn’t really blame her for Klaus/Caroline. It just doesn’t make any sense. You can say that they’ve completely dis-empowered Caroline but they’ve done that to pretty much all female characters on this show. Bonnie is constantly being manipulated and never is in control of what she’s doing. She is constantly told to do things even when they go against her nature as a witch. Elena has absolutely no agency. She is prone to being controlled by sire bonds, emotions, lack of emotions, etc. Anything to prevent her from being held accountable for her actions. She is an annoyingly weak character. Rebekah is supposed to be this Original vampire but she acts like a teenager whose only interests are proms, high school and babies. She seemingly spent most of her existence in a coffin and we’re supposed to believe that she’s so unappealing that the only man who would want her is Matt. Thankfully they didn’t justify Caroline’s torture by her gay father. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place esp given the allusions to reversion therapy suffered by gay people in real life. But they legit tortured Elena as well and justified it by saying they weren’t “really” going to hurt her. Even though they tied her to a chair and let her burn by daylight.

      • Pellinore

        I won’t deny that JP has ever had issues with Caroline but it’s not as bad as her hatred of Bonnie.

        • InvestedInYourFuture

          Doubt Plec HATES Bonnie. She just does not care about her. She even LITERALLY forgot Bonnie has a cousin(she is caught on interview having absolutely no idea who Lucy was)

          Bonnie’s storyline’s lack of quality is more of a general racism Plec displays(remember the whole accident with matt davis and Plec on twitter?)

          • Pellinore

            Yeah, I mentioned the thing about Lucy a while back. She never seems to like it when the fandom approaches her on the matter of Bonnie. So I would say there is some hatred there. Esp if you’re bringing up racism. And her being a black woman I would say she can be both the victim of Plec’s racism and her misogyny. She like other female characters has been disproportionately victimized by male characters on the show as well as completely neglected by those who are supposed to be closest to her. And she disproportionately receives the brunt of suffering and neglect. Not trying to get into an oppression Olympics thing here but from what I can see when it comes to “favorable” treatment of female characters, from this season and the previous at the very least, it’s Elena and then Caroline. They receive the most attention and are generally not sidelined when the gang is just doing fun stuff that does not imply work or immediate danger.

    • Pellinore

      Another thing that annoyed me about this episode was that Caroline and Steffan had the nerve to “celebrate” when they did absolutely nothing to lead to Silas’ defeat. Pretty much Bonnie did all of the work. And then she had yet another solo scene doing nonsensical magic just so she could die at the end of the episode.

      • Pellinore

        Oh and another that annoyed me about this episode. The fact that Elena said she couldn’t apologize to Caroline b/c then she would feel bad or some shit. Saying that being apologetic is a negative emotion which would unleash the grief and suffering. Talk about a weak ass excuse not to apologize to your best friend for trying to kill her and for saying shit to her face. But I knew the writers would come up with yet another excuse for why Elena could not be held accountable for the things she’d done. Bonnie even rescinded Elena’s apology saying she had nothing to feel sorry about. Like wtf.

    • It’s so true though, Bonnie is the least respected character in Mystic Falls and she has saved almost everyone in that damn town and I am so freaking pissed. This is why I was paranoid with Bonnie getting all the screen time in the Prom episode, because I knew this was going to happen. Bonnie is the only female character whose story line hasn’t completely revolved around a man (I’m looking at you Elena, Caroline, Rebekah even Queen Katherine) What really pissed me off is the fact that Elena was all “I don’t care about Bonnie,” and Bonnie died trying to bring back Jeremy for Elena’s sake when that beyotch doesn’t even care about her, human or vampire Elena she is still an ungrateful little girl. Then the battle with Katherine was a bunch of bologna, but oh wait she was trained by Alaric for like 2 months. This whole season’s story line has more holes than swiss cheese and they can’t keep Bonnie a ghost if she is going off to Univeristy, but even so I’m not so sure I’ll be tuning in Season 5 (I might wait till the season is over and watch then.)

  • QMargo

    Priceless review! Very “HIMYM” ish given it has 49 question marks, but overall, it captures all my thoughts while watching this episode. Hopefully at least some of those questions will get answered….although I would add why should we at this point care who takes the cure if in the end its all about who gets to be with Elena? what was the overall point of Silas if all he did was scare people around pretending to be awesome when really he was just a creepy asshole? ( Although he gets bonus points for impersonating the best (ok, my favs) characters on this show – Caroline (multiple times), Stefan (multiple times) and Klaus, so clearly he had good taste when it comes to appearing as someone else. At least with Stefan and Caroline it caught me by surprise. Klaus was half-predictable and Matt was very predictable. ) Why is everyone forgiving Elena for her behaviour so easily….and later they cry remembering all those they lost..because of her? Where is Katherine, btw?

  • katherine_fan

    When I was watching the episode,I thought to myself:’I’m so lucky I don’t work as a recapper!’.How could I recap an ep when I had no idea what was going on?The scenes in the caves or wherever they took place really confused me.When did Caroline,Stefan,and Alaric stop being themselves and they became Silas’s costume?And what about Katherine?Was she a hallucination,too??When did Grams become ‘pro-Expression’ when she had advised Bonnie against using black magic in the s4 premiere?And if Elena wants to blame sb for Jeremy’s death (aside from all the people that you mentioned),how about blaming herself?She knew it was dangerous to go to that island and she went there anyway.Let’s not forget that Jeremy chose to be there too.The list with the people responsible for Jeremy’s death is a long one and it includes Jeremy himself,imho!The most ridiculous part of the ep was Kol getting his neck snapped!HELLO!HE’S A GHOST A.K.A. A SPIRIT!SPIRITS DON’T/CAN’T HAVE THEIR NECKS SNAPPED!!If I had to choose a grade for this ep,it would be:WTF just happened???

  • i liked it!the ”vail is down” theme rocks!it wasn’t hard to understand what was going on!i don’t believe that bonnie will be permanently dead of course.oohh and i have no idea what happened to elena and i don’t care.i forward her scenes,except the ”jeremy in the cementery” one.

  • mun

    This review just sums up everything I feel about this episode. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! And Rage Elena is the worst version of her. At least with her humanity fully off, she did some funny stuff and said some funny things. Now she just has a stupid plan to kill someone half a century older and stronger than her. However, the stupid writers of this show of course let her do it so easily =.= face palm

  • Jello

    Something exciting happening.
    The hunters for next episode will be the most exciting episode of the whole season.
    Please keep Alaric and Jeremy alive and give them interesting storylines next season.
    Rebbekah is leaving to be in the originals so she will have a nice time with Matt and once again he will be left alone.
    How obnoxious is Elena? Extremely.
    Katherine is equally as annoying and one of the hunters should get rid of her for good.
    There is no way that the only black character on the show is dead, but maybe something exciting for her character will come up.
    These shows though entertaining tend to be racist.
    The way Silas left the show, if he did was so stupid.
    He did nothing while he was there, I thought he will stay another season.
    The Originals seem a lot more interesting at this point, but will continue watching TVD.
    kole came back for nothing. I was hope he remains alive and joins the original.

  • Didi

    I have totes mixed feeling about this story. I mean I agree with everything you wrote and feel like I wouldn’t know how to grade it. Yes I was entertained. I was shocked and surprised but when I looked back, I’m still not sure what just happened.

    I’m just so confused by the whole purpose of Damon, Elena and Stefan these last few episodes. I mean Bonnie is the only one that seems to legitimately care about Silas as a villain (and as weird as her rationale for everything tonight), she was the one that actually at least tried to defeat him (as anti-climatic as it was – she magicked him to stone, lame). I’m curious to see what they do with her now that she magicked herself too much and died. It’s not the end of the story and I’m absolutely certain that I’ll be disappointed by whatever macguffin resolves the fact that everybody dead is back. But I liked that Grams was there. I also liked the insane scene where Bonnie has ALL THE MAGIC in the world. I LoL’ed so hard at that scene tho the actress sold all they threw at her tonight which kudos to her.

    I absolutely loved that Jeremy hugged Bonnie and then she looked at him with that expression of “I’ve got to go back to work.” It’s both what’s absolutely amazing about her character and the absolute worst. She’s the only one that cares about anything bad happening but she also isn’t allowed to be anything other than a stoic creature who always tries to save the day but doesn’t always get it right because she has absolutely NO ONE helping her. I mean wtf was everyone else doing in this episode. I couldn’t even tell you. And is it like impossible for Caroline to be involved in the central action of the finales. Fourth season where she seems to sit the action out. It’s weird.

    The less I can say about the Elena/Katherine fight. I think someone said it best, her martial arts skills that have allowed her to vamp fu everyone no matter how old they are is beyond ridic. And again, the majority of her scenes were about how everyone cares so much about her when I really don’t think she deserves it. I did get some enjoyment of Kol being back though they have reduced him to generic lesser villain to cause some trouble in the finale. Wouldn’t mind if he was the ghost that stuck around because at least he keeps things interesting.

  • meg

    If a TVD character dies in a cave and nobody is around to make comically stricken faces for a single scene and then never mention the character again, did it really happen?