downloadEveryone it is that time of year again! Dr. Jenn is back with her wonderfully addicting Vh1 realty show Couples Therapy.  I really think this might be her best cast yet, which is saying a lot since former residents of the therapy house are DMX and his wife, Kacey&Vienna from The Bachelor, and, of course, Courtney Stodden and her old man husband.
But this year, ohhhh this year, there are some real winners.  The first couple we are introduced to is Flavor Flav and his wife, and boy does this couple look rough.  I could smell the homeless man smell on Flava through the TV.  His lady friend doesn’t trust him because he did Flavor of Love 3 and made out with all the women on that show while they were already in a committed relationship. Oops!

Flav and his lady are only the tip of the iceberg. This season also features Tyler and Caitlynn from Teen Mom (LOVE them!), Chingy and his girl, and Joe Francis and his blonde piece of arm candy. So clearly there are a lot of trust issues going on here, which is going to make for some great TV and some great sessions with Dr. Jenn.  And of course, Dustin and Heather from the Real World (they fell in love during their season, and the revelation that he was in gay porn caused their first fight) will be joining the cast later this season, which will only increase the drama.

If you have never watched a season of Couples Therapy before, then this is the season you need to start.  Dr. Jenn runs a tight ship and even she will have a tough time keeping this crazy C-listers in line. You won’t want to miss out.

I'm Sam, your reality TV expert. When it comes to television my motto is: the trashier, the better. If a show is winning Emmys and making critics swoon, it probably isn't my style. I'll take Kardashians and teen moms over great acting and writing any day of the week.