It’s 100% official: Dan Harmon invited back to Community

The (official) best day of your life

Even though there’s been new crops of rumors suggesting that Dan Harmon was returning for Season 5 of Community it was never confirmed so you never actually got up from wherever you were sitting and happy-danced, in case you jinxed it. But it’s all official now! New York Times reports that both Dan Harmon and former-writer Chris McKenna (the literal gem behind “Remedial Chaos Theory” and “Paradigms of Human Memory”) will be returning for season 5 as co-executive producers. Yay!

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Honestly, you're lucky I'm even a person after Lost ended. The ending of that was kind of like the end of my life, but I might be in a Community cult. Other favorites include The O.C, Suits, and almost everything else (slight exaggeration). Cool cool cool.

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