It’s back, it’s finally back! For a second there I was beginning to think I might not make it through the hiatus, but as it turns out the season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars was well worth the wait!

For those readers out there who’re experiencing a bit of memory loss or just haven’t re-watched the third season countless of times, here’s a quick recap for you:

Previously on Pretty Little Liars:
Red is the new black, at least if you ask ‘Redcoat’ who’s apparently calling the shots. Toby joined the A-team and “died”, but really didn’t. Spencer went a bit cray cray for while and even joined the A-team, but really didn’t. Ezra got a son, but Aria’s not the mother. Melissa was the Black Swan and is now working with Jenna and Shana (who’re definitely not friends of the liars). Aria broke up with Ezra (still picking up the pieces of my heart). Nate/Lyndon, or whatever his name was, killed Maya. Emily and Paige are back together for real. Paige is not A and Emily got shot. Aria almost got killed by the Queen of Hearts. Hanna’s mom hit Detective Wilden with a car, but unfortunately he didn’t die. The girls got trapped in a lodge fire with Mona, but was miraculously saved by ‘Alison’/Redcoat (that is still up for discussion). The car Hanna’s mom hit Wilden with magically appeared in the middle of the street, looking like it was in need of a caring hand, with a video of the ‘accident’. The girls, including Mona, opens the trunk and then — end of season. Did I forget anything major?

So, evidently we’ve been wondering for months what the heck was in that trunk. There has been a lot of good guesses out there and I for one was convinced it was Wilden’s body, but as it turns out it was a poor pig who had to die at the hand of A/Redcoat/Alison/A-team – for now at least, because as it turns out I wasn’t that far off. Wilden’s body is discovered later on in the episode and A/Redcoat/Alison/A-team seems pretty set on framing the girls for the murder.

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The girls get all chummy chummy with Mona and naturally gives her the third degree since it seems like they’re all in this together now. And finally we get some much needed answers. Mona revealed she didn’t get the car out of the lake, but did in fact place it in Hanna’s garage. Shana knew Jenna before she came to Rosewood and is possibly in love with her. They’re both scared of Melissa. Mona thought CeCe was Ali when she visited her at Radley, but can’t remember what they talked about (CeCe is looking more and more suspicious…). Remember the creepy massage Emily once got? According to Mona that was Lucas.. and Emily was tense (I wonder why?). Toby was recruited for the A-team when he got his new job out of town (at least he wasn’t lying to Spencer the entire time). Ian‘s killer is still unknown, but Mona wants to know who it is. And at last it’s revealed that Wilden and Melissa (supposedly) were the ones who drugged Aria on the Halloween train. I could really dig this new frenemy thing the liars have going on with Mona.. all the things she could tell, eh? 

Throughout the episode we’re also shown bits and pieces of Toby’s past, which was pretty emotional and rather heartbreaking (giving Keegan a virtual high five for that performance). In a flashback from years back, Toby is just about to kiss Alison when Toby’s mom enters, not looking so hot. In present day, “A” sends a Toby a message causing him to give up Mona’s lair for information about his mother (I may have shed a tear or two).

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In other news Alison’s mother is back in town, which is really rather strange because apparently she’s building her daughter a ‘shrine’. Paige has been offered a full-ride scholarship to Stanford and Emily agrees to go with her for the chance of a fresh start (like that’s going to happen). Ezra and Aria have an awkward post break-up run in and Ezra has gone back to teach at Rosewood, which results in Aria imagining what could happen if anyone found out about their relationship (I nearly died there!) and in her wanting/needing to see other people (sigh.). As we’ve discovered the identity of a few mystery persons it was only inevitable that we were introduced to a new ones – who was the mystery person at the funeral? And why was this person wearing a burnt Alison mask? (Was the person at the lodge??). Speaking of the funeral, why was Hanna’s mom’s phone in Wilden’s casket? A’s next target perhaps? There’s also a new cop in town ‘Officer Holbrook’ – Ally or foe? Can’t possibly be worse than Wilden, can he?

We were told that this would be a season of answers and if Tuesday’s season premiere is any indication, the answers will be thrown at us rapidly throughout the season, but being Pretty Little Liars and having secured a fifth season and all, I’m pretty certain more questions will arise.

“Truth won’t set you free bitches; I’ll bury you with it.”
Until next week lovelies!

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  • syf

    I actually think ezra getting arrested would have made for a very interesting storyline.. oh well.

    • Pernille R. Larsen

      I think it would’ve been a bit of a dead end there, but interesting nevertheless!