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Please tell me I’m not the only one who has “A Little Taste” by Skyler Stonestreet [Spotify link] on repeat right now. As Stiles was about to venture into teenage boy heaven, his potential partner in awkward passion was whisked away from the window in her basement. Talk about a you-know-what-block. I got to say that this season of Teen Wolf has amped up the creep factor. Unfortunately for Stiles, she wasn’t in the basement when he came back with the proper equipment. And even more unfortunately for her, she may be… well, dead. It’s kind of commendable that Teen Wolf made us care for a character in 30 seconds.

Meanwhile, Allison and Lydia are still trying to investigate the marks made on their arms. As I noted last week, Allison is trying to get out of werewolf/shapeshifter world — but they just pull. her. back. in. Try as she might, she can’t deny that she has an intrigue for it. Of course, there’s a freakin’ mark on her arm, but she’s had a little taste herself and is intrigued all over again.

And let’s just say she is damn good at investigating stuff. She shows up at the same location Derek and Scott have deduced as where Boyd and Erica have been sequestered. Sure, they had to put Isaac in a hypothermic-like hypnotic state, but they still were able to get the information they needed to rescue them. But the body count is rising: it turns out that Erica is dead. And Boyd has been denied shifting into a werewolf in four months, and that spells trouble for Derek and Scott.

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But that’s not all! Cora, Derek’s sister, is alive. What? So many questions, Teen Wolf, and no answers! For example, Guidance Counselor is on the side of the alphas? What is going on? To save their lives, Allison separates the boundary that Ms. Morrell set up and now Boyd and Cora are raged and in public.

That spells trouble for… everyone.

Plus, Lydia had a very frightening nightmare. I hope it’s not a rehash of last season’s storyline, but my interest is piqued. Until next Monday. Why are there seven days in a week?

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  • InvestedInYourFuture

    Really pissed off at how they are treating Allison while at the same time whitewashing Derek.

    DId show SERIOUSLY imply that a young teenage girl grieving for her mother’s death is way worse than an irresponsible incompetent Alpha going around turning teenagers into monsters? SERIOUSLY?

    Add to it the horribly stupid way they stuffed Erica into the fridge, so to say and this episode is very upsetting.

    • AdAstra

      I feel the exact opposite, actually. Derek was an underage child who was basically sexually assualted, then had his whole family burned to death because of it. And after the Argents found out what really happened, their supposed ‘code’ didn’t keep them from harassing him. I just really hate the Argents. Kate, Gerard, Allison’s mom. I mean, how do you have the high road attempting to kill a 16 year old boy that hasn’t acually done anything but kiss your daughter. And Allison let her grief turn her into a bigger monster than any of the werewolves. She basically kidnapped and tortured two fifteen year old teenagers whose worst crimes thus far were bullying (Erica more that Boyd) and was sleeping while her grandfather beat up Stiles. If you compare the Argent’s reign of terror to Derek’s misjudgement, it is clear who the real monster’s are.

  • jamu

    I was sad about Erica… I always thought that she and stiles might get together 🙁

  • Roy

    1. Is there a chance that the girl wasn’t Erica and it was in fact the girl with Stiles from the beginning of the episode? 2. Is the girl that saved Isaac in episode 1 a new character or is she the guidance counselor that Allison runs into at the bank?