I’m mostly posting this because I know some people like to discuss Teen Wolf in the comments, but I’m incredibly late on this front, so here are just a few really quick thoughts:

For the most part, I was less a fan of these episodes than the first three of the season because it got a bit juvenile, don’t you think? The twins hitting themselves like crazy to then blame it on Isaac, really? And all he gets for that kind of brutal attack is detention? Now I’m magnifying stupid details, but then the prank back of making it seem as though Aiden or Ethan rode their motorcycle inside the school was even more ridiculous. And somehow that was “an automatic suspension.” Huh?

Plus, we got more Lydia-freaked-out face, a budding romance between Allison and Isaac and the fact that the sacrifices aren’t virgin sacrifices but they’re tied to people in the military.

I’m a huge fan of Teen Wolf‘s ability to go full force with nonstop action and ridiculousness, but I’m also feeling a bit fatigued. Let’s slow it down just a tad so I can know where everyone stands and the interpersonal relationships between everyone, which is still important.

For the most part, that’s about it. What did you guys think?

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Michael Collado
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  • InvestedInYourFuture

    Well what do you know, my guess of it being druids was right~

    Also is it just me or the whole Deucalion monologue scene was a bit over-the-top? This whole season so far feels…schizophrenic for lack of better word – brilliant straightforward moments mixed with completely crazy over-the-top nonsense.

    Overall a great episode, even if a bit obvious in places.

    Also – just realized – Scott used on Isaac pretty much exactly same “calm yourself” thing that Derek did in S2.

    • Over the top is the way to describe everything Teen Wolf haha! Schizophrenic is a great way to describe it, but I’m just hoping that we can settle down a bit. I’m not really sure where everyone stands during this season, we’ve gotten to the plot so quickly and haven’t come out of it yet for a chance to breathe.

      • InvestedInYourFuture

        There’s over the top and then there’s “I AM THE FREAKING DEMON WOLF” over the top. Uncle Peter is most likely VERY jealous of Deucalion’s ability to scenery chew.

        • Oh most definitely. Gotta admit I was laughing terribly during that. But they were able to pull it off with their self-referential humor. “I hate it when that happens.”