The Unbelievable Frustration of “You Didn’t Get It”

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

There’s a lotta good television out there that I just can’t bring myself to watch. Hell, the only reason I jumped on the Lost bandwagon is because I pretty much had to watch it for a grad school class called, “Time Travel in Television.” The trials of higher education, amirite?

But back to what I was saying: there’s plenty of beloved television that I’ve just never understood. I’d like to pretend it’s because I’m too busy out having a social life or that I’m some sort of cultural outlaw who’s better than these TV shows, but fact of the matter? I’m not. It just doesn’t appeal. Some classic examples are the much-lauded season four of Dexter (with John Lithgow in his most over-the-top, but critically praised performance since he played the same part in Raising Cain) or the general praise surrounding CBS’s The Good Wife.

Now, let me take a moment to cover my own ass here. This doesn’t mean that these shows aren’t good. Are they for me? Nah, not really, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely devoid of charm. As an online critic, I’m constantly put in the position (or at least accused of) badmouthing someone’s beloved show. Sorry, folks, but I’m just doing my job. If I don’t like something, I’m going to write about what I don’t like about it, not what I think I should like about it. Still, as most people point out in the comments section (rather rudely and typically with a variety of spelling errors) I am just one man. It is one man’s opinion. It should not help or hinder your enjoyment of a given show. Perhaps it will open up a discussion, perhaps not, but my job isn’t to say that my opinion of a television program is more valid than yours.

However, this brings us to the backlash. Especially in the world of online criticism, there’s plenty of it. Most of it is petty, to be honest. Cheap assaults on my character or my personal favorite, “Well, who are you? You don’t even know what you’re talking about.” Comments like that are usually met with a quick snapshot of me holding my BFA in Film/Video or my Master’s in Media & Cinema Studies.

Then, there’s the other camp. These folks aren’t so deadest on the whole “you’re a loser, so I’m gonna verbally attack you” school of thought. These ones aren’t convinced that they can convert you.

“Oh, well, the first season isn’t that great… it gets a lot better.”

“You probably just didn’t understand it.”

No. No, I did get it. I just didn’t like it. The show that always seems to get me in the most trouble is Game of Thrones. The beloved HBO series may do it for some. Hell, it does it for plenty of folks. I’m just not one of ‘em. To be fair, I’m not much of a fantasy guy and the um… rape-y elements of the show just weren’t doin’ it for me.

People that like it? Good for you. I won’t hold it against you that you find something enjoyable that I do not, but could you stop trying to convert me? It won’t make the show any better just because I watch it now. In fact, it won’t affect your viewing of it at all. Just don’t tell me that I don’t like it because I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s just not for me.

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Calhoun Kersten is unofficially over-educated and unemployable. he is currently finishing up his Masters thesis on horror films from DePaul University, but now resides in Hell on earth aka Los Angeles. When he's not writing, he enjoys being a grown man who still watches Arthur on PBS, singing along loudly to Three 6 Mafia, and spending time with his dog, Karl Marx.

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  • iareally

    I have to agree with this post so much! There are so many shows that I’m tired of people telling me I HAVE to watch. If I’m not watching it yet its because “I’m Just Not That Into It” The show isn’t taking any offense by my lack of desire to spend hours of my time starting and catching up on a show that I have zero interest in seeing, so avoid people going of on tangents about how I NEED to be watching something I just say “Oh I’ve been meaning to watch it” in my head I add “In an alternate universe where that version of me kind of sucks” or I’ll say “Oh it’s on my list, probably during the summer, or probably after it ends so I can watch it all at once.” I know the chances of me starting some of these “beloved” shows is a 1% and I’m okay with lying to these people so they leave me alone. :]] Also please take note that I have refrained from actually naming any of these shows (some of them may even be YOUR favorites, and I don’t want to have to lie to you!) :]]

    • Rae Bradshaw

      I totally agree. I really didn’t like The New Normal, and not for the bigoted reasons like OMM. I just wasn’t entertained by it, and I’m someone that’ll laugh at just about anything. Anyways, I might have been a little harsh in my review of it, but I got mad heat from a bunch of Ryan Murphy’s fangirl minions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion!

    • haithem

      I respect your opinion but how can I repect a person who prefers to lie about watching a show or the possibility of him watching that show rather then defending his opinion and I agree with everything the auther said because he gave shows like game of thrones a chance before announcing that he does’nt enjoy them but you on the other hand just assume that you won’t like a certain show whithout giving it a chance so I recommend that you watch shows before announcing you dislike and stop lieing to people that want to share that experince with you :)

      • Vamp

        Oftentimes a person can tell from reading about a show, watching a trailer and being told about it whether or not it will interest them. In your opinion, does that mean that you watch every single series on tv to decide which interests you? If so, then kudos to your diligence. It doesn’t seem practical however especially to people who don’t want to waste their precious free time watching something that the know won’t hold their attention.
        Rae’s ‘lying’ is merely a defense mechanism that nearly every single person on this planet uses in order to delfect from a situation that could cause friction.
        Would you rather hearing ‘ oh I’d been meaning to watch that once it had finished’. or ‘to be honest i think the show is pretty crappy and i’m just not into it’ … which would result in a better conversation I wonder!?

        • IGiveUp

          You might be trying too hard to justify your excuses – a recurring theme in this blog.

          • Vamp

            I didn’t realise I was justifying anything, but was merely sharing an opinion. But ok then, have it your way.

      • Sancho Rodríguez

        Here’s an example. I don’t even need to read this. It’s based on a tired formula. I’ll be honest with you as to my reasoning.

        Your formulation is particularly one dimensional. Your self-contradiction is diametric and absolute in the first sentence. “I respect your opinion but [I don't]”

        I have no interest in watching Dexter, for example. A benevolent psychopathic serial killer makes about as much sense as a career rapist with a heart of gold.

        “It’s ok. Every last one of them was asking for it…”

        I’ve approached the subject of recommendations I don’t want to watch or listen to with my friends in both ways. Sometimes, a simple “I can’t stand the Beatles,” is sufficient to end the conversation. Other times, it’s a whole lot more effective to say “I’ll keep an eye out for that on Netflix,” and move on to the next subject.

  • Denise Chang

    If you’ve given shows a chance before saying you don’t like them, then it’s plenty fair enough. I just can’t get into Breaking Bad or How I Met Your Mother…but boy was I wrong about Game of Thrones – loved it the second time around! Personal attacks are obviously uncalled for so who cares? Give your critical opinion and be proud of it. The world of television definitely needs more active viewers so thanks for that! Btw, props to naming your dog Karl Marx…that’s awesome.


    This article is a bit of a grab for views, with picture of a “Game of Thrones” character, isn’t it. Also, if you don’t like “GoT”, what the hell do you like?? Swamp Loggers? Teen Mom?

    • Shjade

      If I had to guess, I’d say he probably likes not-Game of Thrones. Which is a pretty broad category when you think about it. Game of Thrones is a very niche show: fantasy, drama, book conversion, very dark compared to a lot of shows in the U.S. (in terms of good guys not really winning a lot of the time), complicated politics crammed into shortened periods of time… these aren’t qualities everyone looks for in their entertainment. That doesn’t automatically mean they only want LCD reality TV. Maybe they just prefer something more concise, or something with some witty humor, or more coherent plot-wise even if you miss an episode, or whatever. Any number of things.

      • ÇℜΔÇK_ℵΙℵℑΔΔ

        Reasonable response, you make some good points. i don’t really think GoT is a niche though. I guess I just love the grit and intensity, mixed with some good old escapism.

      • Calhoun Kersten

        Well-put. It’s not that I can’t appreciate the gritty elements or anything like that. It’s well-done and I can see why plenty of folks like it, but I’m not much of a fantasy guy, so I get distracted by some of those elements.

        • ÇℜΔÇK_ℵΙℵℑΔΔ

          Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Forgive me if you haven’t heard that saying before. I was thinking recently about why I like the shows that I do, and I came to the conclusion that while I like grit and dark elements, the most most important aspect of any potential show is the theme of life and death. Every single show i watch has some element of life and death in it. It explains why I don’t watch Mad men despite knowing that it is probably a very good show, yet it does not appeal to me

          • Calhoun Kersten

            My editor is the same way haha We’ve even had the talk about how many folks have TRIED to get him into Mad Men, but it’s just not his bag

            Different strokes for different folks indeed!

    • Calhoun Kersten

      I don’t control the images, so you’ll hafta take that up with someone else haha

      I’d be happy to provide a list of shows I do like, but that’s not what this article is about. It’s about not liking something and not having to constantly justify why you don’t like it.

      • ÇℜΔÇK_ℵΙℵℑΔΔ

        My apologies, I had just watched the season finale of GoT then saw the article with a GoT image attached so i clicked on it thinking it was discussion of the episode. Needless to say I was dissapointed and a bit peaved, which is why my initial comment was a bit nasty. That’s my own problem however. Thanks for the reply anyway

      • Funny

        An online critic that complains publicly when someone criticises him on the criticisms he makes about another someone’s work…

        With the complaint that he shouldn’t have to constantly justify his work… hahahaha

        I’m just going to skip to my main thought…

        Online Critics basing articles on their personal opinion should explicitly state that it is their personal opinion in the article with a clear justification about your opinion (SUCH THAT THEIR IS NO NEED TO CONSTANTLY JUSTIFY YOUR OPINION… YOU SHOULD HAVE PREPARED YOUR WORK PROFESSIONALLY SUCH THAT IT IS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!! NO FURTHER EXPLANATION SHOULD BE REQUIRED)… Otherwise people assume an article was done based on research or is of the opinion of the company that you work for… Which in the case of ‘Best Top 10 Movies Ever’ articles, people can get pretty annoyed at the sucky choices an individual makes absent research

        • Funny

          THERE* :)

          • Vamp

            Stating that it is just a personal opinion, which being a critic every review is based on their own personal opinion, will not stop him having to justify said opinion. There will always be those people that feel the need to argue the case and prove to you why your opinion is wrong.
            Also, all caps is tantamount to yelling you realise…

    • Superherologist

      This is the perfect illustration of what the author said. Calhoun doesn’t like the thing you like, so you make snippy remarks insinuating C. might like things you consider stupid enough that you use them to demean others.

      • Superherologist

        And now I see your subsequent remarks in which you apologize for the snarkiness. Sigh.

  • James

    The most pompous, arrogant thing someone can say, when you say you didn’t like a movie or show is….”You just don’t get it”…Oh I get it….I just don’t FUCKING LIKE IT………People ruin people for me

  • grrinc

    and the um… rape-y elements of the show just weren’t doin’ it for me.

    People that like it? Good for you…

    Be truthful – you built this article around your little rape comment didn’t you?

    Well good for you that you don’t like rape and so many millions of others so obviously do eh?


    • Michael Paul Goldenberg

      Yep, that’s what came through for me as well. Smugness couched in “Hey, I have the right to my own taste” is still smugness. Of COURSE I don’t give a fig whether someone who wrote a thesis on horror movies (a genre I generally dislike) digs GOT of not. In fact, even without the thesis on a genre I dislike, I don’t care. But I do resent the cheap shot about rape-y elements. I daresay that rape comprises some of the sexuality in the show, particularly early in the first season. Is there some point where the show suggests this is fine and dandy? If so, I’ve missed it. And given the vast scope of the series, there is a lot to look at involving sex, violence and sex & violence that doesn’t reduce to rape-y elements. Unless it’s important to try to get your smugness on.

      • Calhoun Kersten

        I’m sorry if that’s how you read it, because I didn’t intend it as such. I’m not saying GoT fans are rapists or even approve of the act. Rape is just- I guess it’s my threshold? I know some of my friends who can’t watch a movie when an animal dies. It doesn’t mean they condone killing animals, it’s just something that proves too distracting.

        • Mugwomp

          I’ve watched all three seasons of Game of Thrones several times. I’m struggling to think of a “rape” scene.

          I remember Sansa almost getting raped, I remember Brienne almost getting raped. If you continued to watch the show you would have been disappointed if you think it’s “rapey”…

          • gilghamesh

            Being sold by your brother as bride is kind of “rapey” in my opinion – and this is more or less practiced as “normal” in some cultures still today. In a way i can understand the authors issues here – although GOT even beautifies it in a way. Reality is much more cruel than the TV show ever brought it on screen.

          • ReallyThough

            You don’t think you might be imposing those views?

    • Chris Mankey

      Sorry, not a big fan of rape. Or incest. But I do like Game of Thrones. That’s nice that you don’t . Now bugger off!

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      He must really dislike “Serbian Movie”

  • Amartyaa Das

    If you don’t like Game of Thrones, you’re an idiot.

    • John Gahris

      Really? This is the whole point of the article! People who hold such downright incoherent views as yours! Explain to me how ones opinion of GoT overlaps with their ability to problem solve, create, and comprehend. Real idiocy is exemplified by people who think that TV preferences are affected entirely by intellect! Just don’t get the opinion I don’t like GoT. I spent all day Tuesday watching season 1 clear through for the first time! and I loved it! But that doesn’t make me smart! My ability to know otherwise makes me smarter than you, though, if your comment is anything to go by.

  • Eliteninja

    This article would have been a little more helpful with some example of a show you do like. Right now it just seems like you are complaining about online commenters, which in most cases is exactly what the commenter wants. Basically you got trolled into writing an article.

    • Calhoun Kersten

      Good point, I honestly hadn’t considered that. At the same time, I honestly don’t want to use something I do like to defend what I don’t like. I like plenty of stuff, but that doesn’t change the fact that I (as well as everyone else) am entitled to not like something and it’s not like I don’t have my reasons for not liking it, you know?

      • Superherologist

        Actually, I think an example of a show you like would have distracted from your point.

  • Fuck u

    Shut up

  • HeyyyBrother

    This post resonates with me because I am, in fact, a converter. For reasons both selfish and altruistic, I could make a full-time job out of trying to talk friends and family into watching just one episode of Breaking Bad. I give them the premise, tease it a little bit – no spoilers though – and even offer to do a re-watch with them so we can compare notes and I can guide them on their little journey.

    So maybe I just want to have an excuse to watch LOST for the umpteenth time and maybe I just want to relive the initial experience vicariously through eyes that have not seen, but I also want to think that it will give them a terrific story line to get into instead of watching Seinfeld re-runs on TBS (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For real though, Netflix should have put me on the payroll with all the time I dedicated to local promotion of the new AD season.

    Take it easy on converters. We just want you to enjoy the show as much as we did so we can love you when you agree with our view and theories, or berate your opinion when you disagree. Ahh, the circle of viewership.

    Speaking of which, did you end up liking LOST?!?

    • Calhoun Kersten

      I don’t begrudge you converters. Honestly, I don’t think I’m talking about converters as much as it is AGGRESSIVE converters. You want me to give it another shot? I totally get that. It’s more about the fact that people try to tell you that there’s something wrong with you when you don’t agree with them, do you know what I mean?

      Regardless of whether we agree or not, I respect the hell out of you for engaging in a thoughtful way with my post. As you can see from some of the other posters, that wasn’t always the case and I do sincerely appreciate your perspective.

      • Alexa

        Lost was literally the stupidest show ever made. You and the rest of the 15 year old girls that loved it are retarded.

  • realteruchan

    I can totally understand this post. I hear so much about Breaking Bad or CSI, but , for me, it doesn’t matter how well written, well directed or well acted such a show is. The subject matter has no interest for me. I actually ONLY like fantasy and some sci-fi, so stuff like Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time and Stargate series have me glued to the screen. Other stuff I won’t give a chance because it is just not up my alley.

  • josey_wales

    Did you ever see that Turd of a movie that Roger Ebert made?
    Why do people listen to anything he says about movie?

    Any-who, I think that no talent hacks like to criticize because they have no talent.

    I also think your stretching the truth a bit when you say there’s allot of good television out there.

    There is hardly any TV worth watching, but if you think Dexter isn’t one of the best shows on television. Then your an even worse critic than I thought.

  • scott

    You basically agreed to suck at life the moment you decided to become an “online critic.” And you wasted your parents’ hard-earned dollars on a higher education to promote this lifestyle choice?! And then you brag about it with a picture?!! (By the way, don’t pretend you’re not from at least upper-middle class because only a spoiled rich kid whose family can afford to support such a loser would take the career path you’ve chosen.)

    But don’t feel bad; you’re not the only one wasting all your potential on self-absorbed commentary. Just look at cable news. Maybe the role of talking head that no one respects will be your future.

    So now you may be wondering why I am going off on you like this you ask? Well, it’s not because of the TV shows you like I assure you. I could care less if you like Game of Thrones…

    I’m going off on you for whining about people complaining about your reviews. Shut up and deal with it. You agreed to the backlash when you chose your profession so do the internet a favor and don’t waste another nanobyte of memory on your petty garbage. Do your job and like it, bitch.


    The ghost of Gene Siskel

  • Superherologist

    Great points.
    Even before you mentioned Games of Thrones (which does not grab me either), I found myself nodding over and over. We shouldn’t insult people for not liking the things we like any more than we should insult those who like the things we detest. Well, as a general rule, that is.

  • john

    you probably just didnt understand Game of Thrones

    • Anna

      mate, ITS. A. SHOW. calm down

      • tmilt

        Jokes. You do not get them.

  • Anna

    This was a brilliant article, I never really got in to it but have been hassled on every level to watch it. Somethings you just don’t get into I suppose.

  • J-Lev

    Runs online critic site: blogs a rant.
    Well played sir, well played.

  • meh

    Good news! I don’t give a flying **** what you like either! See, we have something in common! :)

  • Vamp

    I agree wholeheartedly. Sick of being told I should watch Game of Thrones because it’s so awesome! I couldn’t get into it the first time I tried… the second time I just skipped the whole episode that I got halfway through in the first attempt and managed a semblance of interest mainly due to the character Tyrion. To be honest he seems to be the only character worth watching the show for. But even then I find myself almost having to force myself to watch the next episode. I’m still only in season 1 and I just don’t get it why people are so hyped up over it.
    But then I get the same reaction from people when I tout my love of the original Doctor Who series over the new reincarnations. Each to their own!

  • Dildo Faggins

    Man, I gotta say this shit is kinda comparable to me dedicating a whole page on the web to saying “Oh, a few people recommended I read this article, so I gave it a shot but it just didn’t grab me so I went back to watching Game Of Thrones. Oh guize, don’t criticise me for that please!!!”

    Really… This banality qualifies as an article? You call yourself a professional? Who cares what anyone’s opinion is at the end of the day; the obvious fact is, you like what you like and dislike what you dislike. Given this fact, how does your epic whinge warrant space on a website? And how is this article at all congruent to the site’s name “no white noise” btw, when what you’re essentially saying is just that, white noise? It’s not even a solid opinion, it’s just idle complaining.

    Maybe try not to be such a bleeding pussy about opinions – they’re like assholes, right? Put it this way, there are much more demonstrably abhorrent and consequential things in the world to get pissed over than someone’s stupid opinion on the internet and it’s residual effect on your fragile little sensibilities. If you can’t hack it, get a new job – just quit bitching about utter tripe and wasting time.

  • kati

    I enjoy Dexter and I really enjoyed LOST, but I’m right there with you on Game of Thrones. I see why it’s appealing to other people, but it’s just so hard for me to care about it. It’s just not the type of show I like. But everyone I know can’t shut up about it, and I’ve been dragged into seeing several episodes. Maybe it just takes some patience like Sopranos did, but I just think it’s not for me. I’m not going to go so far as to call it overrated, but it’s not for everyone.

  • Bradley Paul Valentine

    Just based on you describing Game of Thrones as rapey, then implying rape “does it for you” if you like that show, is probably an example why many don’t take you seriously. That and also you wrote an article that boils down to “I’m right, you’re wrong, you’re stupid and I’m smart/honest/moral.”

    Not to suggest I am much for Game of Thrones either. I suspect the real reason you don’t like shows like Game and Dexter, aside from probably not wanting to like what is already popular, is there is a lot of investment demanded without a lot of payoff.

  • DontFret

    Dear writer of this incredibly pretentious article, please allow me to explain why you most certainly did not get Game of Thrones and therefore probably didn’t get many other TV shows you have critised.
    The “rape-y elements” were not put in the show to do it for you, they were added to illustrate the ferociously dangerous world the characters live in, not to please a strange section of people who may well tune in with hand cream and paper towels at the ready waiting for a near rape scene. What you should probably have said is something along the lines of “I didn’t see the need to add near rape scenes as the gritty and dangerous aspects are already well depicted”.
    Please feel free to post a snapshot of you holding an obviously pointless qualification and, um, have you considered further education?

  • Rashan

    I know what you mean; I’m just not a Dexter Fan, practically every person I know is right into the latest Doctor Who (I’m always baffled when they are talking about it), etc. They are obviously well put together shows, but somehow, I just don’t get into it…
    However, there are some times when a critic makes a justification for a criticism that makes absolutely no sense such as some of the idiots who have been reviewing Man of Steel – don’t get me started, I will shoot you down ;-P

  • Benedict

    Why isn’t your dog named ‘karl barx’

  • Jim Powell

    I like the Game of thrones book series (Songs of Ice and Fire) ,but the show sucks. I’d rather read a good book than watch it first and realize I lost out on a good read. I watched one episode of Under the Dome and the first scene was something different from the book version. So if you’re an avid reader always read the book first, but don’t be surprised if you don’t like the show. True Blood is the same deal. Everybody watch what you want and leave this critic alone.

  • Novalis

    This discussion is pointless. Of course you hope that a person that you like/love shares the passion for something that you enjoy. Than they give it a try and like it or not. And thats that.
    A critic is not more than a chicken that cackles when another chicken lays an egg; so who cares if he likes or dislikes a show that you enjoy. So even more pointless is a critic that complaints about his readers that dont share his opinion. In the end he is trying to defend his importance.

  • Cornwell

    Every single person pointing out that this article is a mammoth pissy toddler-stomp is entirely correct. It is (apparently) your ‘job’ to enlighten the great uneducated your view on various filmed media. You seem to have ‘qualifications’ in this area, which by extension you imply that your analysis is more valid that those of the average man. (BTW that ‘degree’ you hold is a Masters, not a Master’s. Best not to complain about other people’s spelling).

    I would sincerely hope that people studying media and writing about it for a living understand that individual taste is a myth and quality is not subjective. As a qualified professional ‘just not liking it’ is not good enough.

    Otherwise what’s the point of it being taught as an academic subject?

  • Tommy Tejas

    You like what you like. I find that people who need you to agree with them, especially on something so subjective, are just looking for affirmation of their own perspective. I’d probably watch a film of paint drying if the Coen Brothers directed it, but my wife is not a fan. She watches CSILANYPD: Las Miami, and I think the shows are dumb and predictable. What can you do? I bought another TV and try not to quote Walter Sobchak to her when we argue. “Am I wrong?”

    • ICantBelieveYouJustSaidThat

      ” I think the shows are dumb and predictable. What can you do? I bought another TV and try not to quote Walter Sobchak to her when we argue.” I hope that you can read this and judge for yourself.

  • Sammy Lane




    Ranting!Blah!Blah!Blah!Blah!That is what I am getting from this.

  • James

    Please don’t hold up your degrees in film studies as something that gives you a more valuable voice in critiquing cinema and television. All that means is that you went to school to study film and television–something MILLIONS of people have been doing since birth, they just aren’t buffoonish enough to seek to make a living off of it. I studied literature in college. I recall with amusement one blowhard lecturing for two hours on Hemingway’s use of the color yellow in one of his novels–its brilliant symbolism, use as foreshadowing, and other pretentious nonsense. Then shortly later I read an interview of Hemingway where he was asked about all the yellow in the novel and its meaning. He said, “it doesn’t MEAN anything! When I visualized the story, I thought of this town in Cuba and everything was yellow there!” Your opinion, educated or not, is no more valid than your average beer swilling couch potato. Now you might have some credence in spotting SLOPPY filmmaking–boom mikes in scenes, and shoddy plot development–but most filmmakers are pretty competent so that is a wash. I like Stanley Kubrick. On the other hand, I think Terence Malick is the most bloated pompous ass of a filmmaker alive and the movies of his I have seen are nigh unwatchable. You may have a different opinion and that is fine, but it has no more credence than mine.

  • Runner

    I highly doubt anyone’s out to convert you. Though I can see why most of your post is a personal rebuttal against personal attacks.

    When I imagine anyone recommending anything. I usually picture myself doing the same. I don’t know if you’re politely asking specific people or everyone not to recommend anything or If this is simply a response to your having to tolerate everything you didn’t find worthwhile (e.g. Lost).

    I gather from the mention of your degree you still venture out to review all manner of deplorable media.

    If we’re being brutally honest, most everything sucks. If you approach anything out of personal interest, it follows that relatable content is appreciable over content itself.

    “There’s a lotta good television out there that I just can’t bring myself to watch.”

    I guess it’s good to get this kind of stuff off your chest, no matter how irrational you may be seen as being. Despite our education, we’re all naive cynical beings.

  • HMFIC169

    Peach on brother. I don’t think Dexter is all that great either, but I don’t hold it against any of the people I love who do. I know for a fact I like a lot of stuff people can’t stand. So what? The world is still spinning isn’t it?

  • HMFIC169

    Oh, and by the way, The Big Bang Theory just sucks balls, so just quit it already. Just because I’m into comics and science doesn’t mean I’m going to like that condescending, ignorant drivel.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    I think there’s more “rapey scenes” in Last Tango in Paris than in Game of Thrones. Actually I can’t think of one .. not saying there isn’t one, just saying it didn’t make enough of an impression for me to remember it. The rapey scene in Deliverance on the other hand, I shall never forget.

  • Dave Justdave

    dude, watch dexter. it really is good. give it a shot. It gets better. if u have already watch again, u prolly just missed the point the first time