New Picture (1)After last week’s doozy of a season premiere, this week’s episode was a real heart-wrencher and seemed a lot more legit.  Anthony is a retired Army veteran who was injured in Iraq and has been online dating Marq for quite awhile.  They haven’t video chatted and Anthony took the initiative to go visit, but Marq never showed because he was ‘car-jacked and run over by the car.’ Wow.  Whatever happened to using the dead relative excuse? At least that is mildly believable.

This episode is different from all the ones before it because Anthony already KNOWS that Marq is lying to him.  Unlike so many delusional kids before him, he knows that this kid isn’t who he says he is, in fact, he even knows the kid’s real name: Josh (or that could just be another alias. Anthony isn’t really sure).  But despite all of that, Anthony still has feelings and he still wants to know what the deal is with his internet lover.  So of course, Nev & Max are there to help him out.

Nev & Max contact the alias profile Josh, and the REAL Josh gets back to them right away and jumps on video chat.  It turns out he is really the person in the Josh profile, but he is NOT the person who has been talking to Anthony.  Josh seems like he is genuinely a nice guy (who apparently has had his pictures stolen by catfishes before) and he apologizes to Anthony for not being his guy.

Nev & Max are disheartened, but only for a moment.  They google search Marq’s phone number, which leads them to a user name that, once googled reveals to them some new pictures of a guy in Mississippi who Max is positive is the real ‘Marq,’ whose actual name is Framel.  Nev is skeptical at first, but eventually he too realizes this must be their guy.

The next day our favorite duo shows Anthony the video from Josh, and before they can even being to discuss Marq’s real identity, Anthony is already breaking down because his last shred of hope that Marq was really for real was severed. When they show Anthony the real ‘Marq’ aka Framel it is just too much and Anthony has to take a break.  After a minor breakdown Nev has to call Framel to initiate the real life meeting, since Anthony refuses to speak with him. Framel tries to avoid the conversation, but boy does Nev give him a hard time about it.  Framel finally agrees to meet because he claims to really love Anthony, so off to Mississippi our crew goes!

Once they arrive at Framel’s front door, they find exactly the man they were expecting.  Framel claims he never meant any harm and that he really does love Anthony.  Anthony refuses to even look at Framel and he got even angrier when he found out that Framel didn’t just blow him off at that first meeting attempt, he was actually there watching him the whole time! That’s low bro.

Framel hopes Anthony will forgive him and they can work things out, but Anthony isn’t having any of that after all his lies and he bounces out.  However, he is willing to go back to Framel’s house the next day to find out more about the kid and meet his friends.  The peace doesn’t last very long, however, as soon enough Anthony starts demanding Framel own up to his BS and the two engage in a pretty aggressive exchange of words.  Max tries to step in, but Framel shuts him down pretty quick saying that if he has to put his hands on him, “go ahead; try me”.  Framel easily has a solid 75 pounds on tiny little Max so that would have been especially humorous for sure.

Anthony peaces out again, but Nev, ever the peace maker, talks him down and brings him back into the house.  Anthony apologizes for being loud and cursing and he listens intently while Framel tells his sad story attempting to explain why he did what he did.  At this point even Framel knows this relationship is going nowhere fast and only wants some forgiveness, which Anthony graciously gives him.

Two months later, Anthony is still recovering and taking a dating break while Framel has stopped being a Catfish and has found someone else to be in love with, so that is pretty nice.  He still wants to be friends with Anthony, but it doesn’t seem like that will be something that happens in the near future.  Sadly, this wasn’t a great episode for love but there is still always next week!

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