I decided to surprise everyone with a quick vintage photo recap of cap-worthy episode 1×16 “All About My Brother” — except a quarter way in, I realized that neither Chuck nor Nate were in the episode … which is just sad. I wanted some Natefused and Rihanna lyrics in here, but it didn’t happen. However, I chose it because I remembered it had one of the most complicated scenes ever, given that (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE SERIES FINALE OR BEEN ON THE INTERNET AT ALL) Dan is Gossip Girl.

Dan talks to Jenny about a blast he sent that she told him to send, given the series finale. What? IT HAD TO BE RECAPPED. So here we are.

Also, thanks to HomeoftheNutty.com for the screencaps!

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  • Marilou Gropatsakis

    damn i miss GG!

    • Mike

      Don’t we all?

      • Glenna Mercado

        I was watching gg reruns today, and I thought about how I missed your caps. lol

  • Veronika

    omg YES!

    • Mike

      Bahaha it was bound to happen!

  • Soso

    Oh I missed your photo recaps! So funny 😀

    • Mike

      Thanks! Miss the comments, obvs. 😀

  • caroline

    you should do another recap from season 1
    they are so funny

    • Mike

      I want to scope out all the nonsensical Dan ones because HILARITY

  • Michael, you are my everything.

    • Mike

      Ditto, Samantha. I’m waiting on your Catfish recap, tbh.

  • F


    • Mike

      Oh, jebus! I didn’t know people cared. Now to cry so that you can believe this performance :'(

  • Jessica

    Don’t get me wrong but I don’t think recap s1 is that much funny. The true reason why s5 and s6 are good to make fun of is because it was a huge mess and there are so many loop holes but s1 or s2 were pretty decent, not the best TV hours ever but good enough. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. I only rewatch Chuck and Blair episodes so this one is kind of a blur to me.

    • Mike

      Haha you can choose to see it that way, or you can choose to see it how I see it: Dan being GG means there are plot holes EVERYWHERE and it’s hilarious. Now to be shocked by this comment I just left.

      • Marilou Gropatsakis

        The worst thing of all was the producers that were saying in interviews during s06:”oohh if you’ve paid enough attention,you’ll know by now who GG is” i was like:”WTF?are they kidding us?”

  • Monika Alem

    God, all of Lily’s caps are priceless “I can only hear people with $”. Also, I’m struck by how amazing the costuming of this show was. Even six years later, their outfits still look fresh and stylish.

  • Erin $e#er

    I am so late to the game but I did read this and loved it! I saw it a few days ago but wasn’t able to comment. I missed these bihs! Those Humphrey’s have the perfect facial expressions for this. If you want to do another one, make a DaCece episode!!!

  • mikensulley

    i laughed so much thank you! “you’re going to be the best real-life actor honey” CRYING. taylor momsen’s baby face made it funnier xD

  • TeeTee

    HAHAHAHAHA!! I am rewatching gossip girl on Netflix and came back to find any season 1 reaps and I did!! This ish was too funny!!!! Thank you for the laughs

  • BayBlee

    I dont want to rewatch everything but is Georgina pretending to be that other girl at this point? Like sarah or something? I thought the whole Gerogina thing didnt happen until later so I’m just lost.