As you may or may not know — but, please, you definitely do — the Spanish-language adaptation of Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Acapulco, premiered last Monday (and then aired its subsequent four episodes daily). Though some things were changed here and there in its premiere, for the most part, it stays true to the original’s pilot. So I figured, why not give you a little side-by-side comparison?

What I didn’t anticipate was the fact that GIFs are an incredible pain to make if you have an outdated laptop at this point! So instead of making a bajillion like I planned, here are 10:

1. A picture of Serena/Sofía arriving is sent to Gossip Girl.

1a 1b

2. Blair/Bárbara finds out.

2a 2b

3. Chuck/Max finds out.

4a 4b

4. Serena/Sofía arrives.

3a 3b

5. And then Nate/Nico…

5a 5b

6. Xo xo… Gossip Girl

6a 6b

7. “I didn’t come back for you”

7a 7b

8. A cork is popped (wink)


9. Lily asks about Dan

9a 9b

10. A punch is given


There are many other parallels, of course. A lot of them, in fact! The entire episode should be ran together with the original’s. But alas, it was difficult to even get to 10. I definitely have a newfound respect for the Tumblr giffer aficionados. I only hope they will do more parallels.

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Michael Collado
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  • Mish

    Same hands in the first 2 gifts? (Orange nails)

    • Phoebe

      I’m calling it,Blair’s GG in this version.

      • Mike

        This would be so glorious!

  • Leila

    Michael, you can’t let GG go, can you?
    And I am really thankful for this.

    • Mike

      It’s ingrained in me now!

  • Bernardis Trestian

    Is it me, or does mexican Dan look like he’s 30?

  • Ry

    Mike how can one watch GG Acapulco? Thx 🙂

  • Erin $e#er

    Vacation with no wifi ruined my internet life. Thank you for all the effort of 10 gifs! They are such a pain but I needed to chuckle at the recaps! Thanks for the comparisons and keep us informed of what happens! Especially Lily’s emotes!