0306_lily_rufus2I promise I’m not seeking out more Gossip Girl information! It’s finding me! But here’s a good one: Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle have just been cast in a Lifetime movie titled A Sister’s Nightmare, where they play each other’s romantic interests. Or something like that.

Look, the movie isn’t really a romance one, but we can all hope that they fall in love and stay together happily ever after, especially since they kissed on the mouth in the Gossip Girl finale but then ended up with other people. Including someone who gave someone else fake cancer. I’m just saying.

Here’s the movie’s synopsis:

Police officer Jane Rydert’s (Rutherford) life goes into a tailspin when her sister Cassidy (Henstridge) is discharged from the state hospital for the criminally insane, and shows up at her door needing a place to stay. Jane never told her teenage daughter that she had a sister and her fiancée, Phil (Settle), knows very little. Cassidy is the skeleton in Jane’s closet, after she went on a rampage 16 years earlier, shot her husband to death, and attempted to murder their baby. A dangerous rivalry and past familiarities return, Jane is unable to prove her sister is still harmful to society and takes matters into her own hands to protect her family.

What do we call this? Jil? Phane? Whatever it is, they must end up together so that our shipper hearts can be salvaged.

Source: Zap2It

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  • susie


  • Good for Lilly. She really needs the paycheck (but I’m team Vufus 4 lyfe)

    • Mike

      Oh, Samantha. Now you KNOW it’s Rufus who needs the paycheck.

  • Me

    Rufus & Lily <3 they should have been endgame.