This week’s recap of True Blood’s “Life Matters” will be short and sweet. Why is that? Well, because considering it’s the penultimate episode of the glacial season six, not a whole lot happened. The episode is pretty evenly divided between Terry’s funeral/flashbacks and liberation from the vampire holding facility. Neither of them exactly rush at a breakneck speed, but they sort of leisurely unfold in some of the most sentimental moments of the season.

Sure, the episode starts off with Warlow’s whole “JK guyz, I’m totes not dead” thing before Sookie, in her constant state of worry, basically asks Warlow, “You cool? Cuz, um- yeah, I kinda have places to be… like Terry’s funeral which is inexplicably taking place, like, two episodes after he was killed.” Not the strongest lead-in, but Terry’s funeral was long overdue.

Source: HBO

Source: HBO

Okay, yes, the timing of his funeral is kinda choppy, considering I thought we got all of our feels out in the last episode when Arlene had her little drunken breakdown, but these flashbacks were actually a nice touch. Considering Arlene has kind of had a monopoly on the mourning thing, it was nice to see the other characters get to pay their tributes. Andy had a surprisingly sentimental flashback, which was a nice touch for the character. Especially given his useless storyline about Faerie babies, it has been all too easy to write off Sheriff Andy this season, but with last night, I was reminded why I’m still glad that he’s around. Hell, even Sookie came out of the woodwork last night and delivered a pretty moving account of when Terry and Arlene first met, since she’s a telepath and all. True Blood proved that it knows how to handle the feels with “Life Matters.” While it didn’t contribute much to the ongoing season-long story, it was a nice tribute to one of the unsung heroes of True Blood.

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Source: HBO

Source: HBO

In the storyline that actually kinda/hopefully has pay-off in the season finale, Eric stormed the vampire holding facility and realized just about everybody. Bill followed close behind in the most mind-numbing game of cat-and-mouse to be committed to film. Seriously, it was like, “meh, not too quick now, we gotta save something for the season finale.” Luckily, Bill got the chamber where Jessica and Pam and all the others were going to meet the sun, just in time to let them feast on him, so they were granted some UV protection from the sun and they were all happy. Seriously, there was, like, Maypole dancing and Pam waltzing with the body of the therapist she killed. It was trippy, but it gave off the whole “happy” vibe, so I guess it worked? Bill almost died from this encounter, but of course, he didn’t.

Meanwhile, one of my favorite characters, despite him being virtually useless this season, did die last night. RIP Steve Newlin. Even his last line was delightful. But with the death of Steve Newlin, I was struck with a new take on season six. Season six has undoubtedly featured the most deaths of any recent seasons of True Blood. If you look at season six as a form of spring-cleaning, (Buckner does seem to be clearing house when it comes to his cast members) it becomes a lot more tolerable. He’s a new showrunner and he’s working with the previous five seasons of choices made by Alan Ball. It’s understandable that Buckner would make some choices to reset the universe so he’s got something more workable. At least, I’m hoping that’s what Buckner is doing because, if it’s not, this is building to a pretty lackluster close to the season…

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What did you think of this week’s episode?

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  • jamu

    Points for Pam dacing with the dead therapist. Points for Steve Newlin’s last line. Points for Eric ” dream of good things when you dream of me.” I just loved vamp camp this week actually. The funeral was a bit slow but it needed to be done. I just wish they made it a bit more interesting because I actually really liked Terry but it was a bit boring to me.

    • Calhoun Kersten

      Really? I actually found the funeral to be more engaging than some of the vamp camp stuff. I truly did love Pam dancing with the dead therapist, and you’re right, I totally should have awarded points for the super homoerotic exchange between Eric and Jason haha

  • Corina Ramos

    I actually liked this episode a lot and for once the layout made sense where on one hand you had the mourning of a death and the other side you had vampires fighting for their undead lives. I loved the flashbacks and teared up a bit when Sookie told Arlene that Terry loved her from the moment he saw her and when Big John sang. Also enjoyed a little Maxine Fortenberry action and Jane Bodehouse when they said Alcide smells like a man. Eric and Jason were great and I can’t wait for some dream action to happen. The only thing I’m wondering is where did Eric go and where is his storyline going. Did honolulu vampires find out about the contaminated blood or are they just rebelling and is the Warlow storyline just going to be about him being enthralled with Sookie’s fairy vag.

    • Calhoun Kersten

      Congratulations on winning the internet with your use of “fairy vag.” All good questions, but I certainly do not have answers haha

      I agree with you on the memorial, even though I still think it was oddly placed. Still, the flashbacks were a nice touch, even if they didn’t do much to progress the story.

  • sanders

    still waiting on the review of the final ep…