The Vampire Diaries ended about a month ago, but if you need to satisfy your supernatural craving (or wash the bad taste out of your mouth, it really depends), just remember that two other shows including vampires and were-creatures make their season premieres this week, too.

Tonight is the final and seventh season premiere of True Blood. When we last left Sookie Stackhouse and every other crazy person in Bon Temps, Vampahr Beel was a best-selling author, Sam was mayor, and Sookie was dating Alcide—which groan. Not because I dislike Alcide, just because I always found the werewolf storyline on the show to be a bore. So I hope there’s no more of that. Otherwise, I’m cautiously optimistic for the final season of True Blood. Given the fact that it appears the show will go back to its roots (AKA small town versus vampires), I think it could be a fantastic, sudsy final bow. I’m all for that. Those promos make it look like a prequel to The Walking Dead, though.

Thankfully, Teen Wolf also makes its premiere tomorrow night—which is a show that does werewolves much better. That twist at the end of last season sort of made me roll my eyes, but the season four promos have looked downright badass. For the most part, you can’t go wrong with Teen Wolf. I mean, it’s entirely crazy, fun, and sometimes provides good performances. (Is it insane that I might put Dylan O’Brien on my Emmy dream list?) What else could you ask for in the summer?

So gear up! I’ll try to write some recaps. I left blogging for a long time to work on school and the like, but perhaps I’ll have more time this summer.

Michael Collado
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  • Jake

    Saw your little tweet where you called the Eric/Pam flashbacks the new werewolves storyline. Seriously? As someone who loved those flashbacks and hated the werewolves, I think that’s a dumb comparison.

    • As someone who hates the flashbacks this season and hated the werewolves storyline, I think it was an apt comparison.

      • Jake

        Many would agree…on the Bill flashbacks. I never said I liked all of them.

        • Oh, the Bill flashback was the worst offender. I liked the Ginger one; that one was funny. But mostly I feel like there isn’t enough time for flashbacks in a final season. Especially considering, in my opinion, they don’t add enough context to matter. We already know how strong Pam and Eric’s bond is, etc.

          • Jake

            I was more open to the Eric/Pam ones at Fangtasia because I feel the writers have somewhat tried to sabotage that bond ever since season 4. Ever since season 4, it’s been them getting into pointless arguments, so it was nice to see them be their evil and fun selves again. They reminded me just how fun this show used to be. Wasn’t too big on the ones involving Sylvie, but they could be foreshadowing.
            Bill’s flashbacks are the exact opposite. They are extremely boring, and they are trying to push that he is a good guy, after being a dick for so long. We’re not going to forget.