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Currently a university student, who loves watching the lives and stories of fictional characters unfold through the medium of television on a weekly basis. Although, some may say I watch a little too much TV and care a little too much about the characters. Leading me to the site, No White Noise, the perfect way for me to write about and share my thoughts and opinions of the lives of my favorite fictional people, through my recaps and reviews. Besides TV, I also enjoy writing, music, photography, design; and hope to one-day work in the television and media industry. Some of my favorite shows, of the moment include: Suits, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, Awkward, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge, Criminal Minds and Happy Endings; just to name a few. However my all time favorite shows would have to be; Friends, House, and The Big Bang Theory, but I’m sure this list will continue to expand.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘Something New’ review: The Mother is finally revealed

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The season 8 finale of How I Met Your Mother ended with one of the biggest reveals in television history, The Mother. However, the show had three main stories running before we got to the reveal, and unfortunately the characters were split up from each other for the entirety of the show, but worked well to create a nice foundation for the final season.

The episode opens with everyone preparing for the future: Ted finishing the house he bought for his future family, Lily and Marshall packing for Italy — until his mother calls — and Barney and Robin practicing their pretty extravagant first dance for their wedding. With Marshall off to Minnesota for the week to see his mother, Lily is left with Ted and when she finds out that he finished his house they go to see it. Once they arrive Lily goes on and on about how his future family until she finds out he’s selling it and moving to Chicago because everyone is leaving and moving on with his lives, and “the one” isn’t in New York. Although, I was shocked by this decision, it’s understandable for Ted to have a “leave before everyone leaves me” mentality.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘Something Old’ recap: Little things, big meaning

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How I Met Your Mother has had pretty average episodes as of late, and I wasn’t expecting this one to be any different, but I was very wrong. I actually loved the entire episode from beginning to end. Although I know this won’t be the consensus among most viewers because it brought back focus onto the Ted-Robin relationship, which will certainly carry over into the season finale, I liked what this episode provided in way of story; it showed the fears Ted is having over Lily and Marshall moving to Italy and Robin’s doubts about marrying Barney. The show really developed these stories in a nice, realistic way, while setting up the final episode of the season.

So let’s jump into this week’s episode, starting with Ted, Marshall, and Lily’s story. As Marshall and Lily begin packing for Italy, they discover that they both have different ideas on what should go and what needs to be sent to the “Triangle” (just in case you forgot, it’s the curb on the sidewalk where things magically disappear). Due to this disagreement, they decide to bring in the packing master, Ted, who shows up with his tape dispenser. I have to say there is something so comedic about Ted’s love of organization.
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Posted 5/5/13 at 11:55 pm ET

How I Met Your Mother ‘Bro Mitzvah’ recap

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The Bro Mitzvah

After last week’s solid episode featuring new plot developments — Lily and Marshall moving to Rome and Ted and Barney’s heated confrontation — I was really disappointed with this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother in terms of its contribution to the overall plot, which failed to show the repercussions of the decision previously made by these characters. Nevertheless, it was a good standalone episode that had a lot of fun, comedic moments.

The entire episode revolved around Barney’s bachelor party, or in his words a “Bro Mitzvah.” Back when he and Quinn were engaged, he gave the guys a list of things that he needed to have at his bachelor party, in order to make it memorable. Now that he and Robin are getting married, Ted and Marshall decided it was time to plan his bachelor party, with a little help from Robin and a few other people. Unfortunately, the first half of the episode is spent in a downward spiral of this supposed awesome bachelor party. Nothing at the party goes right: they end up at some sketchy hotel room, get the wrong Karate Kid, and Quinn shows up as the stripper — which as you can imagine, is a little awkward considering their past.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘Romeward Bound’ recap

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After weeks of interesting storylines and some much needed character development, I have to say that this episode was a disappointment, mostly due to Barney’s ignorance towards his impending nuptials. Although I have to say, I liked the overall theme of dealing (or not dealing) with one’s own insecurities, which added something to an otherwise lackluster episode.

This episode mainly focused on the two main relationships on the show, Barney and Robin and Marshall and Lilly.  Let’s start with Barney and Robin.  The entire episode revolved around Barney’s constant “appreciation” for women, even though he’s engaged. Right from the first, scene, Barney makes some remark about bars only being for drinking and picking up women. Then, Robin walks in with “Liddy” the wedding planner, who Ted claims has a “redonkulous” body — which as Barney states, is reserved for Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol-level awesomeness. This set up the whole storyline of the three of them trying to get Liddy to take her coat off, allowing Barney to bring up one of his many rules, which is that only a man who has found the love of his life can ask a women to take off a coat and not be creepy and refers to Marshall.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘TIme Travelers’ review: 45 days until we meet The Mother

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The Time Travelers

This episode has to be my favorite of the season; it had many throwbacks to past HIMYM stories and provided an amazing story for Ted.

Although I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to be as good has it was from the beginning of the episode, with all the time travelers and whole Marshall vs. Robin plot; but in the end it all worked out perfectly. The first third of the episode consisted of Barney trying to convince Ted to go to robots vs. wrestlers, which all know is a group tradition and a nice throwback to the earlier seasons. Barney decides the best way to get Ted to go is by talking to their future selves, bringing in “20 years into the future Ted and Barney,” “12 hours from now Ted,” and “20 minutes from now Barney.” These scenes were pretty funny, to watch them imply future happenings that they couldn’t really specify. It also allowed for the story to bring back Glee’s Jayma Mays, who played the “coat check girl” in season one. She didn’t really have much of a purpose but for her future selves to convince Ted not to talk to her because it wouldn’t end well.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘The Fortress’ review: The Fortress of Barnitude

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Since the mid-season finale I have been really disappointed in the episodes as of late. However this episode brought back everything that made HIMYM an amazing show, filled with both funny and sweet moments. Making this one of my favorite episodes of the season and has definitely restoring my faith in the show going forward.

The main story this week focused on Barney and Robin deciding on their future living arrangements, where Barney decides to move in with Robin, to much of his displeasure, but completely justified on Robin’s part considering the many women that had come and gone through Barney’s apartment. At first Barney tries to get around this decision by trying to convince Ted to buy his apartment, through his Fortress of Solitude floating head trick.  However, this doesn’t end up working and Ted rejects the idea, so Barney decides that he is not going to sell the apartment, forcing Robin to plan an open house behind his back. Although, when he walks through the door his first assumption is that Robin planned an orgy, which is very typical Barney thing to do. Once he realizes what is going on he does his best to convince the prospective buyers not to buy the apartment by showing them his many inventions of how to get unwanted women to leave his apartment.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘Weekend at Barney’s’ review: The End of the Playbook

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The latest episode of HIMYM marks the end of this chapter in everyone’s life, especially Ted and realizes that he is ready to meet “the one”. We are now in the home stretch of this season and closer to the one answer we have all been waiting to be answered; “who is the mother”.

Not only was this a monumental episode in the development of Barney and Ted, but it was actually funny, which the show has been lacking lately. Let us start off with the main two stories, Ted’s crazy girlfriend and the return of the playbook. We pick up from the last episode and learn that Ted plans on bringing Jeannette to Barney and Robin’s wedding even though they don’t approve. However, Jeannette is the one who decides to end the relationship, leaving Ted to find a new date. Although this isn’t the last we see of our favorite crazy person.

However this episode actually starts off with one of Barney’s play’s entitled “Weekend at Barney”; a scene that I felt was meant to be funnier than it actually was. The comedy felt forced and the entire scene wasn’t needed, it came across as a filler scene that was supposed to drive this story.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘The Ashtray’ review: The Captain returns

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So if you have yet to watch this week’s episode of HIMYM, my advice for you would be to skip the first half. It was slow, repetitive and tried to force the jokes upon the audiences, which is never a good sign, especially at the beginning of any episode. The main story that took place over the first part of the episode was the Captain’s return (Zoey’s ex-husband). He calls to ask Ted a very serious question. This proves to an issue for Ted, Robin and Lily; who all saw him at an art gallery opening after the whole Zoey – Ted relationship. However, they all seem to have different recollections of the events that transpired that night, mostly due to Ted having a “sandwich” aka getting high and Robin getting drunk right before the event. Thus, Ted remembers the night going horribly where the Captain takes out his anger over Ted and Zoey relationship and then he Ted finds out that the Captain may be interested in his new girlfriend (at the time). But this is not at all the case, but rather the Captain wants to get Robin’s number. Then Robin chimes in with what she remembers, which is that the Captain was continuously hitting on her the whole night and assumed called to ask her out on a date.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘Bad Crazy’ review

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This episode can be perfectly summed up in the title, “Bad Crazy”. After last week’s episode I wasn’t expecting much from this one because I expected it to be a dragged out continuation of just another one of Ted’s girlfriends. I have to say he has dated so many women that these storylines can get a bit boring. Nevertheless one good thing came out of his new relationship with Jeannette, which was future Ted revealing that this will be the relationship before he meets the mother. Meaning that we are getting closer to finding out who the mother will be.

Anyways this whole relationship was wacky and over the top with Jeannette locking herself in Ted’s apartment and destroying his place, which is partly his fault for never ending things properly with her. Basically Jeannette’s the definition of crazy and Ted really needs to break up with her but he can’t, simply because of whom he is. However, at multiple points in the episode we do learn that things between them end, and pretty badly too. The flash-forward shows everyone sitting outside what appears to be Ted’s apartment where everything is in flames so its pretty safe to say that this will be the wake up call Ted needs to put him back on a path to finding the mother.
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How I Met Your Mother ‘Ring Up’ review: How I Met Barney’s Sister

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This week’s episode of  was one that I was waiting to watch because it involved the infamous “Carly,” Barney’s sister whom everyone suspected to be the mother, until now. Unfortunately I have to say that I was disappointed with this episode, although I liked the comedy bits with Ted, Barney and his sister I found the rest of this episode to be pretty bland and a bit of an emotional disconnect from last week. Even though I know that not every episode can have big emotional scene, I hoped that they would further address the whole Lily not wanting to be a mother problem and Ted’s resentment over the Barney – Robin engagement.

Now lets jump into what actually happened this week, I’m going to start with my favorite storyline, Ted’s young new girlfriend.  This is the first story of the episode, Ted tells the gang that they want them to meet a new girl he has been seeing, but she can’t come into the bar because she isn’t legal yet. We then get to see their relationship a bit more; where we learn that she has a bit of an obsession with older guys, and by older I mean a lot older.
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