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Student from Brazil who loves books, TV, movies and the Internet, of course. I also love writing and drawing. My favorite tv shows are Fringe, Friends, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Smash, Glee, Lost, House, The Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars.
Posted 12/18/12 at 9:26 pm ET

Fringe ‘Black Blotter’ recap: Walter should drop acid more often…

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Fringies, how awesome and crazy was this episode? I love this sort of episode where drugs are involved because they are so fun to watch! And I’m sorry for being so late but this weekend was crazy, I didn’t have time for anything at all.

The episode started with Astrid being waken up by the radio they found a few episodes back and she even got to hold a gun!

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Posted 12/9/12 at 7:41 pm ET

Fringe ‘The Human Kind’ recap: That time when Olivia made a gun

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Fringies! It’s been three weeks, how are all of you? I almost died from feels this episode, lol. I know I almost always say that but guuuys, that flashback in the end just killed me. Before we begin, I want to apologize because this was so big! But anyway, let’s begin.

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Posted 11/18/12 at 3:41 pm ET

Fringe recap: Observer alert, anyone?

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Ok, first of all I wanted to apologize for not recapping Fringe last week. It was a crazy week. To have an idea, I could only watch last week’s episode last Wednesday. Four days ago. There was no point in making a recap then. But let’s talk about last episode! What an episode, right?

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Posted 11/6/12 at 4:22 pm ET

Fringe recap: Resist

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Hey Fringies, how devastating yet awesome and badass episode was this? I gotta admit, as much as I loved both the first and second episode of the season, the third and fourth weren’t nearly as awesome as this episode. I guess it’s because it reminded us of the good old days when they solved weird cases.

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Posted 10/31/12 at 5:30 pm ET

Fringe recap: Rest in peace [spoiler!]

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Hello, Fringies. Before we start I just wanna warn you all that this recap may suck because of my emotional state right now. And yes, you can blame it all on Fringe. This week’s episode may have started boring but the minute the Fringe Team attacked those loyalists it turned into an awesome – and then sad – episode.

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Posted 10/26/12 at 6:01 pm ET

Pretty Little Liars recap: A ride on the A train

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Hello Liars, how have you been since Pretty Little Liars went on hiatus? Anxious for its return? I know I was. And I was so right to be anxious ’cause this episode was epic. Like, really epic. But then again if there’s one thing this show know how to do is a Halloween episode.

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Posted 10/15/12 at 7:13 pm ET

Fringe recap: Making history

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Hey, Fringies, sorry I’m late but this weekend was just crazy. I could only watch the episode on Monday so there you go. Who loved the episode? I know I did. But then again I always love Fringe.

The episode started with some Walstrid moments, something I never get tired of.

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Posted 10/9/12 at 1:09 am ET

Fringe recap: What a messed up future

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Hey Fringies, how did you manage to survive the week we had to wait for episode tw (which was awesome and gave me a lot of feelings — but fortunately I didn’t cry). One thing is sure: I guess we won’t be seeing much more of Simon and Etta scenes now.

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Posted 9/30/12 at 6:42 pm ET

Fringe recap: Hope is even harder to find now

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Hello Fringies, it’s finally here. Yes, season five has arrived and for that I am very happy. Of course the Fringe premiere has made me cry ’cause it wouldn’t be Fringe if it hadn’t. Anyway, it was simply amazing and if you hadn’t watched it yet, you just have to.

The episode begun with Peter having a dream about the Observer Invasion and of course it was very emotional.

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Posted 9/26/12 at 8:36 pm ET

Fringe final season premiere teasers!

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Hello Fringies, it’s been a long time. So, in two days from now Fringe returns and I was talking to a friend about it when I discovered she hadn’t seen all the awesome teasers Fox has released. Thinking about that I decided to make a post with all the released teasers of 5×01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11″ just to tease you a little more.

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