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Student from Brazil who loves books, TV, movies and the Internet, of course. I also love writing and drawing. My favorite tv shows are Fringe, Friends, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Smash, Glee, Lost, House, The Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars.
Posted 12/18/12 at 9:26 pm ET

Fringe ‘Black Blotter’ recap: Walter should drop acid more often…

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Fringies, how awesome and crazy was this episode? I love this sort of episode where drugs are involved because they are so fun to watch! And I’m sorry for being so late but this weekend was crazy, I didn’t have time for anything at all.

The episode started with Astrid being waken up by the radio they found a few episodes back and she even got to hold a gun! That’s certainly better than looking for tapes in amber. She did find Walter, though and he seemed a little… weird. In Olivia and Peter’s room – in which they sleep in separated beds by the way because this show is mean to shippers – he can’t sleep and she comforts him and it’s the cutest. I’m glad Peter took the Observer tech last episode. In the end, love was enough for him. But then Astrid comes in and tells them the radio is working so they have to get up. The three of them discuss what to do and come to the conclusion that they have to figure out what the code means because it must be a message from Donald but when they try to talk to Walter he is seeing a litte fairy and Carla Warren, his old assistant that died in the fire.
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Posted 12/9/12 at 7:41 pm ET

Fringe ‘The Human Kind’ recap: That time when Olivia made a gun

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Fringies! It’s been three weeks, how are all of you? I almost died from feels this episode, lol. I know I almost always say that but guuuys, that flashback in the end just killed me. Before we begin, I want to apologize because this was so big! But anyway, let’s begin.

The episode started with Olivia meeting Anil inside a car. Actually she was waiting for him and seeing Resist posters of Etta being ripped out of the walls and it ripped my heart out of my chest but I’m used to it. It’s Fringe. Anyway, Anil gave Olivia another piece of Observer tech like the one Peter put in himself for Walter to run tests and some ammunition, apologized for Peter and left. Meanwhile Peter is in his apartment writing on his board and the Observers are heading there so he leaves and when they get there, Windmark sees “you are here” written on the board. Peter, stop, you’re scaring me ’cause I think you’re badass and so wrong at the same time.

Tape time! This week they have to get a giant magnet in Fitchburg but Olivia arrives with the bad news. The magnet is quickly forgotten as they talk about Peter and running tests with the tech.
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Posted 11/18/12 at 3:41 pm ET

Fringe recap: Observer alert, anyone?

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Ok, first of all I wanted to apologize for not recapping Fringe last week. It was a crazy week. To have an idea, I could only watch last week’s episode last Wednesday. Four days ago. There was no point in making a recap then. But let’s talk about last episode! What an episode, right? To be honest, I have no idea how they’re gonna work out the Peter situation (I’ll talk about it later). Let’s begin!

Speaking of Peter, the episode started with him being super creepy and Observer-y. Seeing the future and preventing events are now his thing since he prevented one baldie from meeting with another one. Then he called Anil for help. With what, Peter? You can see the freaking future. Back to the lab, apparently he was supposed to get neon hellion from someone and took longer than expected. He and Walter go in and he doesn’t even let Astrid have breakfast before working, lol. I bet for a while after joining the Fringe Team, in the first season, she was all like “I did not sign up for this”. Olivia confronts Peter about leaving without her and not sleeping and he says he’s fine but wow, he doesn’t even sleep anymore.
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Posted 11/6/12 at 4:22 pm ET

Fringe recap: Resist

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Hey Fringies, how devastating yet awesome and badass episode was this? I gotta admit, as much as I loved both the first and second episode of the season, the third and fourth weren’t nearly as awesome as this episode. I guess it’s because it reminded us of the good old days when they solved weird cases. Let’s begin!

God, the first scene already broke my heart. Peter was collecting Etta’s things in her bedroom when he found a secret safe at her wall and there some guns there. “That’s my girl.” He also compared Etta’s picture with Olivia, who was sleeping in her bed. Stop killing me over and over, Fringe.  Then Olivia wakes up and they have the most heartbreaking conversation about the loss of their child and they just hug each other, consoling one another. Olivia goes to the bathroom and finds a picture of Etta (at least I think that was Etta) with a friend there and she keeps it.

Case of the week (oh, how missed saying this): an electric storm (or something like that) was affecting a street of Manhattan when the Observers arrived with a cube that opened a black window in thin air, making it possible for some huge white boxes to pass through the other side of the window to this side of it.
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Posted 10/31/12 at 5:30 pm ET

Fringe recap: Rest in peace [spoiler!]

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Hello, Fringies. Before we start I just wanna warn you all that this recap may suck because of my emotional state right now. And yes, you can blame it all on Fringe. This week’s episode may have started boring but the minute the Fringe Team attacked those loyalists it turned into an awesome – and then sad – episode. Let’s begin, shall we?

The episode started with Peter buying a necklace for Etta which basically screwed everything up. An Observer noticed Peter was trying to confuse him when he was being read and he had to run from Loyalists. He hid in the sewer but the Loyalists threw a bomb at him and he was exploded out of it or at least he walked out of it almost unconscious. He then was woken up by a kid. Meanwhile, at the lab, Walter and Astrid are retrieving another tape from the amber. I love how they seem even closer now. Anyway, as the team talked about the tapes and the plan, Peter arrived and everyone got worried about his wounds. He told the others what happened and confessed that he doesn’t know how they’re gonna be able to beat the Observers. Peter asks Etta to teach him how to prevent the Observers from reading him and she says she plans on teaching them all.
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Posted 10/26/12 at 6:01 pm ET

Pretty Little Liars recap: A ride on the A train

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Hello Liars, how have you been since Pretty Little Liars went on hiatus? Anxious for its return? I know I was. And I was so right to be anxious ’cause this episode was epic. Like, really epic. But then again if there’s one thing this show know how to do is a Halloween episode. Plus, Adam Lambert was in it and that alone earns PLL some points. Before we start, I’d just like to say that Toby being part of the A Team was very traumatic for me since Spoby equals OTP but I strongly affirm that he’s only infiltrating there to get answers on his own like he told Spencer he’d do. And by the way, I switched to my old style again, I just like it more.

The episode started with Mona being creepy and making art for Halloween but there was nothing relevant in that scene besides that she gives Toby A some pills and bullets. Then we have the girls discussing about costumes and their dramas. Emily is still kind of shaken after everything and Hanna is having to keep her relationship with Caleb – thank God he’s alive, last episode was the first time PLL made me cry even if it was just a little – a secret.
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Posted 10/15/12 at 7:13 pm ET

Fringe recap: Making history

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Hey, Fringies, sorry I’m late but this weekend was just crazy. I could only watch the episode on Monday so there you go. Who loved the episode? I know I did. But then again I always love Fringe.

The episode started with some Walstrid moments, something I never get tired of. They retrieved the first tape from amber and when the team watched it, it turned out it was the third. Because Walter didn’t put them in order, obviously. The tape gave them coordinates they needed to go to locate…well, something. We couldn’t watch it past the moment he says find. It would be too easy for Fringe. Anyway, the coordinates lead them to the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania.

I love Olivia’s moments with Etta and this episode was full of them. The first one was simply adorable as Etta told Olivia she used to imagine them going on missions together. Too bad they were interrupted by people with a serious skin condition. I almost expected one of them to say “don’t mind my face, I have bad acne”. Oh and they had guns and took the Team to a camp where they were being inspected when a man interrupted them and seemed to recognize Walter and the rest of the team.
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Fringe recap: What a messed up future

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Hey Fringies, how did you manage to survive the week we had to wait for episode tw (which was awesome and gave me a lot of feelings — but fortunately I didn’t cry). One thing is sure: I guess we won’t be seeing much more of Simon and Etta scenes now.

The episode started once again with a dream about the Invasion, only this time by Olivia’s point of view. I hope I don’t ever lose a child. Like ever. It must be the most awful thing that could happen to someone. When Olivia wakes up, Peter was there to calm her. Seriously, if Peter and Olivia could live happily like in the dream, I’d thank the universe because they deserve it after all they’ve been through.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Walter is making no sense thanks to the thought unifier. We even learned that somewhere in the past Walter could speak both swedish and portuguese. So they decide to go to Harvard because it’s most likely that Walter has documented the plan and left it there. Only it was taken over by Observers, which sucks. Fortunately there are steam tunnels they can use to enter the lab like Walter and William Bell used to do — sometimes in speedos.
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Posted 9/30/12 at 6:42 pm ET

Fringe recap: Hope is even harder to find now

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Hello Fringies, it’s finally here. Yes, season five has arrived and for that I am very happy. Of course the Fringe premiere has made me cry ’cause it wouldn’t be Fringe if it hadn’t. Anyway, it was simply amazing and if you hadn’t watched it yet, you just have to.

The episode begun with Peter having a dream about the Observer Invasion and of course it was very emotional. We’re talking about Fringe, the show that talks about love above all the fictional science. The love of a father that led to the almost destruction of two universes. The love of a son who managed to forgive his father for everything he’s done. The love between two people that could save not only themselves but the world. And the love of another father, who gave up saving the world once more to first save his little girl.

Moving on, the future sucks. And there’s a chance Olivia is alive! Apparently Walter and September worked together on a plan to get rid of the Observers and then they scrambled everything on Walter’s mind. Olivia was at the Columbus Circle getting something for Walter that would make the plan clear. And they go there to get her.
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Posted 9/26/12 at 8:36 pm ET

Fringe final season premiere teasers!

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Hello Fringies, it’s been a long time. So, in two days from now Fringe returns and I was talking to a friend about it when I discovered she hadn’t seen all the awesome teasers Fox has released. Thinking about that I decided to make a post with all the released teasers of 5×01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11″ just to tease you a little more. Besides, what is a two day wait when we’ve almost been through the hiatus?

Teaser #1 ”Cerebral Scan Protocol”

Teaser #2 “Travel Protocol”

Teaser #3 “Residency Protocol”

Teaser #4 “Wanted – Peter Bishop”

Teaser #5 “Wanted – Astrid Farnsworth”

Teaser #6 “Wanted – Walter Bishop”

I have to say, the first three teasers freak me out. These “protocols” are just super creepy. I also love the other three because of the hidden messages in which one. On Peter’s video the hidden message is “thought unifier”, what’s also on the premiere’s name so it must be important. On Astrid’s video, I can’t be sure as to wheter she’s saying “My God, Walter” or “They got Walter”. And on Walter’s video, I’m almost sure he says “I failed the world.”

Did you like the teasers? Did you hear the same thing as I did in the character’s wanted videos?
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