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Denise is currently a student studying Media, Information, and Technoculture for her undergrad in university. She loves watching television shows as well as giving her opinions on them. She is always looking for new shows to watch so recommend ANY if you'd like! In the future she would love to work in the entertainment industry whether it be behind-the-scenes with production, advertising and marketing, or upfront with public relations and social media. She thinks No White Noise is a great opportunity to share her thoughts and receive constructive criticism to better improve her writing. To name a few of Denise's all time favourite shows: Downton Abbey, Lost, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Suits, and many more.
Posted 4/1/13 at 1:36 pm ET

The Walking Dead ‘Welcome to the Tombs’ review: Unto the resurrection of life

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I am so honoured to have been able to review The Walking Dead at No White Noise. It was truly a good run and hopefully I’ll be back when the show returns for season 4!

The season finale was exciting, thought-provoking, and all together great. If you’ve read my past reviews, I’ve been pretty hard on The Walking Dead since it came back with its midseason premiere. I was not a happy reviewer at the rate the show was going downhill. Tonight’s finale, however, definitely managed to muster up any hope I had left in the show and adequately surpassed my expectations. I say adequately because, after all, I do watch this show with a critical eye and constantly expect my mind to be blown—maybe even more than the walkers, hah! Not funny? Anyway, I may not be one hundred percent happy at the characters who died (of course I’m talking about Milton here) and the characters who stayed, I can fully say I’m satisfied with the results though because I have hope in however the writers use the remaining characters for season 4.

There were a couple of themes that ran throughout the episode tonight: 1) kill or die, 2) can’t do it alone, and 3) resurrection.
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Posted 3/25/13 at 10:36 pm ET

The Walking Dead review: ‘This Sorrowful Life’

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merle zombe

I apologize for missing last week’s review but I came down with food poisoning. All is well now and I’m ready to talk about this week’s ‘The Sorrowful Life’. The Walking Dead has dragged this storyline on and on and on and on…this war really isn’t going to happen until the very last episode of this season. I was bored a couple of weeks ago and now I’m just flat out tired. Good episodes have now been left to mediocre moments in bad episodes. If you’ve been following my reviews, you might have realized just how much I despise Andrea’s character and they had a full episode focusing on her last week, which I could have done without. Now, we have another episode to drag out the inevitable war with a very disappointing death. Merle was finally becoming a decent character–one we were growing to like— and now he’s gone.

Let’s backtrack a little and talk about Rick’s decision. We all knew he was going to cave. Like he said in his very well thought out speech; it’s just not who they are. There was no way he was going to give Michonne up, even if she wasn’t part of Team Prison, it would have just been wrong and too Governor-like.
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Posted 3/11/13 at 3:38 pm ET

The Walking Dead review: ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’

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Another “calm before the storm” type episode this week, and a good one at that. I was feeling quite iffy about The Walking Dead when it came back with its mid-season premier since everything felt like it was going downhill from there. However, with last week’s ‘Clear’ and this week’s episode, things are picking up again and I couldn’t be more excited to see the series finish off season 3 with a huge bang in a couple of weeks. Yet, I am wondering how much longer they are going to milk this “peaceful” state between the two groups, seeing how there are still two more episodes until the season finale. What’s going to happen in between?

In this week’s episode, Rick finally meets The Governor and they sit down to “negotiate”. To be honest, whereas people felt that tensions rose during their talk, I didn’t find it too interesting myself and I thought the subplots were way more exciting. But what is noteworthy here is the subtle and clever way this episode has shown the similarities between the two leaders and their towns. Half of Rick’s face is constantly in the shadows when they talk, which demonstrates the parallels between him and The Governor.
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Posted 3/4/13 at 11:08 am ET

The Walking Dead review: ‘Clear’

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There was something quite endearing about this episode. It wasn’t filled with zombie killing action but the almost calmness of it all was thought-provoking and interesting. Before we get to talking about those things, however, here’s what happened: Michonne, Rick, and Carl go for a run for supplies (guns, ammo, food) to Rick’s old town; they find Rick’s old friend Morgan; Michonne proved herself to be a member of Team Prison; and they left a hitchhiker for dead. I just want to jump for joy at this Governor-free and Woodbury-free episode! I was getting so tired of that storyline and ‘Clear’ was wonderful as a break and in filling its role as a “calm before the storm” kind of episode.

The past couple of episodes have been so focused on the prison and Woodbury that I feel like the viewers might sometimes forget that there still is a “world” out there—if you could even call it that. It’s too bad Erin couldn’t make it to where her friends went but her friends probably didn’t make it there either. It was really tough to watch Michonne, Rick, and Carl just drive by the hitchhiker. There was no discussion at all for stopping.
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Posted 2/25/13 at 3:03 am ET

The Walking Dead review: ‘I Ain’t a Judas’

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Here’s what went down if you missed this week’s episode: Hershel’s voice of reason yelled at Rick and he seems to have left CrazyTown (yay!); Daryl and Merle are back with Team Prison and Merle’s finally trying to make nice with everyone (double yay!); Michonne had more than two lines (triple yay! Okay, I’ll stop); the Governor is building an army; Andrea visits Team Prison and decides to pledge her loyalty to the Governor—well sort of. That’s the gist of it.

I was at a crossroad with reviewing this show. I thought I could either be the passive viewer and just watch the show as it is so I could enjoy it like pretty much everyone else does or I could continue to be critical and expect more from this show. After some thought, I chose the latter. The Walking Dead has always left me feeling like being the first one though just because it’s a fictional zombie apocalyptic horror show, sometimes you just have to sit back and let things be because who knows what zombies are really like? I mean, some seem stronger and smarter than the real people and bite off their leg or any other part of their bodies with ease, while other zombies seem like a breeze to kill.
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Posted 2/11/13 at 1:54 pm ET

The Walking Dead ‘The Suicide King’ review

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the governor

Hands up for underwhelmed viewers! Can I just start by saying I would absolutely love to do a recap of the season so far for you before I begin to tear this—wait, what do people usually call these episodes? They’re not season premieres or anything, then what? That’s right; I’d like to start off by expressing my discontent with television shows doing this. What happened to good old fashioned breaks between seasons and not a random break within a season? If this is a ploy to keep audiences interested, it ain’t working! Serial storytelling is a way in itself to keep viewers at the edge of their seats, please stop breaking seasons apart as commonly seen with The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Suits, whatever. I am guilty of continuing to watch these shows even though they put me through hell trying to remember what happened before a 2 or 3 month break. But the point is that we shouldn’t have to rack our brains to piece the story back together in the under-a-minute “Previously on…” at the beginning of the show. Maybe I’m overreacting and am the only one who has mild amnesia in the midst of following a billion shows.
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Posted 11/15/12 at 7:04 pm ET

Modern Family 4×08 review: ‘Mistery Date’

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4x08 gloria

I was always a sucker for punny titles! I give this episode a 4/5 laughs on the funny scale. The way to really get a 5 in my eyes is laughter throughout. Modern Family could really increase the laughter if they made ALL of the plot lines hilarious but with that said, they also do a good job balancing humour with real substance in their episodes.

Although Hayley got arrested and returned home last week, she was altogether absent in this week’s episode. It was definitely nice to see the mother and daughter dynamic between Alex and Claire as I feel like we’ve seen it between Hayley and Claire many, many times. We always see the similarities from Claire’s youth to Hayley’s but never really entirely see how she handles parenting Alex since she’s so different.

This week Claire takes Alex, Luke, and Manny to Alex’s academic decathlon out of town. Claire thought at first she would almost rather hope that Alex lose this year since she doesn’t want Alex to put so much pressure on herself. But when Alex actually loses, Claire realizes that she puts a lot of pressure on Alex as well because she loves parading her very smart daughter to the other parents.
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Posted 11/8/12 at 4:08 pm ET

Modern Family 4×07 review: ‘Arrested’

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4x07 arrest

Hooray! Modern Family has been consistently getting better week by week and this week was no exception for its improvement. Definitely a 4 out of 5 laughs on the funny scale! Did this episode make you laugh as much as I did? Let me know in the comments section below! Aside from the hilarious moments, Modern Family once again tackled another sensitive topic – quite a lot of that lately but that definitely adds substance to the show.

Hayley is back and the first way to greet her viewers is to have an episode of her getting arrested! At first we’re told she was arrested for underage drinking at a party but later find out through a hilarious video clip of the incident that she was also brought in for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. Obviously, the latter one was an accident. I don’t feel like Modern Family sugar coated this issue at all.

There is definitely a lot of underage drinking on television shows nowadays without a hint of consequence (Gossip Girl, 90210, Awkward, etc.) and the truth for once was remarkably refreshing! Hayley, like any other teenager, didn’t seem to care about the consequences at all and just felt unlucky as she was the one who got caught.
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Posted 11/2/12 at 3:18 pm ET

Modern Family 4×06 review: ‘Yard Sale’

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4x06 phil

Can I just start by saying, what a wonderful episode! Along with last week’s sensitive adoption topic, Modern Family flawlessly handles a few others.  From this week on, I’m going to start giving a number out of 5 laughs on the funny scale and this one deserves a 3. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments section below!

The episode leads off with a yard sale that Manny and Luke’s school is doing to raise money for the children in Africa. Often times we forget what a blessed environment we live in and those who are less fortunate. Manny and Luke really remind us of what’s important albeit for a pizza and pool party! Jay is grumpier than ever with his driveway being the location for this yard sale. Gloria finds a box that Manny had moved out from the attic for sale without her permission. She suspiciously takes it back and will answer no questions. As curious as little boys can be, Luke and Manny sneak it away and discover a head, as Luke predicted – well not a real head – but one of those ventriloquist dolls, Uncle Grumpy. Gloria explains it was for the talent portion of a beauty pageant she took part in 20 years ago.
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Posted 10/26/12 at 5:00 pm ET

Modern Family 4×05 review: ‘Open House of Horrors’

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If you’ve read my review on the last episode, I was quite disappointed with it as the writers for Modern Family didn’t really surprise me with any new twists to make the same plot line funny. This week, I was especially worried as Modern Family has done a Halloween special in season 2 (episode 6). That episode was definitely one of my favourites and I was hoping they would live up to the hype for this episode. This time around I thought it was fairly good but not spectacular. It didn’t quite live up to its full potential but got a good few laughs out of me here and there.

My favourite plot line of the three families has to be the Dunphy’s! There wasn’t too much going on in terms of emotional or character development but come on, it’s a Halloween special! This was the only plot line that had ANY horror at all – unless you count Gloria’s raging hormones from her pregnancy as horror, which it very well might be. Claire was forced by the town to reduce the decorations of their house because she scared a man to a heart attack last year, so instead they put up humongous lollipops and she dresses up as Little Bo Peep.
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