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Posted 11/16/13 at 6:51 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: The winner is announced!

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Finale Part 2: The Guy or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

This week, in part two of the season finale, we were supposed to find out which of the three finalists has already been taken out of the running for the grand prize.  We know Jourdan has to be safe, because there has to be a guy and a girl in the final two, and Tyra announces that her competitor is Marvin.  It’s disappointing because Corey is different and awesome and obviously the best person, but it is unsurprising.  Marvin is conventional and a typical male model, so of course he has a lot of fans.  Corey still gets to walk in the fashion show, but he is pretty broken up about his elimination, so he really has to push through for some fierceness.

Before the models walk, we get to see the ‘Dangerous Love’ fashion movie the finalists made.  Corey looks super badass in it and it really is a pity he didn’t make it to the top 2.  Marvin’s acting seems really stilted and just plain bad, but maybe that is in part because he has to work opposite Jourdan the whole time.  When they walk the runway, Jourdan’s dress gets caught on her heel and she stumbles a bit on her first trip, although she doesn’t fall down. 
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Posted 11/9/13 at 6:06 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: The finale photos begin

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Finale Part 1: The Finalists Shoot Their Guess Campaign

Guys, it’s here. The first part of the America’s Next Top Model season finale.  That’s right, this show still gets a 2-hour, 2-part season finale.  No, I don’t know why.  Just go with it.

If you remember, last week the competition was narrowed down to our final three: Jordyn, Marvin, and Corey.  It’s interesting because these finalists each represent a different type: the female model, the traditional male model, and the androgynous male model.  Tyra sure knows what she’s doing, doesn’t she?

The finale starts with the finalists doing a shoot for Guess, which is one of the company’s the winner will get to work with after the show.  Before they start, Johnny tells them that they have brought back the previous contestants who are going to be around for the rest of the competition to cheer on their chosen favorite.  Pretty much all the girls pick Corey because he is amazing, and most of the boys pick Marvin because bros, obviously.  Poor Jordyn is left all by her lonesome until the last person comes out.  I would almost feel sorry for her if I hadn’t watched all season and seen how much of the worst she has been throughout the competition. 
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Posted 11/3/13 at 4:29 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: Some exercise and some bats

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The Guy Who Becomes a Bat

After last week’s double elimination, the top 5 is noticeably on edge.  Jordyn is upset that Nina got sent home, so she decides to share her Tyra Suite winnings with Corey, who was also close with Nina.  Those two, along with Renee, call out Chris for being fake and dragging Nina down.  Renee goes so far as to claim there is a special place in hell for him.  An argument ensues, and Chris just explodes while Renee and Jordyn laugh and Corey just gives him some piercing smize eyes.  Boy is fabulous and just can’t control it, even in a fight.  Chris tries to run to Marvin for support, but really we’re all sick of his schtick at this point.

This week the challenge is all about exercising and being in shape, and the girls are competing against each other (even though there are only two left), while the boys compete separately.  Renee wins for the girls, but it is overshadowed for a moment when Jordyn almost passes out.  Tyra really should know better than to make girls who don’t eat carbs run up multiple flights of stairs. And even though Corey puts up quite the fight, Marvin wins for the guys so the happy couple gets to enjoy a spa treatment together. 
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Posted 10/19/13 at 10:35 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: A green photo shoot

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The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant

After last week’s panel, the contestants are still sorting through their various emotions, specifically Marvin, who is outside having a good cry when Tyra shows up to comfort him.  After she gets him to stop sobbing, she has a little check in with the contestants so they can all tell her how amazing she has been to them. Tyra always needs that ego boost at least once a cycle.

They also talk about Chris’s inability to make friends and his crappy treatment of Nina, but am I the only one sick of rehashing this plotline AGAIN?  Can Chris just go home already so we can be done with it? No one likes him, he is the worst. We get it already!

The episode this week starts with a photo shoot instead of challenge (because surprise! There is no challenge) and in the shoot the models are wearing green clothes from two local designers, one of whom is only 11, which is just insane.  Corey is in his element in this shoot, but Chris is Mister Whiny the entire time and Johnny is just over it.  It is really time for him to go.

After the shoot, instead of going home the models are sent to Ubud for some spiritual healing and down time. 
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Posted 10/13/13 at 8:02 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: Welcome to Bali!

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The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack

Finally after what seems like weeks, the models are finally off to Bali! Things are a bit uneven with only 3 girls competing against 5 boys, but Renee is still feeling pretty confident that she will take over the competition.

Once they arrive in the beautiful Bali, they settle in at their new digs before it is time to get down to business. While everyone is chilling, Chris is still dealing with his inferiority complex and insisting he belongs in the competition.  We all know he’s not going to win.  Kid just needs to accept it.

The next day the models have an underwater swimsuit runway challenge.  Don is a pretty nervous about being stuck in the little air mask without being control his air intake, but he isn’t the only one freaking out.  Nina also is worried about the air thing because she had some sort of health problem in the past.  Unfortunately, Nina isn’t approved by the medics to do the challenge like everyone else so she’s pretty bummed, but at least she has an excuse. Don just completely freaks out and bails once he gets underwater.  Not a good look, Don, but they let him and Nina do some sort of snorkel photoshoot instead.
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Posted 10/9/13 at 6:56 pm ET

So the Jenner’s aren’t living together anymore….

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As you may or may not have heard in the news yesterday, Bruce and Kris Jenner are officially ‘separated’.  I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of confused as to why this is news.  If you’ve been watching this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians you would know that Bruce and Kris already had another house in Malibu for Bruce to stay at on occasion.  So as I read the statement, they are separated now, so this living arrangement is more permanent.  But they aren’t getting divorced and they’ve basically been living apart for the last year or so.  I just don’t think that much has changed.  Am I the only one who feels like this isn’t big news? Everyone seems so up in arms about it, but I’m just not that phased, well as long as Bruce is still going to be on the show sometimes.

Now if it was some big news about a Khloe and Lamar divorce, THAT would get me worried/borderline hysterical.
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Posted 10/9/13 at 6:42 pm ET

Catfish: The TV Show recap: The one with ‘Bow Wow’

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New Picture

The Catfish season is coming to a close, which means the episodes are getting juicier, supposedly.  Although this episode was more ridiculous than juicy.  This episode featured Keyonnah, who believes she is online dating Bow Wow, the rapper/actor of “Like Mike” fame.  Not even Nev can believe this one.  The likelihood of a celebrity not being able to meet someone face to face is very small, but whoever this guy is, he sent Keyonnah 10 grand, so he must have some money.

When Nev and Max meet up with Keyonnah she tells them about how Bow Wow had his assistant “Larry Brown” send her the money in part to prove that he is legit.  However, when they go to the online history the red flags raise once again.  According to Keyonnah the facebook page she originally messaged Bow Wow on has since been deleted, which leaves Nev and Max nothing to research.  This might be tricky.

Sike! Nev and Max are still expert detectives and the research Bow Wow, finding out that he lives in LA and skypes with his daughter all the time, so he should have, in theory, been able to skype with Keyonnah.  The guys also look up the phone number Keyonnah has for him and find that it is registered to a woman only a few miles away who happens to have an adult son who also has a daughter. 
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Posted 9/14/13 at 10:30 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: Shopping and paint throwing

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In the bus at the start of this week’s episode, the models are still reeling after last week’s double elimination.  Chris is vowing to turn over a new leaf and start being chill to all his fellow models (HA! That sure doesn’t last long) and Marvin is literally sobbing because he lost two of his friends.  He can’t adjust to losing all these people he cares about and he now has no one to talk to or play with.  PLAY WITH.  Those were his exact words.  This grown man.  I cannot even.

Back at the house, Phil’s ADD is still kicking in big time and he is hanging with his girl Jianna and jumping over Marvin.  I guess that’s what Marvin meant by ‘playing,’ huh?

Kelly is waiting for all the kids at the challenge which involves working for her client, a fashion shopping blog.  The models have to put together a good look from the shops on Melrose Avenue, but first they have to gain credit for shopping by answering ANTM/fashion trivia questions while chilling in their undies.  Renee is the only one who got all the questions right, so she received the most money, but everyone has at least some sort of budget to work with.
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Posted 9/7/13 at 7:24 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: Pranks and nails

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The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown

If you don’t remember from last week, Cory’s fabulous self won best photo and because he felt bad for poor Jianna, who had a traumatizing experience in the bottom two, he picks her to share the Tyra suit with him.  Unfortunately Phil seems to think they are a package deal until Cory kicks him out of the suit.  LOL Phil, let’s not forget your girlfriend again.

We are also reminded of the added bonuses boys bring to the competition: sexual tension (Phil and Jianna, Jeremy and Jourdan, and Nina and Chris are all feeling the love) and pranks.  In the beginning of this episode the guys decide to tape a bunch of clothes and things everywhere.  This is a fairly harmless prank and none of the girls are really angry, but everyone knows prank wars always escalate and end in a big drop down fight.

For the challenge this week the models are split into 3 teams to design an ad campaign for the clothing line Emerson.  Phil’s ADHD is apparently a storyline this week and it affects his work on the challenge.  At one point he cuts off the sleeves of a DESIGNER SHIRT and Kelly is having none of it and forces him to change. 
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Posted 9/1/13 at 2:09 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: Filming a cross-dressing commercial

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The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl

This episode picks up after last week’s panel and all the models are annoyed with  Jourdan who has taken to just standing in the main room gawking at her best photo winning picture; which really is a pretty obnoxious thing to do.  Because she won she also gets to control phone time, meaning she gets to divvy up the one hour of phone time between all the contestants and she doesn’t win any new friends by taking over 15 minutes to assure her boyfriend that all the photos being taken are very professional even if they are naked. Everyone is pissed off and Jourdan and her two friends think it is because of jealousy, but I think anyone with eyes can see that it is really just because she finally won once and has been stuffing it down their throats ever since.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is at the challenge with BryanBoy to feed silly and awkward questions to the models who will be interviewing random people on the streets.  This is supposed to help the contestants learn how to be fashion correspondents but most of the questions Perez and Bryan throw out really don’t have much to do with fashion.
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