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I'm pretty much just a big nerd who loves to interact with other people as obsessed with TV as I am! Some of my all-time favorite television includes sci-fi and fantasy staples like Buffy, X-Files, and Battlestar Galactica, but I won't attempt to list all the shows I watch and love currently - I'm kind of an addict. I'm also a big fan of reading, writing, gaming, and dancing (to make up for the rest of my lazy hobbies).
11/06/2012 | 2 comments Conrad and Victoria have an unforgettable wedding.
09/21/2012 | 0 comments America's Favorite Dancers are revealed after a night reliving the best performances of the season.
09/20/2012 | 6 comments Brennan comes back from being on the run to join forces with the squints and clear her name.