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My husband got sick of seeing all my tweets about TV end up on Facebook, so I decided to start a blog. Then I decided I didn't have enough on my plate and I went looking for sites to publish my reviews. No White Noise seemed like the perfect home for me, especially because I literally hate silence. That means the TV is almost always on at my house, whether I’m sitting around watching it or actually doing something productive. This season I'll be covering Glee here at NWN. My favorite shows of all time(or my lifetime) are Arrested Development, Lost, and Friday Night Lights, to name a few. I also dabble in writing screenplays and the occasional teleplay. Check out my other reviews at Watch It, Rae!
Posted 2/9/13 at 12:11 pm ET

Glee ‘Diva’ review: Keep your lips to yourself

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This episode had way too many people kissing other people that they shouldn’t. Even though Santana ended up going to New York, and Brittany’s still her BFF, I could just see Sam waiting in the wings to witness the innocent peck she gives Brittany, and not think it was so innocent. We may or may not find out next week that he did see it, but yay for them staying together for now. I did love that ‘Girl on Fire’ ended up being Santana singing about herself instead of Brittany, and ended with her going to Rachel and Kurt and straight up telling them she’s moving in.

While I predicted something happening between Finn and Emma from the minute he helped her pick out a centerpiece, it kind of came out of nowhere. Since he became the official glee club faculty advisor, most of his interactions have been with Sue and Bieste. Then this week, he strikes up a conversation with Emma for what seems like the first time this school year, only to get caught up in the wedding madness. Sidebar: Who’s idea was it to have the already overwhelmed OCD woman judge the Diva-Off when she’s crazy busy with planning a wedding?
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Posted 2/1/13 at 3:27 pm ET

Glee ‘Naked’ review: Modest is hottest…

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glee sam

…unless your name is White Chocolate, then by all means, leave your shirt off! In all seriousness though, I liked the way this episode ended, with Sam taking one for the team Artie and leaving his clothes on. He still looked super adorable, even when he was covered up. I loved the tribute to Sam at the end and all the Blam bromance in this episode too, though I kept thinking, ‘Please don’t kiss him, please don’t kiss him.’ In addition, I think they presented the reality that men can also suffer from body dysmorphia way too soon after the Marley-eating-disorder story line. Also, it seemed like kind of a bad idea to have the guys pose in a calendar that focuses so heavily on their buff bods when their competition just got busted for steroids. But all in all, it’s an episode I would watch again.

If I were to watch this episode again, I would probably fast forward through all the Rachel drama. I think the predicament she faced fit well with the story line, but again, too many body image issues in the same season, not to mention the fact that Finn himself, the love of Rachel’s life (down with Brody!), said that Rachel’s boobs weren’t all that great.
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Posted 1/24/13 at 11:42 pm ET

Glee ‘Sadie Hawkins’ review: An ode to Sam Evans

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GLEE locker room

Now this would have been the perfect episode to title “Glee, Actually.” The dance was winter themed and everybody is in love with everybody else. From Tina to Blaine to Sam, then the unnamed neck-braced Cheerio to Ryder to Marley to Jake to Kitty. Of course, if it were up to me, everyone would just be in love with Sam. Tina totally got it right when she said, “Those lips!” Then she opened her big mouth and told Blaine that he needed “someplace to put [his] love” and I spit hot cocoa all over my couch. Dialogue Fail.

I found it a little ironic that the Warblers won Sectionals with “Whistle” and then got the whistle blown on themselves, but I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. Please, oh, please can Trent transfer to McKinley? I also found it strange that it was Sam who first caught on to their steroid scandal when they make him out to be so unintelligent. As for New York, I’m loving Adam and hating Brody, but you already knew about the latter. Seriously, who shows up 45 minutes late without at least calling and then gets invited to move in? And what will Kurt say about having a new roommate?
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Posted 12/14/12 at 4:50 pm ET

Glee 4×10 ‘Glee, Actually’ review: Not actually about Love, Actually

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winter wonderland

This episode was a lot more heartwarming than I thought it would be, but as always, there’s way too much going on. I could forgive the five-story-line idea if they either gave each story a different movie to pay homage to or stuck with one movie tribute and rolled with it. Naming the episode ‘Glee, Actually’ and having Sue mention Love, Actually in her opening monologue made no sense because the stories weren’t linked to one another at all in the end, other than they all already know each other through the glee club.

I think I liked Artie’s tribute to It’s a Wonderful Life the best, probably because they brought Rory and Terri (and Ken Tanaka, by mention only) back and Quinn died, as she rightfully should have since I hate her and her wheelchair plot line only lasted a millisecond last season. Plus, like Tina, we never hear from Artie so it was really refreshing to bring him front and center. I actually wish they would have dragged out this part of the episode throughout the whole hour because I love hypothetical episodes and only the best series have them (Bones and Grey’s Anatomy to name a couple).
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Posted 12/8/12 at 1:42 pm ET

Glee 4×09 ‘Swan Song’ review: I’m just not buying it

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bram kiss

I can’t get over how ridiculous everyone in this episode sounds. Let’s start with Sam, a character I usually adore but whose story line and dialogue I totally hate this season. I know he’s supposed to be this huge idiot and all now, but there is no way he has ALWAYS had a crush on Brittany. If he did, he wouldn’t have called Quinn ‘the best thing to ever happen to him’ and sung Justin Bieber songs to her (my favorite episode ever, ‘Comeback’) and he would have moved on in a heartbeat after coming back to McKinley to find Mercedes dating Shane. Again, the writers make it sound as though he never even dated Mercedes last year. Every other former couple has gotten their own story line this season except for them. RUDE. In addition, Santana’s use of hilarious nicknames such as ‘Richie Poor’ is not limited to Sam only. The argument that her widespread cruelty had something to do with Brittany (Artie=’Stubbles McCripple Pants’) does not hold up because Finn has never had any sort of romantic involvement with her ex other than when he dated both girls at the same time in season one (‘Hello’). She’s basically just a raging b-word.
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Posted 11/30/12 at 2:53 pm ET

Glee 4×08 ‘Thanksgiving’ review: Run, Jenna, Run

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gangnam style

So I love K-pop as much as the next red-blooded American, but this was the most racist thing I’ve seen on television since the Linsanity debacle. At the end of Season 3, the writers hyped up Tina’s star potential with the ‘Props’ episode. They paid her character an ounce of attention with the season premiere, but we didn’t hear anything about her again until Mike came back to help choreograph the musical. She’s had less than a handful of solos during the entire series, but none of them had occurred this season, even after we were practically promised that she would take center stage. Now, when she finally gets a taste of the spotlight, she’s singing in Korean?! Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? My only advice for Jenna Ushkowitz: RUN.

Furthermore, I can’t believe it took me this long to notice that the show has recycled the name Jacob when they already had a hilarious character with the same moniker. No, JBI was never a series regular, but he doesn’t deserve to be traded in for a confused, curly-haired, half-Jewish Jacob 2.0. I’m sure there are plenty of other traditional names they could have used for the newbie.
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Posted 11/16/12 at 8:06 pm ET

Glee 4×06 ‘Glease’ review: You literally make me sick

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sandra dee

I’d like to say sorry to anyone who was offended by both the show’s portrayal of Wade/Unique’s trans lifestyle and anything I had to say about it last week. I feel like we’re kind of in the same boat now, as the writers totally massacred what it’s like to grow up with an eating disorder. When you’re dealing with it, it’s extremely private and shameful, yet the show uses it to get Marley out of the room during Kitty’s number, then to get her and Ryder together. Never in a million years would Ryder catch her gagging herself in the bathroom with the stall door open. Since the show also has a history of making story lines magically disappear within 1-3 episodes (Hello, Quinn in a wheelchair, anyone?) we probably won’t see any more of Marley’s stint with bulimia. I don’t know whether to be disappointed over how unrealistic it is for her to get over it so quickly, or to be happy to see it gone so that they can’t make me more upset than I already am.

One contrived moment in this episode that actually worked out well was when Sue reserves the auditorium so that the glee club can’t rehearse for the musical.
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Posted 11/10/12 at 5:21 pm ET

Glee 4×05 ‘The Role You Were Born to Play’ review: Brunettes have more fun

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mike mercedes

Like Mike and Mercedes, I’m back, Glitches! On the heels of a hiatus, I must say, Fox’s programming ‘strategy’ just doesn’t work, at least for non-rerun-junkies like me who don’t even watch TV during prime time. Yes, I have a life. Actually, Glee is the only show I reluctantly watch ‘live,’ but that’s because my only bigger beef with Fox is their arrangement with Hulu and I hate streaming links. That being said, has absolutely everyone forgotten about Glee after it’s been missing from what most would call the biggest night on television? About half of the original watchers I’ve talked to have confessed to dropping the show.

Despite the entrance of yet another jock with dyslexia this week (which I’m guessing is undiagnosed at this point), I thought this was actually a decent episode that probably won‘t make Finn Hudson puke if he decides to relive it. However, there’s so much going on right now that they glossed over Blaine’s funk really quickly and made no mention at all of Samcedes. We also missed Tina’s decision to audition as well as the audition itself.

It’s pretty clear that the biggest story lines in this episode were Emma & Will, Finn, Wade/Unique and the Marley-Jake-Ryder-Kitty love square.
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Posted 10/5/12 at 2:09 pm ET

Glee 4×04 ‘The Break-Up’ review: I’m just so broken up. Not.

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sam blaine

This was by no means the best episode of the series or even the season. I’m just going to dive right in. This cast is just way too freaking big. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy only thrive with an enormous ensemble because their writers are extremely talented, and Glee just isn’t pulling it off. Yes, I’m angry that this episode had no Sam Evans (and what about all the Tina we were promised?), nor will many episodes featuring graduates, but more so after reading that Blake Jenner’s character, who will be introduced next week, will suffer from dyslexia. Ryan Murphy even went as far as to pat himself on the back for creating a character that nobody has though of before, and clearly forgot that Sam admitted to having dyslexia in the Season 2 premiere. Keeping that continuity with his character wouldn’t explain why he acts so dumb because people with learning disabilities are not stupid (neither is every person with blonde hair), but it would factor into why ‘tests are really hard’ for him. Maybe they’ll bring it back and he and Ryder will have something in common, but it’s still an incredibly shallow back story when others’ are so rich.
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Posted 9/28/12 at 12:30 am ET

Glee 4×03 ‘Makeover’ review: Don’t you dare look down

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sam debate

If you haven‘t seen this episode yet, don’t take your eyes off the screen during the ‘Celebrity Skin’ music number. I missed approximately two seconds of sweet Sam Evans shirtlessness because I was typing while they sang. Those are two seconds I will never get back. At least not in HD…until next week, when the free version of Hulu relinquishes the episode to us. In addition, if they wanted us to pay attention at all to Blaine’s side of the debate, they should have had him go first, and not shown Sam getting dressed backstage while he spoke. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

Speaking of abs that just won’t quit, I totally could have done without Brody and Rachel in this episode if it weren’t for Finn showing up in the end. If you think I’m obsessed with Sam, you should have seen how much I worshipped Finn before Ol’ Trouty Mouth rolled into town. Again, I’m super angry that they make him out to be so stupid this season. There’s no way you’re going to convince me that a guy who has managed to master a completely alien language (Navi) and is still on track to graduate after switching schools three times during his high school career is this dumb.
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