Buffy Rewatch

The fun is continuing past season 3! Watch Buffy season 4 and Angel season 1 all through September! However, we’re sort of outsourcing the rewatch. Make sure to follow @BonelessThurs.

New Rewatch


All times start at 8pm eastern time.

Monday, August 20: Buffy 401 The Freshman, 402 Living Conditions, 403 The Harsh Light of Day, 404 Fear, Itself | *4 Episodes*
Tuesday, August 21: Angel 101 City Of, 102 Lonely Hearts, 103 In The Dark, 104 I Fall To Pieces | *4 Episodes*
Monday, August 27: Buffy 405 Beer Bad, 406 Wild at Heart, 407 The Initiative
Tuesday, August 28: Angel 105 Rm w/a Vu, 106 Sense & Sensitivity, 107 Bachelor Party

Monday, September 3: Buffy 408 Pangs, 409 Something Blue, 410 Hush
Tuesday, September 4: Angel 108 I Will Remember You, 109 Hero, 110 Parting Gifts
Monday, September 10: Buffy 411 Doomed, 412 A New Man, 413 The I in Team
Tuesday, September 11: Angel 111 Somnambulist, 112 Expecting, 113 She
Monday, September 17: Buffy 414 Goodbye Iowa, 415 This Year’s Girl, 416 Who Are You
Tuesday, September 18: Angel 114 I’ve Got You Under My Skin, 115 The Prodigal, 116 The Ring
Monday, September 24: Buffy 417 Superstar, 418 Where the Wild Things Are, 419 New Moon Rising
Tuesday, September 25: Angel 117 Eternity, 118 Five By Five, 119 Sanctuary

Monday, October 1: Buffy 420 The Yoko Factor, 421 Primeval, 422 Restless
Tuesday, October 2: Angel 120 War Zone, 121 Blind Date, 122 To Sanshu in L.A.

*Watch live on Twitter these nights starting at 8pm EDT, using hashtag #BuffyRewatch.

Season 2+ episodes are available on Hulu for free! Hulu.com/Buffy. Follow along at #BuffyRewatch!

Reviews & Recaps

Week 1 | Quick judgments on Episodes 1 through 4
Week 1 | The futuristic 1990s and slayed versus getting laid (episodes 1×01 – 1×07)
Week 2 | Xander is Chandler Bing (episodes 1×08-1×10)
Week 3 | Part 1: What we’ve learned from season one (episodes 1×11 & 1×12)
Week 3 | Part 2: Season 2 hairdos, plus more Friends & Scooby-Doo (2×01 & 2×02)
Week 4 | In which the writers read my recaps (2×03, 2×04, 2×05)
Week 5 | The 360 Degree Turn Face (2×06, 2×07, 2×08)
Week 6 | The writers are trying to kill me (2×09, 2×10, 2×11)
Week 7 | Seventeen Candles (2×12, 2×13, 2×14)
Week 8 | Return of the FOTEs (2×15, 2×16, 2×17)
Week 9 | 2 seasons down. This ain’t no joke. (2×18-3×03)
Week 10 | Too Many Feels (3×04-3×09)
Week 11 |  It takes two to horizontal tango (3×10-3×15)
Week 12 | Oh, Heeeellmouth! (3×16-3×22) 

Old Schedule

MAY – Memorial Day Kick-Off Weekend
Friday, 25th:
 101 “Welcome to Hellmouth,” 102 “The Harvest,” 103 “Witch,” and 104 “Teacher’s Pet”
Monday, 28th: 105 “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date,” 106 “The Pack,” and 107 “Angel”

4th: 108 “I, Robot… You, Jane,” 109 “The Puppet Show,” 110 “Nightmares”
 111 “Out of Mind, Out of Sight,” 112 “Prophecy Girl,” 201 “When She Was Bad,” 202 “Some Assembly Required” | *4 EPISODES
 203 “School Hard,” “204 “Inca Mummy Girl,” 205 “Reptile Boy”
25th: 206 “Halloween,” 207 “Lie to Me,” 208 “The Dark Ages”

 209 “What’s My Line? Part 1,” 210 “What’s My Line? Part 2,” 211 “Ted”
9th: 212 “Bad Eggs,” 213 “Surprise,” 214 “Innocence”
16th: 215 “Phases,” 216 “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered,” 217 “Passion”

MON 23rd: 218 “Killed by Death,” 219 “I Only Have Eyes for You,” 220 “Go Fish,” 221 “Becoming Part 1,” 222 “Becoming Part 2,″
TUE 24th: 301 “Anne,” 302 “Dead Man’s Party,” 303 “Faith, Hope, & Trick”
MON 30th:  304 “Beauty and the Beasts,” 305 “Homecoming,” 306 “Band Candy”
TUE 31st:  307 “Revelations,” 308 “Lovers Walk,” 309 “The Wish”

MON 6th:
  310 “Amends,” 311 “Gingerbread,” 312 “Helpless”
TUE 7th:  313 “The Zeppo,” 314 “Bad Girls,”  315 “Consequences”
MON 13th: 316 “Doppelgangland,” 317 “Enemies,” 318 “Earshot”
TUE 14th: 319 “Choices,” 320 “The Prom,” 321 “Graduation Day Part 1,” 322 “Graduation Day Part 2″ | *4 EPISODES


NEW: What’s with the time changes!? WHAT IS THIS!?!?!
It’s very simple. I’m on my own with the rewatch here, and I completely forgot about what my schedule would be like once August came. For this reason, I need to get through the rewatch by mid-August, as well as my live involvement. Of course, there are plenty of people doing the rewatch and it can still go on autonomously without my involvement.

Where do we watch the Buffy Rewatch? What channel is it on?
Whip out your DVDs, get on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or whatever other ways you can watch. Y’know, legally. Ahem.

What time does Buffy and Angel Rewatch start? When!?
Buffy Rewatch usually begins at 8pm EDT. That’s Eastern Daylight Savings Time! So the time is technically 7pm EST. It’s UTC -4. That’s 5pm in California, or Tuesday at 10am in Australia. If you don’t know what time 8pm EDT would be in your timezone, google “What time is it in New York?” and then check the time difference.

What if there’s a change in the schedule?
This is a possibility. Some weeks we may add more episodes or even add TWO days for that week. Make sure to check this page frequently for any changes. For the most part, if you’re following @BonelessThurs on Twitter, you should be okay.

Is there a break between the episodes in the rewatch!? I needs tuh pee!
Look, we can’t micromanage the breaks and the literal, exact time people playback the episodes. But for the most part, we want everyone to be watching the same parts of an episode relatively at the same time. That’s why I like to say that the episodes should start at every 45 minute mark. That gives you about 90 seconds to run and get that second cup of soda or a short potty break or even switch DVDs (which isn’t much time, I apologize). But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t start at the exact same time. Don’t worry!

How do I talk to other people!?
Follow @BonelessThurs and make sure to read the #BuffyRewatch tag on Twitter. We also had, and probably will continue to have, a live chat of sorts here, if you don’t want to spam your followers. But please spam them. We need to trend again!

Who the heck are you? I don’t want to talk to you! People are the worst.
Hello, my name is Michael. And I created a TV blog. Most of the point of Buffy Rewatch is to watch with other people, like we couldn’t 15 years ago. So, I understand that you can watch your DVDs whenever you want or that you can watch more than 3 episodes in one week or night. But it’s scheduled so that the masses can be able to do the rewatch!