‘Chasing Life’ star Haley Ramm dishes on #Grenna romance, her characters rocky start, and Natalie’s bad influence!

Photo Credit: Sami Drasin

Photo Credit: Sami Drasin

Since the Chasing Life premiere back in 2014, the fans have expressed their love for the rebellious Brenna Carver, a teenaged girl who finds herself with a giant burden– her sister was diagnosed with the C-word… yes, cancer. As if being in high school isn’t already the pits, let’s throw in dealing with a loved one having leukemia for good measure.

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‘The Fosters’ star Hayden Byerly talks #Jonnor, being a role model and groundbreaking storylines


Hayden Byerly, star of the hit ABC Family drama The Fosters, is anything but ordinary. The 14-year-old powerhouse took on the role of Jude Jacob in 2013, and ever since he’s been doing a FANTASTIC job portraying the dynamic character we continue to see grow on our screens each week.

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‘Walking Dead’ star Ross Marquand (Aaron) talks #Aaric’s backstory and reveals his foolproof apocalypse survival plan


The Walking Dead newcomer Ross Marquand recently made his Sunday night debut as Aaron, a “friend” who comes to the group raving about a secure community called Alexandria Safe-Zone. A friend, eh? The fans aren’t completely convinced and our steadfast hero Rick Grimes shares our conviction that this applesauce hating man with a clean exterior (way too clean for a zombie apocalypse) might have some questionable motives.

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“Episodes” stars Kathleen Rose Perkins and Andrea Savage talk #Bance, boob grabs and bed scenes

Episode 407

Episodes, the hit comedy series on Showtime has received an unexpected facelift in the romance department with the addition of its new lesbian storyline featuring Kathleen Rose Perkins and Andrea Savage. Perkins, who plays Carol Rance, the quirky, high-spirited, in-your-face-hilarious network exec undoubtedly meets her match in Savage, who slips quite nicely into the role of Helen Basch, the new number one in charge and apparently an irresistible and sassy lady lover.

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‘Reign’ Interview: Torrance Coombs teases devastating secrets, passionate fans and Bash’s future

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.44.24 PM

Fans of Reign rejoice! A Season 3 of the cult classic has officially been confirmed, which means more drama, more betrayal, and more importantly… a whole lot more of Bash! A great deal has happened to Mary Queen of Scots and her loyal subjects since we last saw them, and in anticipation for their return, I spoke with the talented Torrance Coombs about the mid-season finale and what fans can expect from our beloved characters in the second half of the season.

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I basically just want Jane the Virgin to win at the Golden Globes


Jane the Virgin and Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane from Jane the Virgin, are nominated for Golden Globe awards tonight. It’s the first Golden Globe nomination for The CW (not UPN or The WB, respectively). And it’s two! For the same show.

If you follow me on Twitter, then it comes to no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Jane the Virgin.

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Watch these 6 episodes to catch up to Girls season 4


There are only 32 episodes of Girls ever aired thus far, but that’s still 16 hours of binge-watching in order to be completely brought up to speed. If you’re a first-time viewer, you might want to go ahead and binge-watch before catching up, though watching the following six episodes could help if you just do not have the time.

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The Good Wife is already the best show of 2015

The Good Wife Season 6

The Good Wife is a unicorn. It should not exist. When has a show that does drama, mystery, intrigue, thriller, romance, satire, and comedy this well ever existed? When has a show in the supposed Golden Age of TV that appears to love what it does and is produced with such joy ever been taken this seriously?

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MTV’s Faking It star Michael J. Willett on being a “modern Ferris Bueller” and what’s in store for season two


An MTV series about two girls in high school pretending to be lesbians is all well and good—but add a loud and proud sass master like Shane (played by out actor Michael J. Willett) to the mix and you’ve got teen drama gold!

As everyone’s new favorite comedy gears up for a 10-episode second season (I would have preferred 22 eps, but I’ll try not to be greedy)— it was a bit touch and go there waiting for news of a renewal… fans flocked to social media and demanded that their voice be heard and that their beloved show return for more fun, puns, and hookups.

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The masterminds behind The Gay Women Channel dish on new web series, Faking It, and more!


Have you ever lived with someone you dated and then broke up… What do you do? Who gets to stay? Or better yet who gets the Disney DVD collection including the one with your favorite new heroine Queen Elsa? Well, have we got something special for you. Til Lease Do Us Part, a new lesbian web series about ex-girlfriends Mikka and Shannon which follows their cohabitation after their untimely demise, is on our radar, and it should be on yours too!  

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