Veronica Mars season one rewatch: Lil’ gumshoe

vm pilot

I first watched Veronica Mars in the summer of 2006. Before then, I would see promos for the show and dismiss it as some cheeky teen girl drama. I was wrong. Before UPN and The WB merged into The CW, UPN was airing reruns of the show all the time. I was watching season two episodes, without context, and loving it.

I quickly decided that I needed to buy seasons one and two before season three began. It was August and I was watching several Veronica Mars episodes a day. The school year began and all I could think about in class was going back home to watch more Veronica Mars before Oct. 3. I finished some time in September and just waited for the premiere, but not without engaging with fans online — a forum here, a chat board there. Before I knew it, I was deeply emerged within the fandom. And when the end of season three reared its head, I did everything I could to make sure it didn’t get canceled. But it was no use. The CW president waited until summer to announce it was officially canceled, most likely to thwart off a negative reaction from fans.
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100 episodes: What are your favorite Vampire Diaries moments?

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These days, we don’t treat The Vampire Diaries as nicely as we possibly could. But there was a time when The Vampire Diaries was on my list of favorite television shows. I think it’s also safe to say that there was also a moment in time when The Vampire Diaries was one of the best shows on television, completely un-ironically. And whether you’ve been watching the show begrudgingly for the past couple of seasons or not, watching 100 episodes of any series is a huge feat. It’s also a huge feat for any show to get to that point. So why not bask in some of the glory days?

Before we get to episode 101 tomorrow, let’s recount the good times. Here are some of my favorite moments over the past four and a half seasons of The Vampire Diaries (in chronological order):

1. Stefan kills Vicki

The beginning of The Vampire Diaries was definitely not some of the best television ever. It was overtly cheesy, and there was a lot of fog and crows. It was strange. But everyone recalls episode seven — the episode where The Vampire Diaries undoubtedly changed. It all cemented with this scene, where Stefan kills Vicki after Damon made her a vampire.
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Reign ‘For King and Country’ recap: Mary, marry, and murder!


I’ve watched only about five minutes of Reign in total, so I’m going to be honest with you: I have no idea what is happening. Don’t expect me to have an accurate recap of what’s going down. I also have no conception of history, but maybe that’s a good thing when it comes to this show. People have been telling me to watch The CW’s latest hit. I knew as soon as my 25-year-old male cousin told me he was an avid watcher of Reign that I at least owed it to myself to tune it.

The previously on section tells us a lot of stuff happened, but mostly that Mary was going to marry some guy, but then ditched him last minute. So she runs away with her going-to-be-husband’s brother, except that they’re being followed by some goons and are met by a cliff, which is a dead end. Or is it?

That’s when we cut to this guy’s parental units being mad that this happened because how dare this girl leave their son before marrying him?

Oh, man, and this lady — this lady. She is insane. She is also hilarious. We’ll get into that in a little bit.
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Lost Girl ‘End of the Line’ review: Siren’s swan song

lost girl 411

Don’t say they didn’t warn you: Hale’s bloody ear as soon as he and Kenzi solidified their relationship, creepy-under-the-graveyard lady telling Bo someone will die, and the absolutely rushed engagement. Hale has bit the almighty bullet. But did it feel earned to you?

In some ways, I want to commend Lost Girl for going there. It’s been almost four seasons and no one really all that important has died. I don’t ever think of Lost Girl as the show where anyone will die, anyway. I mean, I think of Lost Girl as mostly campy fun. But season four has been getting into some dark territory, especially with Bo killing the Una Mens last episode. In this episode, she literally drinks blood. I heard that there was an interview somewhere where Showrunner Emily Andras said Hale is gone for good, but he honestly died a couple of scenes after Linda Hamilton (Linda Freaking Hamilton!!!) said, “No one really dies.” I know she said it about Massimo specifically, but this was also an episode with zombies!

Besides, Hale’s death came after several seasons of the show not really knowing what they should do with him. He was frequently absent with little to no explanation, and when he was in an episode, he didn’t have much to do.
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Lost Girl ‘Waves’ review: The Nutty Mermaids

lost girl 410

OK, I’m just going to say it: What? Right? Like I’m not the only person who is at all confused about all this, am I? Before we get into all of that, let’s talk about the mermaids and merman first.

That was a lot of fun! But what a coincidence that in my review of the previous episode, which you can read on mehlsbells, I mentioned that Kenzi had a complete Little Mermaid moment. In this episode, it’s no surprise that she’s a huge fan of the movie. Something tells me it might be more than just mere happenstance that she brushed her hair with a fork in one episode, and then had a total fangirl moment about The Little Mermaid in the next. Kenzi just really identifies with wanting to me “part of your world.” Plus, you know, mermaids are supposed to be cute and awe-inducing. (These mermaids were not.) If nothing else, season four of Lost Girl has really struck gold with its willingness to pair or group unlikely characters together. In this episode, it’s Kenzi, Dyson, and Lauren — and what a group they made. I’d be totally fine with more B-plots of them solving cases.
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The Vampire Diaries ’500 Years of Solitude’ review: Raise a glass

tvd 100

Can you believe we’ve gone through 100 of these? I started reviewing The Vampire Diaries during the tail end of season two. Ah, season two. Good times. That was back when I, and everyone else, was trying to convince people that The Vampire Diaries is a show that is worth watching unironically. And it was. Characters’ actions were defined, the plot moved forward, and the mythology mostly made sense.

And now we’ve pushed through another 50 episodes, and well, I can’t believe how much time has gone by. For “500 Days of Solitude,” it appears the series can’t believe it either. As for the characters, they’re too busy blaming Katherine about everything that has gone wrong in their lives on the person dying upstairs. Weirdly, Katherine comes off as the most sympathetic character here. Yes, I’m sure that my bias is showing, but a character that doesn’t blame her actions on other people, who basically says, “Fuck it, I was trying to survive” gets points in my book against the characters that continuously say, “The buck stops… there.” I mean, some of their justifications are just laughable.

That’s kind of where we’ve gotten at this point in the Vampire Diaries‘ story.
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Does Shoshanna on Girls have an eating disorder?

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 2.40.21 PM

During the end of season two of HBO’s Girls, main character Hannah had a severe OCD episode, which spanned around three installments. In my personal opinion, it wasn’t used like an adorkable quirk that most sitcoms would portray it. It seemed real. It made my skin crawl. It helped create one of the most cringe-inducing episodes of 2013 — and my second-favorite episode of any show of last year — in “On All Fours.” The Q-tip incident is still a visceral image lodged in my memory.

But there was backlash. There always is, especially with Girls. Some didn’t see it the way I did, but most thought that Hannah’s OCD was sprung up on us out of nowhere. Truth be told, there wasn’t much buildup to Hannah’s OCD, except for a one-off line that was treated like a joke season one’s penultimate episode. The rules of narrative in fiction were broken a bit when Hannah’s OCD episode came into the story, for sure.

In an interview published yesterday on Vulture, Gaby Hoffman, who is playing Adam’s sister Caroline, said, “We’re all a little bit mentally ill in our 20s and maybe into our early 30s.” Season three seems to be playing into that a bit.
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Lost Girl ‘Destiny’s Child’ review

lost girl 409

This week, Melanie, also known as Mehlsbells, contacted me with the idea to swap reviews on our blogs to help expose our reviews to different audiences, which I thought was a fun idea! My review is available on her site. What follows here is her review. Feel free to comment on both posts. And make sure to follow her on Twitter @mehlsbells.

I just got done saying how I had adjusted to a lot of standalone episodes and conceits, going weeks without mythology, and now they lay it all on me at once. Allllllllll the mythology, so little time. Still, this feels like 3.11, and the back end of Season 3 overall would have worked better spread over five episodes, so perhaps that’s what’s happening here. There’s an incredible amount of information to process, and hopefully next week will clarify a few things.

For an episode centrally concerned with the power of names and labels, it gets confusing really quickly. I’m not altogether positive we know the full extent of who is who; we could have used some of those nametags from “Original Skin.” But while it’s not exactly I Know Your True Name, there’s a lot of labelling going on.
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ABC Family to stream live online 24/7 beginning Jan. 6


I don’t normally publish press releases, but I just received this one from ABC Family, about their new WATCH ABC Family initiative. ABC Family is going to be streaming their channel live online 24/7. But there’s a catch. There always is. You have to have a current cable subscription that already includes access to the channel. Not only is it available on the web, but there will be iOS, Android, and Kindle apps at launch, which is this Monday, Jan. 6.

ABC, the broadcast network, previously announced that it’s only going to be putting episodes up eight days after air for those that don’t have a cable subscription or Hulu Plus account. There seems to be a lot of change with on-demand in the Disney/ABC company. I’m not a fan of the eight-days-later policy, but I’m posting about this because I think it’s an important step with how mainstream television and the Internet are blurring the lines.

The press release is below:


Also Rolling Out Advantaged Viewing Window for WATCH ABC On Demand Content

Dedicated to expanding its network and channel brands and content across multiple platforms and devices, Disney/ABC Television Group announced today that the new “WATCH ABC Family” authenticated service will launch on Monday, January 6, 2014.

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The official Veronica Mars movie trailer is out

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.27.38 PM 1

Though the trailer doesn’t give much more than what we already know and have seen, it must be noted that the official Veronica Mars movie trailer is out now! It includes talk about Logan and Veronica rekindling, Piz being left out, a reunion with both Wallace and Mac, plus the notorious high school reunion… and shots of plenty of cameos. My favorite line, maybe: “Please, I knew the felonies before I knew the state capitals.”

It’s only available to watch on E! (for now). So click here!

UPDATE: Here it is on YouTube!
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