Firefly ‘The Train Job’ review

Is there such a thing as an honest thief? Mal finds out!


Now that the universe has been established in the first episode of the series (Serenity), the second episode takes us through the daily life of the Serenity crew.

Right off the bat I noticed that unlike the pilot episode, which was 1.5 hours long, this episode is nice 40 mins, which makes for a much smoother episode.

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Re-thinking the TV season structure and doing away with filler episodes

Audiences are let down when finales don't meet expectations and when episodes are "filler" to assure explosive finales. How can we remedy the situation?

the americans finale

NOTE: The following post might contain spoilers from The Americans, Chuck, Nikita, Parks and Recreation, Revenge, and Scandal.

Kerri Russell as Elizabeth in The Americans finale “The Colonel.”

After the season finale of The Americans aired, celebrated critic Alan Sepinwall posted his review where his praises were high but his response to the episode’s casual nature was lukewarm at best.

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Nikita season 3 finale review: Goodbye, Division

nikita 322

Just a short review…

I’ve just finished watching Nikita‘s third season finale. Whoa. About a month ago, I wrote a piece on what I thought of this third season — and what I thought was that the third season had lulled at points, but continued to push forward in a way that only Nikita can.

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‘This Might Hurt': Here’s the Teen Wolf season 3 trailer (finally!)

‘This Might Hurt’: Here’s the Teen Wolf season 3 trailer (finally!)

MTV has put a few teases up, but late last night/really early this morning, they finally put a 30 second spot on their YouTube channel for Teen Wolf‘s third season. The spot has an unidentified voice saying it’s coming “for all of them.” Apparently, an alpha werewolf pack is coming to town and our heroes need to murder them all before they get the first kill.

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Scandal season 2 finale review: Daddy issues

scandal 222

If there’s one thing we’ve learned on this show it’s: EVERYONE ON THIS SHOW IS BALLS S— CRAZY, Y’ALL! What just happened? Who!? WHAT? Obviously, I liked the finale very much.

Let’s be honest, we love Scandal because it’s a rapid-moving, rapid-talking, completely heightened soap opera. And that’s what yesterday’s finale delivered.

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The Vampire Diaries season 4 finale review: When will my reflection show who I am inside?


Well I certainly did not see that coming.

That was… interesting. I especially appreciate that this finale wasn’t annoyingly tame as the season two and three finales were. Let’s talk about it because it’s the last moment of the episode: Stefan is Silas’ doppelgänger. Okay. It certainly would have been more surprising had Silas never shown up as Stefan, as I think he has stated that he hasn’t let anyone see his real face.

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Here’s The CW’s schedule next season (and why it makes sense)

the cw TV NOW

The CW was the last network to announce its new fall schedule today in New York City during upfronts week. What followed was some decries that the netlet had gotten it all wrong. Reasons? Well, for one, they paired Beauty and the Beast together, they didn’t pair The Originals with its parental show The Vampire Diaries, and it moved The Carrie Diaries to Fridays.

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The Mindy Project ‘Take Me With You’ review: I Haiti being with you

the mindy project 124

I don’t have much to say, and this will be more of my thoughts on The Mindy Project‘s first season than the finale, but I felt as though I had to write something. The Mindy Project truly trudged into my life as the dark horse — even if it’s just a little something. 

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How I Met Your Mother ‘Something New’ review: The Mother is finally revealed


The season 8 finale of How I Met Your Mother ended with one of the biggest reveals in television history, The Mother. However, the show had three main stories running before we got to the reveal, and unfortunately the characters were split up from each other for the entirety of the show, but worked well to create a nice foundation for the final season.

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Castle season 5 finale recap: Will they or won’t they?

castle 524

What a rollercoaster this Castle season finale was. I was almost completely unspoiled for it, save for some speculation I’d stumbled upon on Tumblr, and so by the time the episode ended I was sitting on the floor, my jaw brushing the floor and with no idea whatsoever as to what to think or feel.

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