How I Met Your Mother ‘Bro Mitzvah’ recap

The Bro Mitzvah

After last week’s solid episode featuring new plot developments — Lily and Marshall moving to Rome and Ted and Barney’s heated confrontation — I was really disappointed with this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother in terms of its contribution to the overall plot, which failed to show the repercussions of the decision previously made by these characters. Nevertheless, it was a good standalone episode that had a lot of fun, comedic moments.

The entire episode revolved around Barney’s bachelor party, or in his words a “Bro Mitzvah.” Back when he and Quinn were engaged, he gave the guys a list of things that he needed to have at his bachelor party, in order to make it memorable. Now that he and Robin are getting married, Ted and Marshall decided it was time to plan his bachelor party, with a little help from Robin and a few other people. Unfortunately, the first half of the episode is spent in a downward spiral of this supposed awesome bachelor party. Nothing at the party goes right: they end up at some sketchy hotel room, get the wrong Karate Kid, and Quinn shows up as the stripper — which as you can imagine, is a little awkward considering their past.
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The Show with Vinny review: He’s baaackkk!

New Picture (4)

Because I’m an old lady who can’t stay up until 11, I just finally watched the gem that is The Show with Vinnie this weekend.  And boy am I glad I finally did.  In the premiere Lil’ Wayne came over to hang with Vinnie and his family.  Vinnie explains Wayne to his mom as ‘his Tony Bennett.’ HAHAHA. I’ll leave the judgment of this line up to others, but I sure did laugh at it.  Wayne is glad to just be invited over because him and his homeys are all ‘convicts and sh**’ and people don’t typically want them in their house.  I call BS.  You’re famous.  Pretty much everyone under the age of 40 would want you in their house.  Vinnie tries to conduct a serious interview with Wayne and be a ‘real’ talk show host, but as soon as Uncle Vino walks in with his shirt wide open things start getting wild and it leads to a skate boarding session somewhere that was not at Vinnie’s house. I guess scenes will be shot at other locations where Vinnie’s mom is not present.  All those commercials sure were misleading.

Vinnie also hung out with Youtube star Jenny Marbles (if you haven’t watched her videos, I highly recommend them). 
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Scandal ‘A Woman Scorned’ review: Hell hath no fury

scandal 420

So… we need to talk about this episode. Just a quick review:

The absolute best thing about Scandal is that it’s not afraid to show its hand. It doesn’t just seem like the President was shot. He was shot. Mellie doesn’t just threaten to tell the entire nation that her husband cheated on her. She does it. And every time Scandal has done it again and again, that each time you keep asking yourself how are they going to feasibly top it for the next big moment. And yet they do. I keep telling myself to calm down, because whenever series do this — burn through twists and turns so quickly — sometimes they burn out. And I hope that’s not what happens with Scandal.

The only thing that really had be groan this episode was more Olivia and Fitz yelling at each other. I’m kind of done with their entire situation. And I’m certainly not a fan of how scatterbrained it made Olivia during this hour, either. Of course, she was dealing with the possibility that one of her closest friends put a hit on her, but still. Regardless, I do think that Olivia has had the fear that she doesn’t think she’s as important (or more important) to Fitz than his life or his position or his power.
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The Vampire Diaries ‘She’s Come Undone’ review: It’s all in your head

tvd 421

I don’t know, you guys, I just had a lot of fun with this episode. That’s really it. With Klaus and Elijah in New Orleans, The Vampire Diaries was able to focus in on our core characters… and I just had a ton of fun. It was a bit of good ol’ fashion TVD thrills, and Katherine was there. So it all worked out.

Sure, some things don’t make sense. I mean, what is Bonnie even trying to do? These days, I’m very confused about everything Bonnie is doing. And it’s not really Bonnie’s fault. This entire season has been written as everyone taking action without ever having to actually claim any of it — the main one of them all is Elena, who the first half of the season was insufferably sired and now has turned her humanity off. Then, Jeremy became a hunter and couldn’t control his urges to kill every vampire in sight. And now we have Bonnie, who was controlled by Creepy Professor and then by Silas and then we thought she had taken his side in this entire ordeal and now… I don’t even understand what it is she’s doing. But when she and Katherine made a deal and grinned, I was grinning along with them.
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The Americans ‘The Colonel’ review: That’s what they always say before our people die for nothing


The big question at the beginning of The Americans was: what is the difference between who these people are and who they pretend to be? At what point do the two worlds blur and become not quite so well defined? For Philip and Elizabeth, that blurring happened almost immediately; for Nina, it’s just beginning.

Tonight’s finale was fittingly all about deception; although this of course occurs on the show all the time, everything tonight was on a grand scale. In addition to the meeting between Elizabeth’s and Sanford’s new recruit, which may be a setup, now there’s another meeting to deal with — one taking place at the Secretary of Defense’s house, which is definitely a setup. The FBI is all over that bugged clock, and they’ve managed to trace the signal to the car Phil and Elizabeth use to store their recording equipment, so they know that someone has to come and pick up the tapes in person. The plan is that Elizabeth will meet with the colonel as agreed and Phil will pick up the tapes from the Weinberger meeting.

This all sounds too easy to Elizabeth, who is sure that she is headed straight for a trap. Philip wants to step in and take her place at the meeting, and at this point, it’s clear that he’s not doing it because it’s the logical thing to do; he’s doing it because he loves her.
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Castle ‘Still’ recap: He never promised not to come back


Ahh, the much publicized 21st (or should we say 22nd?) episode. Written by Rob Hanning and directed by Bill Roe, “Still” begins with Castle taking Beckett a tray with coffee, the newspaper and roses to bed. He watches as she wakes up, and the two share a conversation about the case she was working on the night before (someone blew up an apartment downtown) and whether she fell for him at first sight (he says yes, she claims he’s delusional). Castle insists that she asks Esposito to handle the investigation for a few hours so they can enjoy a few guilt-free hours together, but oops, they have a lead and Beckett is called to investigate.

The main suspect is one Archibald Fosse, a man who already did six years for murder in jail and was let out after an appeal. Our team makes the trip to his apartment, where they find him trying to flee the scene. Ryan and Esposito catch him, but Fosse doesn’t seem overly enthusiastic to cooperate with the police. He activates a bomb directly upon which Beckett accidentally stands.

This moment really does give a whole new meaning to “wrong place at the wrong time”, don’t you think?
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Amelle Berrabah Interview: Sultry songstress dishes on debut album, zombies, and the Sugababes


It shouldn’t come as a shock that the United Kingdom (UK) is a hotbed for brewing some of the best girl groups of my time. I mean come on: Spice Girls, All Saints, B*Witched, Girls Aloud, and of course what brings us here today, the Sugababes. This country has a pretty great track record, I swear, the talent’s in the water. (Note to self: buy stock in UK water.)

I was able to talk to Amelle Berrabah, a British singer/songwriter, and performer extraordinaire… not to mention one third of the critically acclaimed female act, the Sugababes (2.0). Her long awaited debut album is scheduled to drop sooner than you think, so keep reading for all the juicy details.

This sultry songstress, was kind enough to lend her time to me this past week in a candid phone interview that remains one of my favorite interviews to date. We discuss zombies, acting, Twitter, the future of the Sugababes, and she settles an age old argument: chocolate or vanilla! Amelle, who is no stranger to the limelight, embraces my random questions, and has some great insight for all you #REBELLES out there. She even put on her best American accent towards the end, so I advise you to order some Chinese food, blast some Sweet 7, and enjoy!
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An incredibly short review of The Following season one


The Following was on my radar ever since it was announced: a show about a serial killer who builds a cult following created by Kevin Williamson, what’s not to love? Turns out, a lot. The first episode was really great — action packed, quick-paced, everything you expect from a Williamson project. The problem is that every episode thereafter was exactly the same as the pilot.

The FBI grew more inept and incompetent as the episodes went on, we were shown so many aspects of these characters’ lives for reasons I don’t comprehend (sex cult), everyone showed up a minute late and then people died, Joe’s plan made no sense (was there even a plan?), everything was blamed on Poe. The more compelling characters got killed off; well, to me at least, the entire Emma/Jacob/Paul thing was one of the more intriguing aspects of the series. It was just a mess, to say the least. And I really don’t have much to say about it but that. In the end, I was disappointed that we didn’t get something a bit more clever with the same amount of breakneck pace as this. I did, however, enjoy reading the recaps. Too bad I wasn’t one of those that decided to recap it (busy on Tuesdays and all).
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Game of Thrones ‘Kissed by Fire’ recap: Love and marriage


Did everyone feel the love last night? Whether it was girlish crushes, budding feelings, deep-seated devotion, or purely getting lucky, love was definitely in the air. This week’s episode might not have had the wham effect that last week’s had, but it was so full of new developments that who really cares? So with all these new plots being set up, everyone’s story is ready to go in its own direction. Who do you think is in for trouble?

Beric Dondarrion Superstar

It’s a Beric Dondarrion vs. The Hound Smackdown! Armed with a magical flaming sword as he may be, Beric still loses out to his gigantic competitor. The Hound swings right through Beric’s sword and down into his shoulder. He’s dead. No wait, he’s not! Thoros (a priest?) recites a spell or prayer and brings him right back to life. What.

Later, Beric explains his multiple resurrections (six!) to Arya: the Lord of Light brings him back through Thoros’s words. Arya asks if he could possibly bring back Ned, but no, it’s like zombies: once the head is removed, it’s all over.

Gendry thinks he’ll just ditch Arya and hang with the Brotherhood. He’s tired of serving A-holes, and bonus, the Brotherhood will be like the family he never had.
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I cheated. Here’s what I thought of the Lost Girl pilot


Just a quick reminder, in case you don’t know: I asked NWN readers which series I should view, and this “summer” I’ll be watching Lost Girl for the first time. If you’re new around here, I can sometimes get crude with my diction… and I can be a bit tangental. But you might like that! Or you might hate me! Yay feelings!

Imagine the final day of the semester: All of your finals are behind you. You’ve cut ties with the outside world that you should knot again. There are just so many episodes of television to watch after about two weeks of never turning on your TV. Most importantly, you have eons of sleep to catch up on. Ahh… sleep is going to be so awesome. Hello, good friend.

So why is it that on the last day of the semester, as I was deciding to drift into my hybernation… I instead whipped out Netflix and played the pilot episode of Lost Girl? I can’t explain it either, friends. I mean, I even have The Americans to catch up on! The Americans! I was supposed to wait a couple of weeks, regardless! I guess we’ll chalk this Case Of The Sleep-Deprived Couch Potato to curiosity.
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