Lost Girl ‘Waves’ review: The Nutty Mermaids

lost girl 410

OK, I’m just going to say it: What? Right? Like I’m not the only person who is at all confused about all this, am I? Before we get into all of that, let’s talk about the mermaids and merman first.

That was a lot of fun! But what a coincidence that in my review of the previous episode, which you can read on mehlsbells, I mentioned that Kenzi had a complete Little Mermaid moment.

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The Vampire Diaries ‘500 Years of Solitude’ review: Raise a glass

tvd 100

Can you believe we’ve gone through 100 of these? I started reviewing The Vampire Diaries during the tail end of season two. Ah, season two. Good times. That was back when I, and everyone else, was trying to convince people that The Vampire Diaries is a show that is worth watching unironically.

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Does Shoshanna on Girls have an eating disorder?

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 2.40.21 PM

During the end of season two of HBO’s Girls, main character Hannah had a severe OCD episode, which spanned around three installments. In my personal opinion, it wasn’t used like an adorkable quirk that most sitcoms would portray it. It seemed real. It made my skin crawl. It helped create one of the most cringe-inducing episodes of 2013 — and my second-favorite episode of any show of last year — in “On All Fours.” The Q-tip incident is still a visceral image lodged in my memory.

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Lost Girl ‘Destiny’s Child’ review

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This week, Melanie, also known as Mehlsbells, contacted me with the idea to swap reviews on our blogs to help expose our reviews to different audiences, which I thought was a fun idea! My review is available on her site. What follows here is her review. Feel free to comment on both posts.

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ABC Family to stream live online 24/7 beginning Jan. 6


I don’t normally publish press releases, but I just received this one from ABC Family, about their new WATCH ABC Family initiative. ABC Family is going to be streaming their channel live online 24/7. But there’s a catch. There always is. You have to have a current cable subscription that already includes access to the channel.

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The official Veronica Mars movie trailer is out

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Though the trailer doesn’t give much more than what we already know and have seen, it must be noted that the official Veronica Mars movie trailer is out now! It includes talk about Logan and Veronica rekindling, Piz being left out, a reunion with both Wallace and Mac, plus the notorious high school reunion… and shots of plenty of cameos.

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Lost Girl ‘Groundhog Fae’ review: Opa and opa again

lost girl groundhog fae

Happy new year, everyone! It’s 2014, and I hope everyone had a really happy holidays!

This is one of those rare moments when I write a review several hours after I watched the episode — about eight hours or so. I mean, I don’t want to downplay my memory skills that much, but you know, that’s a lot of time for a twentysomething.

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2013 was a year of satirizing those who yearned for fame and fortune

Or, On Miley Cyrus and her summer anthem "We Can't Stop"


It’s the end of 2013. And naturally, this is the time when we all reflect on the past 12 months of our lives — where did it go wrong? where did it go right? what were the big events of the year? And I don’t know why I woke up this morning thinking about this, but one of the biggest events of 2013 is Miley Cyrus.

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Interview: Ashley Clements talks The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, fandom, and her career

Ashley Clements

Last year The Lizzie Bennet Diaries revolutionized the web with its charming adaptation of Jane Austen’s much beloved Pride and Prejudice. Featuring a grad student who week after week shared the goings-on of her life with thousands of people through her vlog, LBD stole the hearts of viewers scattered all around the world and skyrocketed its way to the top of Best P&P Adaptations lists.

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What did you get for Christmas?

Source: Jennifer C.

Source: Jennifer C.

Ah, the day after Christmas. That holiday spirit is reaching a plateau in the most pleasant way possible. You’re a day removed from the high of playing with your gifts. So my question is, did you get anything TV related under the tree?

About ten years ago, what I would have gotten for Christmas was another season of Friends on DVD, and a friend or two would gift some other show — Reba or Family Guy.

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