Reign star CAITLIN STASEY sends fans into a tizzy after speaking the truth on Twitter


What’s the best way to piss off your fans? Just tell them you don’t want to travel to their country to meet them! LOLZ. Caitlin Stasey, star of the CW series REIGN took to Twitter yesterday to publicly announce that, although grateful for their support, she has no plans to visit Brazil (or meet any “strangers” for that matter).

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The Veronica Mars movie was basically perfect


This review contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched the movie, don’t read.

There’s a moment during the Veronica Mars movie when Veronica and Logan are driving across a bridge (pictured above) where I was sitting in the theater and just thought wow, this is a movie. The exterior shots of Southern California, Veronica’s smooth voiceover, the tracking shot of her riding shotgun.

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Need for Speed review: Thrills in stunts, backfires elsewhere


If you’re looking to satisfy your itch to see cars go vroom a lot on the big screen, then by all means run — don’t walk — to Need for Speed this weekend. The packed house I watched it in was having a mighty good time with the races, the crazy stunts, and the cheeky one-liners, as was I.

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A bit of a lull

Hey guys. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there haven’t been many updates recently, and there haven’t even been new posts in the last couple of weeks. It’s been a busy semester for me, especially, and because of that, NoWhiteNoise has suffered a bit. But I just wanted to let you know that NWN isn’t dead just yet.

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Lotti Pharriss Knowles, Master of the Macabre, dishes Chastity Bites on DVD


Lotti Pharriss Knowles

A decade long journey comes to a head as Chastity Bites is finally released on DVD, and to celebrate the spectacularly spooky news, we have an in-depth look into the mind of the writer and producer of the film, Lotti Pharriss Knowles.

This recently released horror-comedy puts a modern day spin on the historical tale surrounding Elizabeth Bathory, a devilish woman who bathed in the blood of virgins, believing that her murderous ways would help achieve eternal youth.

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Lost Girl ‘Origin’ review: There will be blood oaths


Just a very quick review before tonight’s season finale.

Season four of Lost Girl has been rocky at best. I think the better way to put it is that they’ve just been stalling everything until tonight’s episode. That would have been fine if there were other, more interesting things going on throughout the past 12 episodes.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug review: Adventure time!

An exciting continuation — even more fun than the first installment!


Middle films in a trilogy are always difficult. They don’t have introductions; they don’t have epic final battles. They don’t begin and don’t end. They are movies where there is only ongoing conflict and no resolution. This was difficult in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, and most critics still consider The Two Towers the weakest of the three.

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Chastity Bites and so does Valentine’s Day: Interview with horror-comedy star Sarah Stouffer


Are wrinkles getting you down this Valentine’s Day? Wish there was a way to turn back the clock and remain a youthful beauty forever? Well, we’re fresh out of virgins today (all of them are getting lucky because unlike me, they have boyfriends, girlfriends, or even a stranger named Steve) so instead we’re going to focus on this titillating interview with my favorite Virginity Action Group member, Sarah Stouffer.

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Reign ‘Inquisition’ photo recap: All the Queen’s Men


I totally meant to recap the episode of Reign that comes before this episode. I even watched it, too! I don’t know where the time went. I used to be much better about time. But since there’s no new episode of Reign this week, I decided that I would have to recap the latest episode.

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Paul Wesley is going to direct an episode of The Vampire Diaries


Paul Wesley shadowed a carousel of directors for a year in order to prepare for one of his scariest roles yet — directing an episode of The Vampire Diaries! Apparently, he’s always wanted to direct, and told the executive producers about that early on the series’ run, but they told him that he had to go through the process before he was ready.

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