Lost Girl ‘Of All the Gin Joints’ review: Till the bird lady sings

lost girl 406

I don’t think there’s been any scene more blunt than Dyson and Bo having sex, Dyson pleading for Bo to give him the intimacy that he desires so, and her denying him that for her personal pleasure. If you’ve been wondering whether or not Bo has changed, this was the writers’ way of telling you that she has.

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Top 10 TV shows of 2013: Girls, Hannibal, & more


It’s that time of the year again when we reflect over the best in the past 12 months. And, of course, that means more best-of and top this or that lists. Well, you’ve probably already seen a top 10 TV shows of 2013 list on every site on the Internet at the moment, but none of them are mine.

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Revenge ‘Exodus’ review: Plans going overboard


The main problem with Revenge‘s midseason finale is that it took forever to get to that certain plot point. You know, the one they’ve been teasing since the premiere. And then again in all the promos since ever. In fact, I’d be surprised if we got more than 60 seconds past Emily getting shot of new footage to hold on to.

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It’s safe to watch Revenge again, everyone

After a disappointing second season, "Revenge" has regained its bearings.


The midseason finale of Revenge airs tomorrow night, and it will most likely be met with middling ratings. After a convoluted second season (paired with a move to a different night), audiences jumped ship on the frothy drama. No one can blame audiences for abandoning what was once a fun summer-in-fall soap turned complicated mess.

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Saving Mr. Banks review: Two movies in one, and one ain’t bad


It’s difficult to watch a film that’s sure to be on plenty of people’s — if not everyone’s — best-of list for 2013, perhaps a shoo-in for the Academy Awards next year, too, and just think well that was fine. In reality, author of Mary Poppins P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) was a stubborn and snobby person who thought (perhaps rightfully so) that her story was much darker than what Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) and Co.

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The Vampire Diaries ‘Fifty Shades of Grayson’ review

tvd 510

You guys, whatever.

Is that an appropriate reaction? I hope it is, because that’s sort of what The Vampire Diaries feels like sometimes, right? Like, a lot of stuff happens, but when it’s over you’re just like, “OK.” Right? Right? This wasn’t a particularly awful episode of The Vampire Diaries, but it was sort of like, “Sure.

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Lost Girl ‘Let the Dark Times Roll’ review: Line in the sand

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You guys, honestly, last time I’m tardy with this. The semester is officially over!

You already know how I feel about last week’s installment. It was perhaps the best episode of the series ever… or at least in a really long time. The problem with having such a good episode, of course, is that it’s difficult to follow that up.

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Golden Globes 2014 nominees I’m most excited about!


The Golden Globes nominations announcement is always one of the highlights of the year in television. Everything that seemingly got snubbed at the Emmys seems to get a nod during the Golden Globes. That’s what is so great about the Golden Globes: they like to recognize new names, take a few more risks.

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The Mindy Project: ‘Christmas Party Sex Trap’ review

Grade: A

Source: Tumblr

There are a few reasons that The Mindy Project is better than New Girl this season and ‘Christmas Party Sex Trap’ is one of them. Great writing, sharp delivery, sexual tension; and best of all, it all feels fresh and new and exciting.

The episode starts out with a great line from Mindy: “Christmastime in New York City… snow on the ground, lights in the trees, and so many tourists that it’s nearly impossible to return a bra to a department store.”

Then this happens:

Source: Tumblr

The entire opening was brilliant.

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Lost Girl ‘Turn to Stone’ review: The Bo is back

lost girl 404

I know that I am quite late with this update. I even contemplated forgoing it entirely, but I definitely wanted to write something about this episode of Lost Girl, because I think it’s one of the strongest of the series’ run.

For the first three episodes of this season, I wanted all of the characters back together in their normal dynamic.

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