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Posted 8/25/13 at 6:54 pm ET

America’s Next Top Model recap: Trailer park chic

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This week’s America’s Next Top Model starts off with a bit of drama between the boys, surprisingly.  Chris gets upset when Mike tells him to ‘shut the f— up’.  It seems like a bit of an overreaction, but he says it reminded him of some trauma from his childhood with his mom. I don’t know; I’m just surprised the first tiff of the season I’ve seen is between the male contestants.  But Chris comes clean to the whole house about his poor upbringing so the others are cool with him….except for Mike, who still wants him to act like a grown up.

The next day the models meet up with Johnny for their second runway challenge of the competition.  Mike is nervous because he is the worst walker ever according to Kelly and as an added challenge this runway will be spinning! Nina is also scared because she has a sprained ankle from casting, but challenges are super important with this new point system so she really can’t skip it.

The runway proves to be difficult for quite a few of the contestants, but a couple did really well, with Jourdan getting the win.  Since she says runway is her ‘thing’ I guess it is good that she could back up her word.  Mike and Jeremy got the lowest scores, so they really need to step it up at the photoshoot.
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America’s Next Top Model recap: Everyone is using the Blue Steel

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The Guy who Gets a Weave

Okay so who is still watching America’s Next Top Model? Anybody? No? Just me? Well okay then.  If you haven’t seen it, this season has a new twist: half of the contestants are boys! So now the house is full of sexual tension and there is a whole new dimension to the ever present drama.

This episode starts up with Tyra clearing up the rumors about her and fellow judge Rob. Despite the teaser from Tyra, they are not actually dating, but they DO have great chemistry, which is what they are going to teach the contestants about (which they can actually do now that there are boys competing).  According to Tyra and Rob, the 3 steps to chemistry are fresh breath, tension, and inhale.  There isn’t supposed to be any real action during this test, but that proves to be a bit difficult for some of the contestants, while others struggle to keep the sexy going with their partners.

This teach leads to a photo shoot, as it tends to do, and the contestants have to take sexy photo with Rob and Alessandra Ambrosio, so obvi both sexes are super excited.  Now I’m not real up to date on what the cool looks for male models are, but Jeremy and Mike were really rocking some Blue Steel in their shoots.
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Here’s The CW’s schedule next season (and why it makes sense)

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the cw TV NOW

The CW was the last network to announce its new fall schedule today in New York City during upfronts week. What followed was some decries that the netlet had gotten it all wrong. Reasons? Well, for one, they paired Beauty and the Beast together, they didn’t pair The Originals with its parental show The Vampire Diaries, and it moved The Carrie Diaries to Fridays. All in all, here’s what the schedule looks like, with all new episodes beginning in October yet again:

8pm | Hart of Dixie
9pm | Beauty and the Beast

8pm | The Originals
9pm | Supernatural

8pm | Arrow
9pm | The Tomorrow People

8pm |
The Vampire Diaries
9pm | Reign

8pm |
The Carrie Diaries
9pm | America’s Next Top Model

On tap for midseason: the six-episode final season of Nikita and new series The 100 and Star-Crossed. Obviously, there was going to be upset; there are changes on every single night of the network. But peering closer, we can actually begin to make sense of the scheduling.

Let’s begin on Mondays, where Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast have been paired off. Frankly, this may be the most weirdly combined night.
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America’s Next Top Model season finale recap: And the winner is…

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The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model

The day is here! It is season (series?) finale time! After weeks of crazy Tyra-inspired challenges it has all come down to Leila, Kiara, and Laura and one ‘haunting’ runway show. They missed Halloween by a few weeks, but oh well!

In a strange twist the show actually starts at fashion show and flashes back to the events leading up to the show. All the girls who made it to Jamaica return for the show along with last cycle’s winner, Sophie, who makes her first appearance. Seriously, where has she been all season? I’ve missed her.  And they didn’t even do a little interview with her. Disgraceful.

But before the runway show actually starts we take a peek at the girls’ photo shoot for Nine West.  Kelly is at the shoot since Nine West is one of her clients, and she is stepping all over everyone’s toes.  She is giving way more direction than Johnny ever does and she clashes with the photographer almost immediately.  They get in a big fight and it halts the shoot in the middle of Laura’s turn, and she is NOT happy about it. Why is life so unfair for poor Laura?

Really none of the girls hit it out of the park with the shoot.  Laura’s session was cut short and her face was dead, Leila had trouble modeling from head to toe, and Kiara had some dead eyes.  Not good for a group of finalists.
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America’s Next Top Model recap: The finals are coming!

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The Girl Who Freaks Out On Horseback

This episode starts off with a flashback by each girl, remembering some of the critiques they have taken so far while they each explain just how much they want to win this competition. These girls have just come so far, haven’t they?

When they get back to the house, Leila and Kiara share the Tyra Suite while Laura calls her mom to cry about how tough and stressful the competition is becoming.  However, she doesn’t seem too brokenhearted that her bestie Kristen is gone.

The next day the girls go to their challenge at a horse stable, which puts Laura right in her element, since she had ‘acres’ growing up and she just loves horses. (Later, she takes the time to explain that she hasn’t just been cruising along on her parents’ money and has been working since she was 14. Sweetie, compared to some of the ‘hard knocks’ stories on this show you’ve been through NOTHING.  Take a seat.)

For the challenge, the girls have to make their own advertisement, script and all, for Jamaican tourism. They shoot their commercial while riding a horse on the beach. Laura, who thought her experience and love for horses would make it easy for her, struggled a bit on her first take but nailed the second.  And Leila, who had a tough time with the animal last episode, completely freaked out while she was trying to shoot her ad.
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America’s Next Top Model recap: Dangerous dolphins and waterfalls

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After last week’s panel, Kiara is still reeling from her appearance in the bottom two.  She tells the girls that she would literally do ANYTHING to win, even kill someone, which is very annoying to Kristen, who is just sick of all of the girls.

Laura is also feeling annoyed, because Leila got to come back into the competition without having to do all the challenges and extra ‘work’ that they had to do. Oh cry me a river, Laura.  During all that extra ‘work’ you were racking up tons of money in your scholarship account that Leila didn’t even have a chance to win.

At the challenge, Bob Marley’s daughter is there with Johnny and they tell the girls that they are going to be wearing Ms. Marley’s designs while posing in the water with some dolphins, which are apparently two of Tyra’s biggest fears. Really, Tyra? I can understand the water but dolphins?! Johnny tells the girls not to be afraid of the dolphins, but really who is afraid of dolphins (besides Tyra, obviously)? Who doesn’t love Flipper?!?

During her shoot, Leila’s dolphin gets spooked and hits her leg very hard.  Everyone has to evacuate to the shore, but Leila is ultimately fine and gets back into the water.  Despite her short-lived injury, it doesn’t stop the girls (mainly Laura and Kristen) from hating on her.  During her turn, Laura accidentally flashed the entire beach, but it happens.
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America’s Next Top Model recap: Off to Jamaica!

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The Girls Go To Jamaica

The time has come! We finally get to find out who the winner of the comeback competition is and who gets to go to Jamaica with the rest of the girls.  In a countdown that eliminated each girl one by one, it came down to Leila and Allyssa, with Leila ultimately getting the final spot.  This is not surprising at all, since her initial elimination was a huge shock in the first place. Of course the remaining girls aren’t thrilled, especially Laura, who is concerned that Leila will be a threat to her position as the top dog in the competition.

In other news from panel, the girls are all still super pissed at Victoria for throwing them under the bus in front of the judges, but Victoria, the clueless girl she is, still stands firm in her belief that she has been a victim of bullying.  And, of course, she just wants to talk to her mom.  Tyra, why won’t you let the poor girl call her mom??

While all this discontent is happening, the girls pack up their stuff and fly off to Jamaica, where they are greeted by a bus full of beautiful male models.  The men take them to their house on the beach where they meet up with Tyra and dance to some Jamaica music.  While they are partying Kiara is making a love connection with one of the male models.  Will she be able to stay focused with a lover in the area?
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America’s Next Top Model recap: Breakdowns are coming

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The Girl Who Comes Back

Before I start with the recap, let me just tell you a little story. So last week I didn’t have TV or internet for like 5 days. It was a very depressing, trying time, especially because it meant that I couldn’t watch or recap my favorite show in the whole world, America’s Next Top Model.  But when I went to watch last week’s episode before viewing the new one I discovered that, alas, there was no new episode last week! What a stroke of luck! Anyway, that made me really super excited and I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance to dissect the latest model drama and judging panel.

So on to this week’s episode, which involved my favorite activity: Go-Sees! But before that happens, Lauren is at the house still reeling from her appearance in the bottom two after her dominance the week before and Brittany is crying over a letter from her sister.  There are some close familial relationships on this show this season, aren’t there?

There is also some tension in the house after last week’s panel when the girls told Tyra about their concerns with Victoria.  Victoria feels betrayed and the girls are still worried about her inability to handle the competition.  And, of course, Victoria just wishes she could talk to her mom, who embraces her weirdness with no questions.
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America’s Next Top Model recap: Roadtrips and hot messes

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The Girl Who Licks the Floor

After last week’s panel, Victoria is still reeling from her trip to the bottom two and Laura, after her perfect sweep, decides to keep the Tyra Suite all to herself.

Kiara, who has dubbed herself the house mom, cooks up a lovely chili dinner for the girls, but Victoria is so stressed out and homesick for her mother that she has no desire to eat any of it and some of the girls have questions about her eating habits, or lack thereof.

The next day BryanBoy shows up at the girls’ house with Marissa Montgomery, who is a fashion host for Nylon online, and they tell the girls that they are going on a road trip to Palm Springs.  Bryan tells the girls that they are going to be split into two RVs and on this road trip they are going to have to be committing ‘random acts of modeling’ at their three pit stops as this week’s challenge.

Unfortunately, most of the girls don’t know what ‘random acts of modeling’ are.  They are supposed to modeling while doing everyday things, but very few pictures actually show that concept.  On the way to the final destination, Kiara realizes that her video somehow got deleted (apparently Victoria didn’t save it, which quickly cures Kiara’s desire to act as a mother figure for her), so they have to stop at the side of the road to re-tape it.
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America’s Next Top Model recap: Video games with some attitude

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laura antm

After Nastasia’s best picture at panel last week, she chose Kiara to stay with her in the Tyra Suite, because even though it seems like everyone hates Kiara, apparently they are friends.  In the rest of the house, Laura is sick of the drama that comes with living in a house full of girls, Brittany is still in shock that she beat out Leila in the bottom two, and Yvonne is pissed at Bryan Boy for shaking his head at Brittany’s higher score.

Yvonne is clearly going to be the focus this week (like Leila was last week), because while she is on the phone Victoria listens in and talks about how she doesn’t think Yvonne’s head is in the game anymore, and Yvonne herself says that she is super tired and that the competition is very hard.  Clearly this does not bode well for her.

For the next challenge the girls are at a special effects production house, where they are going to bring a video game to life by acting out the moves in motion capture suits.  Of course the girls are acting out their video game scene with Rob, because apparently he is obligated to be at every single ANTM event all season.  Poor guy, he clearly got a really crappy contract deal.
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