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Posted 9/22/13 at 5:55 pm ET

By the way, Gossip Girl Acapulco is airing in the U.S. now

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For all of us Gossip Girl lovers (and love-to-haters), we’ve been following the news of the Spanish-language adaptation titled Gossip Girl Acapulco. The series premiered a few weeks ago in Mexico but has finally premiered here in the States. Though Univision was supposed to air the series in 2014, they’ve decided to accelerate it. 

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Posted 8/12/13 at 3:00 pm ET

Lily and Rufus will be endgame in a Lifetime movie

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I promise I’m not seeking out more Gossip Girl information! It’s finding me! But here’s a good one: Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle have just been cast in a Lifetime movie titled A Sister’s Nightmare, where they play each other’s romantic interests. Or something like that.

Look, the movie isn’t really a romance one, but we can all hope that they fall in love and stay together happily ever after, especially since they kissed on the mouth in the Gossip Girl finale but then ended up with other people.

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Posted 8/12/13 at 1:24 am ET

Here are parallel GIFs of the Gossip Girl and Gossip Girl Acapulco premieres

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As you may or may not know — but, please, you definitely do — the Spanish-language adaptation of Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Acapulco, premiered last Monday (and then aired its subsequent four episodes daily). Though some things were changed here and there in its premiere, for the most part, it stays true to the original’s pilot.

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Posted 8/9/13 at 4:16 pm ET

All of the Gossip Girl Acapulco premiere’s best moments (and differences)

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Earlier this week, Mexico saw the premiere of a Spanish-language development of the best show of our time. That’s right, guys. In case you forgot: Gossip Girl Acapulco had its series premiere on Monday. It airs five nights a week, which is typical.

Here are some of the best moments in that first episode … and some differences from the infamous original, in order of how they appeared:

A theme song.

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Posted 7/2/13 at 2:44 pm ET

Gossip Girl ‘All About My Brother’ photo recap: Diary of a Tired Blog Dan

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I decided to surprise everyone with a quick vintage photo recap of cap-worthy episode 1×16 “All About My Brother” — except a quarter way in, I realized that neither Chuck nor Nate were in the episode … which is just sad. I wanted some Natefused and Rihanna lyrics in here, but it didn’t happen.

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Posted 5/24/13 at 5:53 pm ET

The root of guilt in Guilty Pleasures

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Creator and executive producer of both Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes said recently in a Salon interview that calling a series a guilty pleasure is like calling it “a piece of crap.” She was insulted that anyone would actually reference their watching of Scandal with such a phrase. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I understand where she’s coming from.

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Posted 3/13/13 at 7:02 pm ET

Here’s a video of Dan Humphrey saying part of the Gossip Girl opening

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Recently, I asked people on Tumblr to make a video of Dan Humphrey saying the voiceover of the Gossip Girl opening titles (instead of Kristen Bell), because OBVIOUSLY. Well, someone responded — and it just HAD to be shared.

TeenyTinyTelly on Tumblr said they had made the video before but it didn’t turn out how they ideally wanted, so instead made a shorter version… and then kindly linked me to it.

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Posted 12/28/12 at 1:08 pm ET

Top 16 Best TV moments of 2012

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2012 was a great year for television, and as the year finally comes to a close, we’d like to count down our favorite moments. This was the year we saw Jack and Liz be Batman and the Joker, this is the year Leslie Knope was elected, this is the year Gossip Girl was revealed.

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Posted 12/18/12 at 5:39 pm ET

Gossip Girl ‘New York, I Love You XOXO’ photo recap: End It Like Ehh… Erm

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So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye! Gossip Girl, once hailed as The Greatest Show Of Our Time, has come and gone and now we must bid it adieu. How can you solve a problem like Gossip Girl? Ahhh…

In this episode, Chuck and Blair finally get hitched (but don’t bang, I’m sorry for the false expectations I’ve caused), Nate and Sage pretend to be smart but don’t actually solve anything, no one mourns Bart’s second death, Dan is Gossip Girl, and Serena loves him for it.

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Posted 12/18/12 at 10:40 am ET

Gossip Girl Roundtable: Series Finale ‘New York, I Love You XOXO’

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Time for us to discuss the final episode of Gossip Girl ever. What happened in this episode? Chuck and Blair get married; Serena and Dan get married; Kristen Bell is there; Nate kind of had a storyline — not really; Dan says he’s gossip girl and no one cares; hundreds find solace in the hilarity of Dan being GG on Tumblr.

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