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Posted 12/15/11 at 9:25 pm ET

An open letter to the Academy: CW shows deserve recognition

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Dear The Academy (and other awards organizations),

As I am typing this, I have just finished another round of voting at the People’s Choice Awards website, frantically hoping that some of my favorite shows get a chance at prestigious recognition. Most of the categories are closed, except for favorite new TV drama and comedy. Who did I vote for? Well, it’s none of your business!

Okay, fine. I’ll tell you. What can I say? You wore me down. I voted for Revenge and The Secret Circle. Yes, twice. I just couldn’t decide which one I liked more at the moment. One is a Hamptons sudser about a girl who comes back to town to take revenge on the people who plotted her father’s demise. The other is about a girl realizing she’s a witch and having to take on the responsibility that comes with it — I only tell you this because it seems you don’t have a clue what’s on The CW at all!

You’re right. I shouldn’t have raised my voice. I apologize.

In the comedy categories, I was underwhelmed, if you must know. I think New Girl is funny, but sometimes a bit too intense and 2 Broke Girls goes for the jugular more than the gut at times… I even stopped watching Up All Night earlier this season, but not because I didn’t like it, I just haven’t found the time.
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