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Posted 2/7/14 at 5:07 pm ET

Paul Wesley is going to direct an episode of The Vampire Diaries

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Paul Wesley shadowed a carousel of directors for a year in order to prepare for one of his scariest roles yet — directing an episode of The Vampire Diaries! Apparently, he’s always wanted to direct, and told the executive producers about that early on the series’ run, but they told him that he had to go through the process before he was ready. And ready he is, as he’s going to be directing episode 18 of this season. This marks the first time that a cast member of The Vampire Diaries is making a directorial debut. And it comes to no surprise (to me, at least) that Wesley is first; he’s been telling everyone for three years now that he wants to do more than just brood.

Does this mean I actually have to watch episode 18 of The Vampire Diaries now?

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100 episodes: What are your favorite Vampire Diaries moments?

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These days, we don’t treat The Vampire Diaries as nicely as we possibly could. But there was a time when The Vampire Diaries was on my list of favorite television shows. I think it’s also safe to say that there was also a moment in time when The Vampire Diaries was one of the best shows on television, completely un-ironically. And whether you’ve been watching the show begrudgingly for the past couple of seasons or not, watching 100 episodes of any series is a huge feat. It’s also a huge feat for any show to get to that point. So why not bask in some of the glory days?

Before we get to episode 101 tomorrow, let’s recount the good times. Here are some of my favorite moments over the past four and a half seasons of The Vampire Diaries (in chronological order):

1. Stefan kills Vicki

The beginning of The Vampire Diaries was definitely not some of the best television ever. It was overtly cheesy, and there was a lot of fog and crows. It was strange. But everyone recalls episode seven — the episode where The Vampire Diaries undoubtedly changed. It all cemented with this scene, where Stefan kills Vicki after Damon made her a vampire.
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The Vampire Diaries ’500 Years of Solitude’ review: Raise a glass

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Can you believe we’ve gone through 100 of these? I started reviewing The Vampire Diaries during the tail end of season two. Ah, season two. Good times. That was back when I, and everyone else, was trying to convince people that The Vampire Diaries is a show that is worth watching unironically. And it was. Characters’ actions were defined, the plot moved forward, and the mythology mostly made sense.

And now we’ve pushed through another 50 episodes, and well, I can’t believe how much time has gone by. For “500 Days of Solitude,” it appears the series can’t believe it either. As for the characters, they’re too busy blaming Katherine about everything that has gone wrong in their lives on the person dying upstairs. Weirdly, Katherine comes off as the most sympathetic character here. Yes, I’m sure that my bias is showing, but a character that doesn’t blame her actions on other people, who basically says, “Fuck it, I was trying to survive” gets points in my book against the characters that continuously say, “The buck stops… there.” I mean, some of their justifications are just laughable.

That’s kind of where we’ve gotten at this point in the Vampire Diaries‘ story.
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The Vampire Diaries ‘Fifty Shades of Grayson’ review

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You guys, whatever.

Is that an appropriate reaction? I hope it is, because that’s sort of what The Vampire Diaries feels like sometimes, right? Like, a lot of stuff happens, but when it’s over you’re just like, “OK.” Right? Right? This wasn’t a particularly awful episode of The Vampire Diaries, but it was sort of like, “Sure. That satisfied the requirements for one hour.”

At this point in The Vampire Diaries‘s life, I don’t think there’s much to say about character development. I’ve tried for a long time. Last week, I even skipped a review for the first time in two and a half years, back when I would be able to make sense of each character’s actions. This episode, I suppose I can muster up a few things:

For one, I’m glad that they’re digging into Damon’s villainous ways, that Damon is asking Elena to stop trying to defend his actions (as they all do for each other, which is just reprehensible), that Elena has stated that she’s kind of awful too, that Stefan is trying to rekindle with his humanity. I also love that Katherine is trying to find redemption, but I hate how she’s going about it: Stefan, love me!
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The Vampire Diaries ‘Handle With Care’ review: Breaking Kat

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Let us all bask in the glory that was the best episode of The Vampire Diaries in a very long while! Am I delusional or was that just some very good stuff? I’m beyond the mythology, though sometimes with how wonky it is, it can be plain fun in its own right. It’s not that I’m saying this episode was specifically compelling, but for some odd reason I just relished in it.

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The Vampire Diaries ‘Monster’s Ball’ review: Babies having babies

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I must really be a masochist. OK, here’s a stream of consciousness (I apologize in advance):

Well, let’s be honest: that wasn’t a bad episode of The Vampire Diaries. But, then again, as I’ve been reiterating for this entire season, this season is just a reiteration of the show. Even Caroline is tired of having the same talk with Tyler about him leaving and having to do things elsewhere. Tyler should take the word “hi” out of his lexicon, because he’s more prone to goodbyes, anyhow.

By the same token, Damon is still keeping Elena out of the loop — just like everyone usually does with Elena. And even Jeremy has resorted to not caring what Bonnie thinks, re: her own death. Though, at least in that case, I’m erring on Jeremy’s side since Bonnie has been one notch above pathetic this season, hovering around everyone whilst telling them how great they are. But when it comes to Bonnie, not even her afterlife is much about her anymore (not that it ever was). Damon just wants to bring her back from the dead because it will satisfy Elena. Also, I love that Bonnie is dead and everyone’s just like, “Let’s go to a ball!”

Guys, I’m blogging on my personal blog for the most part.
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The Top 5 Christian Grey’s That Weren’t

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Now that we’ve had time to mourn the loss of one Christian Grey and equal time to embrace a new one we can all sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. The coveted role in the Fifty Shades of Grey book-to-movie adaptation by E.L. James now rests in the hands of Sheriff Graham Humbert (played by Jamie Dornan) of the ABC series Once Upon A Time. One thing’s for sure, this smokin’ hot actor (who happens to come equipped with a delectable Irish accent) is one lucky guy! But what about all the other heartthrobs who didn’t make the cut? Do we deprive ourselves from their manly goodness? I think not! So this is for you, despite being our runners up we still think you’re pretty damn fine.

1. Matt Bomer

Matt was a BIG favorite amongst the fans to land the role of S&M master, Christian Grey and we can definitely see why. This wholesome Texas boy decided to move to NY after college. He worked on such acclaimed stage productions as Spring Awakening (directed by Michael Mayer) and Grey Gardens (directed by Michael Grief.) Well, Matt, you can definitely Spring awaken in my grey garden (did I actually just type that?
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The Vampire Diaries ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ review: Ghost whisperer

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When Stefan lost his memory last week, I was split pretty evenly about it. On one hand, you have what could be a trite plot twist. On the other, it could be a lot of fun having Stefan rediscover this weird world. I mean, these are people who are vampires and where a friend is dead but is making sure no one knows. That’s kind of funny, and maybe he would point out some of these oddities in a breaking-the-fourth-wall kind of way. He did do that, a bit. And then there was a lot of what was supposed to be serious that, to put this blatantly, was just hilarious. Ultimately, I struggled with whether to be much more lenient with this episode because it was, in a way, entertaining, but in the end, it failed at what it wanted to accomplish. It’s not like this is worst-episode-ever territory (the worst TVD episode is still “Into the Wild”). But it just did not live up to what it set out to do.

The problem with The Vampire Diaries this season is that it’s unsure of what the hell to do now. That’s really it, in a nutshell. The show focused for so long on Klaus and the Originals, that once they all were shipped off, it’s been panicking, frenetically looking around at what it can cling onto.
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The Vampire Diaries ‘Original Sin’ review: Conflict that makes things interesting

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There were plenty of moments during tonight’s Vampire Diaries where it seemed like the writers were speaking directly to the audience. One of them, of course, was Quetsiyah telling Damon that he’s basically used to dramatize another romance. We know that Damon and Elena love to prove to themselves that they are beyond fate and circumstance, but time and time again, the actual series provides to us that Elena and Stefan are somehow epic. This is always my main concern with love triangles. I remember watching Lost Girl this summer and thinking the same thing, but vice-versa. In that show, one side of the love-triangle was never going to happen because of a spell, which was just used as some sort of greater and epic obstacle for their inevitable love story. Here, given that there has been such an insurmountable amount of evidence about the “epic” Stefan and Elena romance, one can’t help but think Damon and Elena are entering a relationship that’s doomed. In a show that has set up relationships as the ultimate prize for heroism, it’s going to be weird to see how Damon’s story could end without Elena. I can’t imagine a high-note ending for himself without her, myself; no other viable love interest prospects have popped up throughout the entire series’ run.
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The Vampire Diaries ‘True Lies’ review: Always look back

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The Vampire Diaries is really good at making episodes where seemingly not much happens feel like there’s a lot that happens. I mean, they’ve been doing them for plenty of seasons now, so they’ve certainly gotten much more efficient at them. Once the credits roll at the end of the episode, you realize they’ve basically just been delaying the events until the next plot twist. But now that the show is in its fifth season, shoehorning faux twists and cliffhangers is beginning to feel a bit like déja vu and veering into the point of a yawn.

Look, we know that Elena isn’t going to kill Damon. So cutting to a commercial right after she threatens to murder him is more or less a waste of time. Sure, there could have been points for shock that Elena had been compelled by Silas, you know, if we hadn’t just spent the previous season with Elena removed of her agency. Or Matt removed of his in this episode. Agency-less characters can, as we’ve discussed, be fun in small doses. But on a show that compels random extras on a weekly basis and then has season-long arcs where the characters make few decisions themselves?
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