This week’s episode of Suits was one that I wasn’t too excited about because it was a flashback episode and after last week’s cliffhanger, I didn’t think that this would contribute much to the present day story. However I was pleasantly wrong, this episode really sucked me in, as all Suits episodes do because it gave much-needed backstory as well as offered nice parallels to between events of the present and the past. Providing the perfect backdrop to the events happening in the present, pushing the story forward, rather then just being a filler episode, as I expected it to be. Making it feel like a true episode.

The episode takes us back five years ago, where we see Harvey as an associate and Mike basically just getting high and hanging out with Trevor. One thing that I liked is that we got to see Donna again, without all the drama of the present. Personally, I feel that Harvey’s flashbacks were more interesting and added more to his character than Mike’s did. Since the beginning of the series Harvey’s character’s backstory has always been something that I wondered about, and was quite mysterious, because you only really got to know him as “Harvey the lawyer”. It was a nice change of pace to learn about his family, although his mother is still a mystery and I can’t wait for them to go deeper into that story.

In Mike’s flashbacks he meets Jenny – who Trevor snaked him from – for the first time as well as her friend Nikki, whom he goes on a date with; unfortunately she is more interested in his mind then anything else and only wants him taking LSAT’s for her. At first he decline, it wasn’t until he needed the money to take care of his grandmother that he decides to do it for her, which is really the heart of the show, and nice to know his whole “business” was based upon helping his grandmother rather than for selfish reasons. Although I didn’t find Mike’s flashback’s as integral to the story, it was nice seeing how different but similar Mike is to his self five years ago. Although, one thing that bothered me about this episode was that they seemed to be pushing the Jenny – Mike storyline, trying to justify their relationship, even though they have moved well past it and didn’t need to go back into this relationship/story.

Now, lets head back to the present, where the episode began; with Mike and Harvey meeting to discuss their plan to take down Hardman, Harvey gives Mike the task of confronting an old colleges, Monica, who we learn later was the person Hardman was cheating on his wife with. As Mike leaves to talk to Monica, Harvey takes the day off, for what, we don’t know yet. Although knowing his character, whatever he has to do must be pretty serious, especially since he’s not in a suit. One of the things that I loved was seeing Harvey out of his element, not wearing a suit and not guarded, as he is usually shown, it was not till the end of the episode that I realized what this signified, but I’ll get to that later. Harvey’s train ride provides the perfect opportunity for reflective flashbacks, starting with the one that began it all; Jessica coming to Harvey for help, to find out who has been stealing from the company. Which gives Harvey the perfect opportunity to request a sit at the grown up table (promoted to junior partner) if he finds to find out who is stealing, which he then enlists Donna to help him with. Let me just say that this is probably one of the funniest scenes. Donna going cross eyed was hilarious and shows how essential her character is to the show, she adds a lot of comedy, which is desperately need since the story lines have been so intense lately. I also love the dynamic between Donna and Harvey and I’ve missed it over the last few episodes.

We then get a much-needed Harvey – Louis scene, where Harvey pokes fun at his braces and we learn of Louis’ failed attempt at nicknaming, Harvey, H-Dog. It funny how ironic Louis is when he talks about how he would be such a nice boss, when in reality he is worse than Hardman. After looking through Zoe’s computer, Harvey comes to the conclusion that Louis is the embezzler. Although we all know he is not the culprit, this leads into one of the funniest scenes with Jessica trying to break him down and confess. All I have to say is poor Louis, always in the dark, the only things he’s guilty of is sleeping on Jessica’s couch and walking barefoot in the library, funny things to imagine but not nearly as bad as embezzlement. Due to this major error, Jessica rings Harvey out for not doing his job properly. Forcing Harvey to go to Louis for help, who realizes who the true perpetrator is, Hardman. Harvey then takes this information to Jessica, but instead of taking it to the DA, she decided to confront. Hardman instead, which is a decision that she probably regrets now. During her confrontation with Hardman, he lies about using the money to help save his dying wife, which we know is not true.  Harvey being the do gooder – to some extent – and Jessica, trying to be sympathetic to Hardman’s situation, they get into a heated argument over the situation, and Jessica accuses him as being cold toward a man’s dying wife.

It isn’t until Rachel and Donna meet for the first time for everything to come into fruition when Donna realizes that Hardman is actually cheating on his dying wife with Monica, a fellow partner. After she gleefully takes this news to Harvey, he confronts them and basically forces Hardman to step down or he’ll tell his dying wife about the affair; giving him no choice but to take the offer, and Jessica fires Monica, which was well deserved. I guess Hardman doesn’t know that when someone points a gun at you, you don’t always have to comply. Harvey wins – as always – but then Donna comes in all teary eyed, and tells him that his father has passed away, which truly is one of the most heartbreaking scenes to watch, showing Harvey’s vulnerability and breaking down, but still somewhat maintaining his demander.

Back in the present, we see Louis sitting behind Mike and Monica – where it was established early that he goes there everyday to eat/watch Monica – watching their heated meeting. Even though I knew what Louis would do with this info, I loved that we got to see this softer side of Louis, who still cares for this person, even five years later. After he told Hardman about their little meeting, he then yelled at Jessica for playing dirty. Jessica insists she would never do anything of the sort, – oh Hardman, you’re playing right into their hands – she went straight to Mike, and in front of everyone wrung him out for talking to Monica, and basically told everyone walking by about Hardman’s embezzlement and affair. Way to go Jessica; that will definitely earn you some votes!

We then flashback to Donna and Harvey, whom share a nice moment, in which they relish in his promotion. This also introduces the can opener ritual once again, telling us that thumbtacks are also involved, only leaving us with more questions than answers about what their ritual could possibly be. In the end we see Zoe telling Harvey something he needs to hear, that he is becoming cold and caulis like all those who sit at grown up table and instead of mourning his father’s death – which I forgot about until this point – he is celebrating his promotion; she then tells him he lost his way. At time point, Harvey’s whole mysterious outing becomes clear, he is in fact going to his father’s grave to have a drink with him. I taught that this was one of the best scenes of the episodes, it was done perfectly, the music, acting and the way it was filmed really attest’s to the show’s awesomeness. Back in the present Harvey and Jessica talk about their successful plan – which she was in on the entire time, well done Jessica – and Harvey’s day, indicating Jessica knew what he was doing. Which was nice to see that their mentor/ mentoree relationship was still going strong. In the final moments of the show, Harvey declares that he is “getting Donna back”, making me jump for joy because the show is really missing something without Donna, and I also love the determination in his voice as well as Jessica’s sly grin; the perfect ending to this episode.

How did you like the flashback episode?