Holy %$&%@%$$&$$&@@%%% it actually happened! The it I am referring to of course is the only thing that could make any fan of the show Weeds, react with such surprise at this point.

Nancy and Andy, had sex. Oh but that’s not all, they had sex on the ground in the exact spot where Nancy’s first husband and Andy’s brother Judah died immediately before the series began.

The 100th episode entitled “God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise,” sees Nancy, Andy, and Silas return to their old stomping grounds of Agrestic (now called Regrestic), and several memorable characters return, including Conrad (guest star Romany Malco), Guillermo (guest star Guillermo Diaz), Andy’s old girlfriend, and dean of admissions at the rabbinical school Yael Hoffman (guest star Meital Dohan), who also almost saved Andy from going off to serve in the military in season 2, Silas’ once upon a time deaf ex-girlfriend Megan (guest star), whom he impregnated, also in season 2, and of course Lupita (guest star Renee Victor). The original opening theme is also back…

…and you couldn’t possibly ask for a better 100th episode. Everything felt so familiar and yet so new and exciting. And it’s because of this episode that I begin to wonder if the series could actually continue beyond this season. I suppose it’s pretty tactful: redeem the series and it’s characters immediately before you, as a writer (yes Jenji, you) could screw up the plot all over again.

In this episode, Nancy wants “milf’ seeds from Conrad, she has bought a large piece of land in hopes that Conrad will help her grow, and she declares she’s “back in the business.” A complete divorce from her original stance this season, which saw her throwing a bag of marijuana in the shredder outside.  Conrad is engaged now and in the “health” business selling useless supplements to bored housewives. Nancy tracks down Guillermo, who has been since released from prison and owns the valley’s in Regrestic. Nancy needs his blessing. She offers him an inside job in their new venture: the future of marijuana- legalized. Guillermo has two choices, he chooses to enter the future.

Meanwhile, Silas runs into Megan who is back in Regrestic because her father recently fell ill. The two of them catch up and Silas admits that he poked holes in the condom, which caused to get pregnant many years earlier. Silas also admits he still loves her, or that he at least believes she is the only woman (girl) he’s ever loved. Megan doesn’t think this is so crazy. The two of them end up back in each other’s arms less than twenty seconds later.

Back in Old Sandwich, Shane is ready to flee town when “internal affairs” stops by to investigate the recent impound yard scam, which Shane was a part of. The storyline is messy, but the basic concept is Shane loves being a cop (more than people) and Ouellette (guest star) is actually in on it: he was teaching Shane a lesson, and he’s a cop. Doug starts his own religion amongst the homeless people, referring back to when he was almost shot and received a phone call in season 6—a supposed sign from God, which saved his life.

At Conrad’s engagement party (or is it wedding reception?), Nancy drinks an entire bottle of wine, Silas announces Megan is coming back with them, and Andy wallows.

And then the Nancy and Andy sex commences. Andy has a realization that Nancy is no good for him, and the spot means so much more than just a place to bone. Andy admits he is not coming back with her because he knows Nancy doesn’t want him…

…but she does- AND YOU SO KNEW IT ALL ALONG!

After sex, Andy gets up and runs away. Nancy screams after him “ANDY!” and the credits roll.

Although this season has been a little slow getting off the ground, this episode was pure vintage Weeds. It was the show we fell in love with. It’s the Nancy we fell in love with.

Next week: The 1 hour series finale. Will Andy return? Will Nancy end up with Andy or the rabbi? Will Silas end up with Megan? Will Shane end up with Ouellette? Will Guillermo find vengeance? Will Nancy go legit? And will the show that’s kept you guessing, finally giving you the answers you’ve been waiting for? Guess we will find out.