The Emmy window is now officially closed, which basically means that we’re free to begin dreaming about who we want to be nominated in a few week’s time. Honestly, most of these people probably will not be officially recognized for their hard work and dedication to the craft, but they should be – at least in our humble opinion. (Now of course, some people may have slipped through the cracks. We don’t watch everything on television, but we do try!)

It’s unfortunate but true. Year after year, the Academy continues to choose the exact same people. Modern Family will probably continue to dominate and Downton Abbey will probably once again takeover, but we can at least hope that some others will get the spotlight, right?

From ol’ faithfuls like Mad Men to no-chance-in-hell picks like Happy Endings, here is our list of dream nominees.

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Comedy series

NBC’s 30 Rock

Sure, you’re probably tired of seeing 30 Rock in this lineup every. single. season. But there’s no denying that it had one of the best final season runs in sitcom history. Where most series decide to slowly trudge towards their endings, 30 Rock decided to sprint to the finish line — saving no jokes and no gags. One final “shut it down” should be awarded with at least an Emmy nod.

HBO’s Girls

The second season of Girls may have ruffled feathers for changing things a bit drastically, including an episode that worked more as a short film. But none of that negates it as one of television’s most intriguing and auteurist ventures. HBO’s Girls continued to be daring and even told some cringe-worthy stories (paired with cringe-worthy visuals). There’s just no series on TV like it.

ABC’s Happy Endings

This little gem of an ensemble comedy about six friends in Chicago struggled for three years before finally getting the axe from ABC just a few weeks ago after having been dumped in the Friday night death sloth. Happy Endings celebrates some of the wittiest dialogue and funniest joke setups, often on par with cult comedy 30 Rock. The cast has amazing chemistry that lends a believable charm to the running theme of friends committing hijinks. Luckily, rumors have been flying that USA will be picking up the show.

FX’s Louie

In its third season, one-man show Louie did what it does best… and even more of it. This fascinating comedy continues to break through sitcom tradition, telling brave stories of the intricacies of one man. From issues fathers face to new girlfriends who turn out to be absolutely crazy, Louie tests an array of social norms — and we’re glad it does.

Fox’s The Mindy Project

Despite the fact that this new series got off to a very rough start, we find that it eventually found its rhythm by managing to focus attention away from most of its huge, but charming cast by relying heavily on numerous guest stars and a lot of funny one-liners. Morgan the nurse always has some eyebrow-raising comment to make while Dr. Danny’s grumpiness is the perfect foil for everybody else’s bubbliness.

NBC’s Parks and Recreation

A staple of the best comedy series nominees, but nevertheless a well-deserved spot every year. This year, Parks and Rec continued to make us bust a gut while simultaneously warming our hearts as we met Mona Lisa (Jean Ralphio’s sister), said good-bye to Jerry, attended Leslie and Ben’s wedding, and watched Ron start dating his first non-Tammy. It was a pleasant surprise to hear that Parks and Rec was given a surprise renewal for another season.

HBO’s Veep

What? Sometimes the Emmys have a seven-way tie! You just can’t have an Emmy comedy category, without including the absolutely wonderfully profane Veep. The HBO comedy only got better in its second season, finding new ways for all characters to insult each other, and even giving us Julia Louis-Dreyfus singing. It’s a shoe-in.

Bonus: The CW’s Gossip Girl

From Ivy sexing Daddy Van Der Woodsen to Bart falling off a roof to DAN BEING GOSSIP GIRL, the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl was filled with more LOL-worthy moments than any other show on television. We don’t know a single person who didn’t find themselves dying of laughter by the end of at least one episode this year. And if you didn’t find the humor in the sheer absurdity of it all, well clearly you don’t understand what comedy is all about.

Honorable Mentions: Arrested DevelopmentNew Girl

COMEDY: Series | Lead Actress | Lead Actor | Supporting Actress | Supporting Actor
DRAMA: Series | Lead Actress | Lead Actor | Supporting Actress | Supporting Actor

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