Caitlin Stasey, 2013Society continues to put us on pedestals, pedestals that no one can possibly be expected to stay on for long, especially those directly in the public eye. For those people— the celebrities, the politicians, the mildly famous— having an opinion is almost unheard of out of fear of unmanageable backlash… but not for Caitlin Stasey.

This actress, who is widely known for her role as Kenna on the hit CW series Reign, has been obliterating societal norms one tweet at a time. Her brutally honest, and heartfelt stance on issues such as gender equality, sexual identity and animal cruelty has skyrocketed this once timid young lady to the spotlight ultimately breaking the mold and committing to a new outspoken facade.

The 24-year-old leading lady recently took to Twitter, posting a topless photo, one of which her critics are calling “inappropriate” and immediately flagged as “mature content.” A response that only confirms the taboo of female nudity and solidifies her decision to join the #FreeTheNipple movement. We’re talking a picture that’s been deemed by our competitors as “too rude” to post in its entirety. We chose to display the photo without a censor, because hey, isn’t the point to embrace the female body?


Despite hilarious measures other sites have taken to block out Stasey’s lady bits, (we see you putting famous faces on them, you clever kids) these sites seem to exhibit a similar stance while reporting the news, that female nudity is wrong, and we must block it to be accepted in the business.

Stasey spoke freely during this epic Q&A, did I just use the word epic? Oh well, it’s pretty epic mentioning her love affair with images of women, her message to questioning youth and even talked a little bit about Kenna’s journey so far on the show.

So here we go, the interview you’ve all been waiting for…

MCKENZIE MORRELL: Congrats on a great season of Reign, and a season two pickup. We recently saw the finale and Kenna has really grown since we first saw her, she went from sleeping with the King to finding her maternal side. What changed?

CAITLIN STASEY: She went through almost every phase of her own sexuality, she was initially purely hedonistic, then she used her sexuality to her advantage, then had her bodily autonomy taken from her and she became objectified, a pawn in a bigger and more sinister scheme. I sense that her relationship to Pascal is one of empathy, understanding
the loneliness and helplessness of being trapped in an unsafe home, perhaps she wants to ensure he never has to experience the fear and insecurity that she has.

Kenna and Bash were an unlikely pair, but it somehow works. Why do you think people were apprehensive at first towards your pairing on the show? I know those Mary-Bash shippers can be a bit ruthless.

8_FULL2The interesting thing is that those same people seem to also want Mary and Frances to be together. I think it’s a case of those particular fans wanting Mary to have everything as she is our protagonist and our heroin (would prefer to use hero as I don’t understand why there needs to be a gender distinction for heroics) which is understandable but of course unsustainable.

What do you think is the most relatable thing about your character Kenna? Do you and her have any similarities?

We’re both pretty brazenly sexual and unapologetic I suppose and also petulant, stubborn and volatile.

I think it’s safe to assume that the plague is definitely coming next season on Reign, if it were real life and the end was near would you rather have infectious zombies roaming the earth or a full blown alien invasion?

Alien invasion, no reasoning with zombies. An alien invasion would finally bring us together, we would be united in protecting our home and one another (I stole this idea from a lot of great sources).

Out of the entire Reign cast, who is the funniest on set?

Me you halfwit. Kidding of course, Toby (Regbo) has me in stitches pretty consistently. But yeah, definitely me.

Would it be accurate to say you have no filter when it comes to Twitter? Has your ability to say what’s on your mind brought you any unwanted attention?

Living your life at all publicly, whether you are filtered or not will attract idiocy and abuse, I at least like to earn mine by committing to things I feel are vitally important, what is the purpose of existence if not to try and build a society that is conducive to greater happiness and tolerance (also exposed nipples).

Let’s talk about the fans for a second, apparently they want you to go to Brazil, ha, no, but seriously, what’s a day like for you perusing twitter, is your mentions column a scary place to be?

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.42.09 PMNot usually, since I became more outspoken and a little less cowardly I’ve attracted mostly young women to my feed which is truly heart warming. I love to invest time in the introspective, observant and socially aware, it’s exhilarating watching these young women learn to question their world at a much earlier age than I ever did. I feel tapped in and connected to a greater consciousness.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever said to you on Twitter, or in real life?

Oh rape threats, death threats, truly horrific and violent promises. Sadly enough they don’t even phase me anymore, what truly disappoints me is the level of ignorance surrounding so many human rights issues, witnessing horrifically sexist, racist & homophobic opinions. I generally just despair for humanity and then click ‘block.’

You recently spoke about sexualization on Reign as well as your own sexual preferences, were you worried about speaking to that topic?

Surprisingly enough nothing has ever really come more naturally to me. I’ve been having a love affair with images of women since I can remember, never feeling as though I could embrace that part of me in any third dimensional sense. I feel lighter, transparent and awake.

What are three things your fans don’t know about you but should know?

I’m learning sign language (at a glacier pace). I’m so clucky that I can sense when a baby is under 50 feet away from me. I don’t believe in ghosts but I’m terrified of them

I just want to point out that you have some of the most profound, sarcastic, hilarious tweets of all time… Are you this awesome when you’re not constrained to, ya know, 140 characters or less?

First of all that’s an incredibly lovely thing to hear, so thank you. Secondly the only thing I truly value above all else is my sense of humor, I’d rather be told I was a failure in every other aspect than be told I wasn’t funny. Being found ‘awesome’ is subjective, so I can’t speak with authority, but I am unfailingly myself, everywhere without compromise.

Okay, we’re all dying to know roughly how many marriage proposals do you get a week from the ladies and gents? Hah.

Less than several, but they all come from women so it is essentially Christmas for me.

If you were an alcoholic beverage, what would you be and why?

I don’t drink, but I would be a toke of some other more earthly substance.

I have to ask this question since I received a lot of similar fan questions about this… Will there be a follow up to  Tomorrow When the War Began? It remains a fan favorite, and I see people tweeting up a storm whenever it’s on. 

Sadly no, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they revisited the series in a few years times with an entirely new cast.

If you could give a 14-year old version of yourself advice, what would it be?

You’re going to love pussy when you’re older. Don’t fight it.

Who are your celebrity crushes? Give us one of each sex for good measure.

Well Lucas Neff obviously, but in addition – TJ Miller, Madeline Brewer, Stoya, Azealia Banks and every suicide girl. (You can’t limit me to one, lady!)

Do you have any advice to questioning youth, or young girls who try to fit into society norms?

Don’t, it isn’t worth the time and the effort you will go to later in life to break free of them. I promise you.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Please eat less meat and only eat cruelty free… Also, masturbate often.

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