MM: Okay now, you two have developed a friendship while working on the show, which doesn’t always happen—did you guys find yourselves extra giggly while boob grabbing or smooching in front of the cameras? Any awkward/funny moments to speak of?

AS: I feel like there was a lot of giggling. But we were both very professional at the same time.
KRP: [Laughs] I mean what were we going to do, not be professional? [Laughs] Neither one of us has done too much as far as that stuff on camera before, I played a lesbian before and kissed other girls but the boob grabbing was interesting, and then just the cuddling in bed.
AS: The kissing I was like yeah! But the cuddling, when you’re leg on leg, smooth leg on smooth leg—
KRP: [Laughs] We were intertwined—
AS: In a bed, in front of a group of people in the middle of the day with the windows blacked out you do all of a sudden feel like you’ve gotten into pornography and you don’t know what’s happened with your career.
KRP: The thing that surprised me the most was how damn comfortable it was, once we dove in there was giggling and stuff and then she’s just kissing my neck and I go yeah, this makes total sense. Everything’s great. [Laughs]
AS: That’s true, it did quickly become very comfortable.
KRP: It was just what it was, and I put my leg over her leg and that’s just where it was going to be for the rest of the scene. It was really strange how easy it was. [Laughs]

MM: [Laughs] I’ll bet. So, let’s bring in Merc for a second, booo, we know! He thought Helen’s tattoo was a swastika, keeping that in mind, what do you think would be the worst tattoo to actually find on someone you were intimate with?

AS: I think a swastika.
KRP: [Laughs]
AS: I feel like they nailed it. That’s pretty much as bad as it gets. Unless there was a baby being stabbed, that would be disturbing.
KRP: Or a long list of people with all of them crossed out.
AS: Or a Limp Bizkit tattoo. Or some other band that you were like wow, you felt so strongly about them.
KRP: Like Lionel Richie.
AS: Lionel Richie, did you say?
KRP: Yeah, can you imagine that as a tattoo.
AS: I feel like it depends on the age of the person you were making love with. Because if they were 25, it could be hipster-y. And if they were older, I mean, Lionel Richie was huge. Maybe they were legitimate fans.
KRP: Is Lionel Richie a new hipster thing?
AS: No, but I mean, old timey. Everything old timey is retro hipster.
KRP: You’re so hip. [Laughs]
AS: Have I shown you my Lionel Richie tattoo?
KRP: [Laughs]
AS: I don’t have a tattoo is the weird of me?
KRP: I don’t have a piercing, I’ve never been pierced.

MM: Really!?

AS: Your ears aren’t even pierced?
KRP: No, nothing. Completely pure. I’ve never mutilated myself.
AS: Oh my god…

MM: [Laughs] Cue the eye rolls. To keep on track, let’s get serious now—in the last episode we saw a slightly crazed version of Helen come out, which I’m totally ok with by the way. This turn of events sort of worries me, will the relationship between these two women survive whatever Helen has planned for Merc?


KRP: Well, it’s a relationship with two really interesting, damaged slightly people. Just regular, flawed people. So, there’s going to be some trials and tribulations, they’ve had two weeks of the honeymoon phase—
AS: And that’s the thing, it’s only been two weeks. That’s another thing to keep in mind, that they’ve gotten serious very, very, very fast. So I would say, all will be revealed in terms of your initial question, you know, Merc pissed her off. She’s pretty pissed and Helen is very laid back and very cool unless she thinks you’ve crossed her in some way. And then, you gotta watch out.

MM: Do you think Carol is going to take offense to the comment Helen made in regards to her not wanting anyone to think she slept with Merc… Is that going to come up later?

KRP: Well, this is hard because we know exactly what happens [laughs]

MM: I’m trying to be sneaky!

KRP: Yeah, we don’t want to spoil anything, but just to say these writers are so smart and not one thing comes up without there being a meaning or a payoff. There’s going to be lots of fun escapades that continue to happen throughout the season and yeah, that’s not the end of that. There’s definitely going to be more hilarity to ensue including that storyline.

MM: Alright, alright, I’ll take that answer. So now, which character on the show do you think you would mostly likely be friends with in real life?

AS: I feel like, Beverly.
KRP: Yeah?
AS: In real life? Me, Andrea, I would be friends with Beverly.

MM: And what about you Kathleen?

KRP: [Laughs] in real life… who would I be friends with… oh man. Maybe Sean.
AS: By the way, that’s who I was thinking for you.
KRP: I appreciate his positive outlook. Beverly is a little too negative for me. That would be really rough to be around, I think.
AS: Yeah, I guess she is but I also feel she has a lot of reason to be negative that maybe if things were more positive she would react accordingly. Maybe Sean and Beverly together. I’d want them together to balance—
KRP: Balance each other out.
AS: Maybe I’d want Andrea and Kathleen to be a couple and we’d be going on a double date with Sean and Beverly.
KRP: [Laughs]

MM: Ooooh!

KRP: Mind you, she’s married with children.

MM: Well, you’ve set things in motion, that’s not going to stop the Internet from pairing you guys now! [Laughs]

AS: And you’ve been with the same wonderful man for 16 years, so there’s that!
KRP: Yeah, but hey it’s Hollywood, anything’s possible.


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