MM: Episodes is such comedy gold, do you have a favorite line or scene from this season?

AS: I think my favorite line and I’m not going to remember exactly what it was but was in this last episode [405] ‘he’s going around telling everybody I’ve got some sort of anti-Semitic twat.”

hm3us (1)
MM: Mhmm that’s one of my favorites too.

KRP: But the bazooka dick, that was a great line too.
AS: Yeah, but the idea of an anti-Semitic twat just makes me laugh.
KRP: [Laughs] You had so many in that scene, that scene was unbelievable. McKenzie, just so you know that scene was written by the writers on a plane, because we shoot everything in London and they had to fly back to L.A. to the Emmy’s, they were nominated for writing so on the plane back to London they wrote that scene that we were cuddling in bed in the last episode [405] and we got it at 9 p.m. the night before we shot it at 9 o’clock the next morning and Andrea had, it was basically a monologue that she had to memorize to explain this experience that she had with Merc and she completely nailed it. They thought we were going to take four or five hours to shoot the scene because we got it so last minute and we did it in an hour or an hour and a half. It was so quick because she was just completely on top of it. It was really really impressive.
AS: Yeah, we definitely got it late the night before and I remember getting it and going oh! Okay! Wow.
KRP: [Laughs]
AS: That’s a lot of words. I’ll be up a little late.
KRP: That’s a really neat story, since we usually get things well in advance.

MM: That scene was great, I mean, the whole thing was hilarious. You mentioned that you guys also film the show in London. What’s your favorite thing to do there when you’re not working?

KRP: Shop. I love to shop. I love going over to the Columbia Road flower market. They have those on Sundays. All of the outdoor markets they have in London are amazing and eating lots of wonderful restaurants.
AS: I was there with my daughter who’s five and so I have to say London is an amazing city for kids. All of their museums are amazing and they’re free. All of their parks are all made for kids— it’s a very kid friendly city and she just loved it. We had a great, great time.

MM: That sounds awesome. I’m a bit of an anglophile, so I appreciate anything UK related. So, now in a terrible alternate universe where you lovely ladies weren’t acting anymore, what other avenues would you tackle?

KRP: I would be a ranger at a National Park. I’d be a park ranger. I’m a national park fan.
AS: Um. Oh god.

Carol Rhance

MM: How are you gonna top Park Ranger? I mean, come on.

KRP: Or you know what, I’d be a veterinarian, because I love animals as well too.
AS: You are amazing.
KRP: I’m amazing. [Laughs]
AS: I’d be a murderer. Is that what you want me to say?
KRP: [Laughs]

MM: Sure! [Laughs]

AS: No… uh.
KRP: At least make it serial. [Laughs]
AS: What else would I tackle? I don’t know.
KRP: Look, don’t be ashamed, you’ve found your calling.

MM: This is true.

AS: You know what I actually would do, and this is very noble and you’re going to think I’m great after this. It’s really good. I actually love libraries and am starting to get involved in supporting and helping the library systems in Los Angeles so I think I would delve deep in, trying to get more libraries in more neighborhoods and better facilities in the libraries, more technology, more books, and all of that.

MM: Well now you win–

AS: So, I’d be the best fucking librarian, assholes!

andrea savage librarian

KP & MM: [Laughs]

MM: That exact line is going to be the headline to this article, no I’m kidding.

[Laughter ensues]

MM: Okay so, we’re coming up on the end. And just for good measure, I like to throw in some random, off the cuff questions. Are you both ready for rapid fire?

AS: Yes.
KRP: Oh, I’m terrible at this.
AS: Do we go back and forth?

MM: I want both of you to answer, so we’ll start with Andrea and then Kathleen. So know your orders. Don’t mess it up! [Laughs]

AS: Oh god.
KRP: Shoot.

MM: Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?

AS: I would prefer a zombie apocalypse.
KRP: Zombie! You can run from a zombie, but the aliens are above you.

MM: You can’t run from the probes.

AS: [Laughs] You can’t run from a probe.

MM: Twitter or Instagram?

KRP: Instagram!
AS: Instagram, even though I’m not on it.
KRP: I prefer pictures over words.

MM: How can you pick Instagram if you’re not on Instagram, what is this?

AS: Because I’m not a big social media person in general but I enjoy the pictures more.

MM: Both visual, we got it. Favorite swear word? (This answer was too good not to share as an audio clip.)

MM: Biggest pet peeve?

AS: People who are rude to waiters or in that kind of capacity.
KRP: I hate when people stand really close to the baggage claim and you can’t see your bags.

[Laughter ensues]

AS: Yeah.
KRP: If everybody could just back up three of four feet.
AS: You’ll have more than enough time to step forward.
KRP: Instead of ‘excuse me, excuse me,’ that’s annoying. It’s bad. I can’t stand it.

MM: Guilty pleasure TV show?

AS: I don’t watch it regularly, but it’s pretty bad… Baggage on The Game Show Network. Sometimes I just can’t turn it off.
KRP: I used to watch Make It or Break It on ABC Family, I’m not gonna lie.

MM: Yes!

AS: I don’t know what that is.
KRP: You don’t need to know. Just because my niece was a gymnast, I kind of watched it with her and then I got really into it.

MM: You know you watch every single ABC Family show now, don’t lie.

KRP: I loved Greek, I used to love that show!

MM: I know, that was a good show. Well, congratulations you two survived your first threesome with me, your honorary T-shirts will be in the mail shortly. [Laughs]

KRP: [Laughs] Thank you.
AS: Thank you.

Episodes airs on Sunday nights at 10:30 EST on Showtime.

BONUS: Audio clip of Kathleen and Andrea doing their best British accents.


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