interview-flula-borg-and-birgittIf you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect 2 yet then we can’t be friends, no seriously, retire your Netflix queue for a few hours, put away that slab of cookie dough and get your butt to the theater. The Barden Bellas are back for another dose of hilarity and need I remind you… some aca-awesome mash-ups. And although we love seeing Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Beca (Anna Kendrick), and Chloe (Brittany Snow) back in action– Flula Borg definitely gives those aca-bitches a run for their money. Well, his character, Pieter Krämer (aka one of Das Sound Machine’s leaders) does, when DSM goes head to head with the Bellas at the Worlds competition.

Borg, who catapulted to YouTube fame with his video titled “Jennifer is a Party Pooper,” is one of those entertainers you wish you could shrink and put in your pocket for a rainy day. You might be saying “man, McKenzie, that’s a weird thing to say about a human being,” oh you just wait until you take a deep dive into this unconventionally awesome interview with DJ, actor, host and hype-man extraordinaire.

I beat all of the secrets out of the Pitch Perfect 2 star, well, not exactly… but we did chat about his time spent filming a movie that has now amassed a $70.3 million debut. Talk about adding the sauerkraut to the schnitzel– that’s a whole lot of deliciousness up in here, especially when it comes to a sequel. Borg also dished on his transition (back) to America, his foolproof business model when it comes to filming Auto Tunes with Flula and so much more.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen (Happy reading)!

MCKENZIE MORRELL: I saw Pitch Perfect 2 this weekend and absolutely loved it. Can you tell us about your character?

FLULA BORG:  Yeah sure. The Bellas they are, you know the good guys but there are the bad guys too, so I’m one of the leaders of this group. I think we are friendly and then we have to be bad so I will take it.

MM: Do you have a favorite moment from the movie?

FB: I loved our riff off where we are in the strange basement with a very curious man in a cloak and all of these groups are screaming at each other and they’re screaming 90’s hip hop. If you’re going to scream something, might as well be 90’s hip hop jams.

MM: Do you have a favorite 90’s hip hop jam?

FB: It changes every morning when I wake up. This morning it was the Thong Song which is difficult to sing in german because with TH’s it’s really just the song song.

MM: What about the cast? Who would you say was the funniest on set while you guys were filming?

FB: I would say it is about a 45-way tie. You know what it’s like when you’re in kindergarten and you don’t want there to be a loser when you’re having a contest for who can eat the most muffins? I would say it was really everyone, everyone was really wonderful and nobody was terrible or everybody was terrible.

MM: Imagine if the movie was just collectively terrible and the movie is just not funny at all.

FB: Yeah it’s one or the other but I don’t know which one it is.

MM: So now I heard that before you landed the role, that part was supposed to be a german version of Fat Amy. It must have been awesome that the producers saw you and wanted you to be in the movie. What was the audition process like?

FB: Well it was like an interview except there were no questions and I was very unprepared. I went to the auditions and it was all ladies. I didn’t know if it was real. I thought it was a hoax but I went anyway and I was wearing strange fluorescent pajama pants and a small turtleneck. So I just did some things. I like to perform with a pedal and it broke halfway through and I screamed the word “dance” and left. I forgot I’d even auditioned until they emailed me like three months later. What a big surprise.

MM: So were you a fan of Pitch Perfect, the first one?

FB: I loved it. In Germany we love this film. I think we are the number two market, after America for this movie. We love it very much because we love songs and singing. I know Germans sometimes appear serious but let me tell you, we would hug this movie. If it was a cute little teddy bear, we would hug Pitch Perfect.

MM: Do you remember what you were doing when you found out that you were cast in the second one?

FB: I was trying to duct tape a skateboard to a bicycle because I believe if you are getting bored with one mode of transportation, it is time to have two options.

MM: You are quite famous on the interwebs. How did you get your stat on YouTube?

FB: I did write a techno song about six years ago, about being deported from America back to Germany. I was sad so I wrote a techno song about my favorite things in Germany to make myself more happy. Some of the subjects were my grandfather which is my opa and my poodles. It received a lot of views so I thought maybe I should make more YouTube videos so I did.

MM: Did you have trouble transitioning when you came to America again?

FB: Not really, no. We are driving on the right side of the street. Foods are delicious here as they are in Germany and the water is also transparent just like in Germany! So I was okay.

MM: That’s awesome. So let’s pretend you’re going to participate in a jello wrestling competition. Which Pitch Perfect 2 cast member would you want to go up against?

FB: I would Jello wrestle me because I don’t know how my brain works so if I was jello wrestling me, I would stare at me in a very dark confusion and then I would not know “hey is that a mirror or is that another tall german man covered in some yellow jello?”

MM: Would you pick yellow jello if you had to pick a flavor?

FB: We have options?

MM: Yes we have options.

FB: Raspberry, 100%.

MM: You’re known for recording in non-traditional places.  With that in mind, how long does it usually take you to film Auto Tunes with Flula?

FB: Usually I measure it with when I need to use the latrine or restroom. If I have not had a lot of liquids before recording, it can take an hour or if I have chugged a very large bottle of sparkling soda, then perhaps eight or nine minutes.

MM: How do you choose who comes on and attends these little tune sessions?

FB: Whoever is not terrified and also amazed at the same time. I have an open door policy. I don’t really judge. No judgement.

MM: That’s a good motto. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you have a favorite band or performer?

FB: I love many different things. I listen to different music all the time. This morning I was listening to Garth Brooks and Public Enemy and also Iron Maiden. Tomorrow, who knows. Maybe I will listen to Tracy Chapman or the soundtrack from Lethal Weapon 2. It’s really who knows.

MM: So you’re a go with the flow kind of guy?

FB: I go with all the flows that are coming to me.

MM: Will you be releasing an album soon of your own?

FB: Oh look at that. Thank you for setting up that volleyball bump. Let me spike it. Yes! I am actually making an album right now and we are releasing it in about three weeks. It is called “I want to Touch You” and it will have many interesting tracks. I did release last week, the first single called Booty GPS which is about wanting to locate the coordinates of booties.

MM: That one had Mamrie Hart in it correct?

FB: Yes. We are very good friends. I like to high five her because she is the best.

MM: So now you can beatbox. You can sing, you can dance and you’re funny. When can we expect an entertainment world take over?

FB: Watch out! I don’t know. I have every many large plans on my desktop and also on my rug. Right now I’m trying to connect all of the dots so that I may do this in a peaceful and also entertaining way so stay tuned everyone.

MM: How were the Billboard Music Awards. Did you see any famous people trip or accidentally show their body parts?

FB: It was a nice relief when I didn’t see any unwanted genitalia and also wanted genitalia. It’s also awkward when you are standing very close to people. Also I was prepared to cover my eyes and the eyes of all the children.

MM: Always looking out for the kids.

FB: That’s right.

MM: If you starred in Pitch Perfect 3, what would it be about?

FB: I would hope that it was about me in a new cool year, perhaps as a tugboat captain and I’m starting a franchise of Taco Bell maybe on tug boats so that when the ships are there, I will come over and serve everyone nachos.

MM: Mmm yummy Nachos.

FB: You know it. The most delicious. With lots of beef.

MM: So me and Taryn Southern are pretty tight and she wants to know, why you hate her cat Tiggy so much? Is it because she’s a ginger and gingers don’t have souls?

FB: Ginger like the spice?

MM: Ginger like the color hair.

FB: Oh yes. I will tell you. I like cats but cats do not like me. I think it is not me not enjoying Tiggy. I think I have stared at this kitten before and the kitten has made the sound of the scratching, the hiss, the anger sound. So I run away because kitty cat and all kitty cats are sharp clawed. I trim my claws so I am not dangerous.

MM: You are not dangerous. Is there anything you really miss about Germany?

FB: Many things. I live right now maybe six or seven months of the year in Los Angeles. Number one, there is too much sun here. I miss like clouds and rain and drizzly depression. Also I love German bread from the bakery. I wish I could hire them here so they make tasty breads.

MM: That sounds delicious.

FB: So good. You would love them. I promise.

MM: Now onto some random questions… Cats or dogs?

FB: What are we doing with cats and dogs?

MM: You are playing with them, loving them, maybe swimming in a pool with them. Whatever you want.

FB: I like to swim with dogs because if you hold the dog above the water just like five centimeters, they have an instinct of making nice paws on the water. It is adorable.

MM: That is adorable.

FB: It’s the best.

MM: Do you prefer eating icecream or popsicles?

FB: I like sometimes finding the icecream, placing it in the freezer, sticking some sticks in it and making it popsicles so I like both of those if I may choose.

MM: Zombies or Aliens?

FB: I would prefer zombies because they are easily distracted. I could play an iPod or strange music like a Tina Turner Greatest hits album. I could play this in one corner in the house and in the other corner I could sleep like a baby because the zombies are very stupid.

MM: What if they’re smart though? What are you going to do if they have some brains?

FB: But those are not zombies. Those are a different thing like smart, sandman mummies. Those are mummies.

MM: Smart zombies are mummies.

FB: That’s right.

MM: Do you have any hidden talents that we don’t know about?

FB: I like to sleep seven hours each night.

MM: What happens if you don’t sleep seven hours each night?

FB: I become a grumpy dumpy. And trust me you don’t want to see this. It’s worst than the zombies.

MM: Do you have a favorite YouTuber or one that you’d like to work with in the future that you haven’t gotten a chance to?

FB: Oh man. I love so many YouTubers. I would like to make an auto tunes with Tyler Oakley. We have performed music together in a strange place but I now would like to do it in an automobile.


MM: Oh that sounds fun. We’ll put that request out to Tyler and hopefully he takes you up on that offer.

FB: Oh and Pentatonix! We must do something together! We are in a movie together we must be in a car together.

MM: Yes. Hand in hand. If you are in a movie you have to be in a car with somebody.

FB: Those are the rules.

MM: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans. I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot more since Pitch Perfect 2 came out?

FB: I would say fans, I love you. I would like to high five and hug all of you. If there was a very large water park that extended across all of the continents and country, I would like to join you on this water park and then we could have slush puppies together.

MM: Well Flula, this has been wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. I love the movie and will advise everyone to go see it.

FB: Thank you so much, McKenzie. I love it and it was so great to speak to you. Go go No White Noise!

Watch Flula in Pitch Perfect 2, now in theaters.

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