Photo Credit: Karolina Turek

Photo Credit: Karolina Turek

Canada sure does produce some great actors. Patrick Gilmore, one of those glistening maple scented stars, is adding time travel to his already long list of impressive characters he’s tackled. You might know Gilmore from his roles on Stargate Universe, where he took on the role of Dr. Dale Volker. But it doesn’t stop there, this dapper dude was destined to take on even more of the unknown with Netflix’s new series Travelers.

Time-travel seems to be very “in” these days, shows like 12 Monkeys, Frequency, and Timeless draw viewers in and gives them a break from the routine of primetime TV. I mean, you can’t go wrong with people going back in time to save the future of mankind, we sure could use a little of that these days. Despite Travelers not being the only show in its class, it’s definitely one of the few that excel in master storytelling, and one you SHOULD be watching. Because meddling in the past to change the future of mankind is totally a good idea, right? Nothing will go wrong, right? Right. The travelers are meant to right the wrongs of those before them and alter humankind’s horrible fate… but when regular folk like Gilmore’s character David gets in the way– well, I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out what happens when the everyday man is thrust upon this eccentric world. 

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t gotten a chance to binge your favorite new series– then you probably should get on it. The Canadian born beau is spreading his wings, and doesn’t flinch when taking on several different facades with ease. Gilmore talks about playing David, being a retired optimist in his everyday life, and his love of music. Not to mention he teased about his return to rom-com You, Me, Her in February!

Let’s travel 2 seconds into the future, where you can read the interview!

MCKENZIE MORRELL: Can you tell us a little bit about Travelers, and the character that you play?

PATRICK GILMORE: Travelers is your new binging obsession. It’s a time travel show so rooted in reality it borders on dark. I play David, a non-traveler who’s life gets muddied by those from the future. I’m treading lightly here for fear of spoilers. I’m a sucker for time travel shows and I am enjoying this particular sandbox to play in.

MM: What type of inspiration did you use/tap into while taking on this role, and portraying David?

PG: Let’s do this by cartoons. David is a combination of Charlie Brown, Russell from Up, Morty from ‘Rick & Morty’, Piglet, Rabbit and of course Bashful the dwarf.

MM: What a combination! David can be described as an optimist, how similar or different is he to your actual personality in real life?

PG: I’m a recovering optimist. More of a realist now, perhaps. The biggest difference is I feel that ol’ Davey-boy leads a pretty sheltered life. It’s an attempt to control things. He’s a house of cards, if you will. Meeting the new Marcy is like opening up a window… for good and bad.

MM: What’s one thing about the show that you think will shock people, or really draw them in?

PG: Travelers isn’t so much Sci-Fi as it is about the lives of the characters. Sci-Fi is the job, these people are the story. It gives the audience more to grab on to, more to relate to.

MM: Have you taken anything away from working with this star-studded cast? Any favorite moments on set?

PG: Mackenzie [Porter] and I were in the very first scene shot on the very first day. That was a great moment. Those very first steps into the unknown. The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of my co-stars is ‘I can’t wait to do this with them again.’

MM: Is this a genre you normally gravitate towards? What types of shows/movies do you like to kick back and watch?

PG: If I gravitate to Sci-Fi it’s because of the fans. No other genre has that instant feedback. It’s like theatre that way. Sci-Fi fans are paying attention, and will let you know either way what they think. As for what I kick back with? I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the entire series of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ Literally countless.

MM: If you could travel to any point in time, and visit anyone past or present– who would it be and why? What would you guys do?

PG: There was probably a moment when the band Starship was told that ‘We Built This City On Rock And Roll’ was named “Worst Song of All Time”… and that moment probably broke their little coke fueled hearts. I’d want to time travel to just before that and say to them, ‘Guys… gals. Regardless of what people tell you, ‘We Built This City’ will also be loved and considered by some, the greatest song ever recorded in the 80s.’

MM: You’re known for your roles in Stargate Universe as Dale Volker, and for appearing in all three Stargate television series… how does Travelers differ from that role? How is it similar?

PG: All three roles I played in Stargate existed in a world I couldn’t personally relate to. A soldier on a foreign planet, a bad soldier on a foreign planet, a scientist on a spaceship, visiting foreign planets. But David in Travelers is just a shy guy, living alone in a big city. I can relate to that. The fact that fantastical things happen to all four of these characters… that’s what ties them together.

MM: Awesome! What are three facts that people might not know about you?

PG: I used to sing lead vocals in a band. I have a degree in English Literature. My sister-in-law is Canada’s Minister of Environment & Climate Change, Catherine McKenna.

MM: Wow, pretty cool. Now, if you could remake a movie and star in it in 2017, what would it be?

PG: Fletch.

MM: What about favorite sci-fi movie of all time?

PG: The Empire Strikes Back.

MM: The best/worst piece of advice you received throughout your career?

PG: I once had a guy on set approach me in the chaos before a shot and give me a lengthy line reading. He was insistent I was doing it wrong. I disagreed with him but because I thought he was a producer I just nodded and took the note, completely changing my plan. When the camera started rolling the “producer” picked up his boom mic, placed it into position and gave me a wink. Advice is a tough and rare thing. I prefer to rely on instincts and observation.

MM: Will Shaun, the bartender make another appearance in YOU ME HER? I love that show, and would have liked to see a little bit more of you!

PG: Then you’re in luck! [Laughs] I come back for Season 2 and get to play a little more with the hilarious cast. Look for it on Audience Network (on February 14, 2017). Such a fun show!

MM: You’re tellin’ me! If you never could act again, what other career would you try your hand at?

PG: A drifter that goes town to town solving crimes. I also would love to be in another band. I’ve never felt more creative then when I was singing and creating music with my fellow bandmates. Rehearsing every night, touring town to town, solving crimes.

MM: Do it up! So, what’s next for you? Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or things you’re looking forward to in 2017?

PG: I wouldn’t mind getting out of the house and doing some traveling this year. No pun intended.

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