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Hello everyone,

My name is Michael, and welcome to NoWhiteNoise. NoWhiteNoise (NWN for short) is a website about television, movies, and pop culture. Although I might not get a chance to update this site as often as I’d like, due to life (how pesky), you can still catch me here from time to time weighing in on the wonderful world of entertainment! Plus, we have several dedicated contributors who review and recap television shows and even do interviews that you’re not going to want to miss!

Stick around and we hope you have some fun on our little site!

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11223_10151813618255003_134021797_nMICHAEL COLLADO, FOUNDER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF is a magnificently sporadic writer, but since he’s our fearless leader (and pays the bills) we’ll let the sporadic thing slide. He studied Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida International University and prides himself off of being on the pulse of the entertainment world. Not to mention he is a pioneer of the Hashtag-at-the-Beginning-of-a-Tweet Revolution, so win-win.

His tweets can be found @michaelcollado

11082616_10100647557816229_8394431772375000084_nMCKENZIE MORRELL, MANAGING EDITOR is a voracious consumer of entertainment. She’s sometimes a bit overzealous when it comes to her favorite television shows, but her passion rivals most personalities currently on the entertainment reporting scene. She studied Journalism at Southern Connecticut State University and daydreams about how to get her fix with another exciting interview.

Her tweets can found @McKenzieLyn