Grimm, NBC’s latest fall show, has been put into the Friday “death slot,” usually an indication that a network doesn’t believe in its freshman series. The network announced an October premiere date and then followed by pushing back the premiere date, causing audiences to think NBC has even more doubt in the series than it initially would appear. But Grimm may be different… for a variety of reasons. First off, Fridays have slowly been becoming the night for these “genre” shows. It started with Supernatural being placed after Smallville on Fridays a couple of years ago. Then, Fringe made its way to Fridays where it survived half a season (and then some, as it is currently in its fourth). But the “Freaky Friday” night of television can even be traced back further, perhaps a more recent example is the ill-fated Ghost Whisperer which was a Friday staple (and a hit until it wasn’t) for five years starting in 2005. (However, unlike Ghost Whisperer, our lead has a job that puts him in the perfect position to investigate these freaky crimes. It would be like if Melinda Gordon was a professional medium and instead of Same As It Never Was Antiques had a Psychic shop of some variety.)

And when you think about it that way, including the arguably smart campaign to let Twitter followers watch the pilot episode for free before October 28th and the pre-air date screenings taking place in 10 cities across the country, NBC may actually be sticking with Grimm for the long haul. Either that or they’re waiting for the second wave of shows audiences are anxious for (Awake, Smash). Truthfully, there’s no indication they shouldn’t be sticking with it for the long haul, anyhow. Grimm is the perfect Friday night fright.

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The pilot episode doesn’t allot much time for exposition — in fact, there’s practically no exposition at all. And that will either annoy you or, as it did for me, allow you to get right into the story. The exposition-less pilot might even make its characters forgettable to some (like Nick’s girlfriend) and downplay a twist or two. That said, it’s no wonder I can see how some viewers might question the characters’ actions. Somewhere in the pilot episode, a mythical creature explains what his kind’s name is but doesn’t delve deeper than that. Are we to think that only two creatures exist? Grimms and [actually I wouldn’t know how to write out their real names, so I’ll substitute it with:] Werewolves? Before anything is explained to us, Nick’s aunt lands into a coma and he’s left with bits and pieces.

But don’t be fooled by the slow movements and suspenseful music, this show moves pretty quickly. Before the title card appears, Nick (our lead) knows he’s a Grimm, sees two Werewolves, fights a Reaper of the Grimms, and is already investigating a case. Again, I underscore that you might be questioning why Nick isn’t question his own visions of these werewolf-type-creatures… or how a detective could just charge a man into his own home without any probably cause and get away with it… or even how Nick could slip up so many times with his partner (“Here, rub this on you so he can’t smell us.”).

Regardless, Grimm is quite entertaining. The show’s biggest competition may be perceived as Fringe but I think the real one is Supernatural here. That’s if Grimm continues to be a capture-the-supernatural-bad-guy-of-the-week type of show. It may not be as thought-provoking as either of its competition, but neither was Fringe nor Supernatural during their respective pilots. What truly put those shows into elite critical darlings was their ambitious storytelling when it came to mythology. And I think Grimm can really do something here with its mythology. There’s a strong potential to grow. And there’s a strong potential to keep having more brutal massacres caused by werewolves and Nick somehow, inexplicably saves the day because of who he is and what he can see. But how lame is that? (Of course, both of those shows also have incredibly strong followings which keep buzz alive. Unfortunately, its too early to tell if that can happen here.)

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Grimm offers more scares than American Horror Story (believe me) and is light enough on its feet to provide a couple of chuckles. I can see how NBC thought it might slightly be a good fit with Chuck for Fridays (though, that’s a more campy show. I think the aforementioned cop job puts a dent into the campiness in a sense; this isn’t a fish out of water story as much as Chuck in Chuck is. Nick is much more well-equipped). The only question is: is it truly in competition or will it find an untapped market of viewers? I don’t know. But I do know that Grimm is a solid piece of entertainment — and quite frankly, NBC’s best new fall show (though, I haven’t seen Prime Suspect).

Michael Collado
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  • Asia_knama

    Looks interesting… but too similar to Supernatural to survive.

    • Yeah, I don’t think longtime Supernatural fans are going to be jumping the fence to Grimm any time soon.

  • PrincessD

    Looks like this one’s a goner (Cuz of two awesome shows like Supernatural, which beats this one right out off the park, and Fringe which cannot be compared to anything, basically). I saw the pilot and it is honestly quite bad

    • That’s too bad you think so. I don’t think it was quite bad. Have you seen the American Horror Story pilot? That is one of the worst pilots I have EVER seen — let alone this season! xD

  • SugarTeets

    Loved this, saw the pilot and thought it was really fresh. I love supernatural but tbh its not a bad thing having another programme with the same sort of idea, its doesnt have to be one or the other you know. Anyways, grimm reminds me of dylan dog a bit aswell strangely. Anyways, hope this gets picked up because i really enjoyed what i saw.

    • Yeah, I agree. The problem is that since they all air *at the same time,* they sort of are competing with each other, at least live. So you’ve got Supernatural vs Fringe vs Grimm — all with maybe the same types of audiences, and therefore you lessen the audience for all of them that way.

      • Johana Bursíková

        You are absolutely right. I love Grimm (and SPN), but I think the show is too young (not such strong fanbase) to compete with such popular show like SPN that has such strong fanbase. At least for the first and maybe even the second season I would put it somewhere else, so the fanbase could develop.

  • Someone Somewhere

    Yeah, I quite enjoyed the show. I don’t know if it’s just me and my low standards, but I actually found it kind of witty and humerous at times (something Once Upon a Time severely lacked in). I just hope there is going to be more creatures than just werewolves (I didn’t quite catch/remember their actual names).  

    • I really did enjoy the show. I’m thinking I may have low standards, as well. It definitely was humorous and self-aware, something Once desperately needs.

  • Loved the pilot. I like that it’s jumping right at things, because… at least as far as the fairytales itself go, people should be famiilar with these and any exposition would just be boring. And of course, by holding out, it might make people come back for more. Hopefully. I’m looking forward to more of this show which (thankfully) takes a different stab at fairytales then Once Upon a Time.

    And for the record… the wolf’s real name would be “Blutbad” which is German for ‘bloodbath’

    • I agree. Watching Once Upon a Time made me realize that they basically just said stuff I knew and then when it ended, I realized they hadn’t started the story yet. Grimm starts and then it’s off.

      And thanks. I read that on someone else’s review but never updated mine to say blutbad.

  • Bombermanefx

    I am a long time supernatural fan and I don’t see Grimm beating it in the long run. Supernatural always finds ways to keep things freash, entertaining and original while Grimm to me seems to be a live action rip off to the Vertigo comic book series Fables.

  • Johana Bursíková

    I am a SPN fan but I watch Grimm too. I think both shows are very good, but I guess I am more devoted to SPN since it has been around for so long and I have developed “feelings” 😀 for the Winchester brothers. But I really hope Grimm survives, it is a really good show and I love Nick :).