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There’s a lot for fans to talk about thanks to the new Canadian promo released for the upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, 5.17 “The Princess Dowry” (embedded above). For one, it seems like Dan and Blair are on, causing a ripple effect of either excitable cheers or very audible boos. But that aside, something else seems to be taking place:

It appears as though whatever Chuck sets his sights on to do this episode will effectively cause Blair to default on her marriage to Louis, which we all know could bankrupt her family into oblivion.

In the previous episode, Chuck received an email from Gossip Girl (played by Georgina currently) which showed that Dan had sent in the video of Blair professing her love to Chuck on her wedding day. Deducing from the official episode description, which cites that “Chuck and Georgina partner up in a scheme,” we can assume that he intends to tell Blair about this secret.

However, in the promo Dan tells Chuck, “You don’t know what you’ve done. You’ve bankrupted the Waldorf family.” That coupled with the latter half of the official description, that Chuck and Georgina’s scheme “has an unpredictable outcome,” and even the title of the actual episode, seems to suggest that Blair may be in debt once Monday night is over.

There are rumors circulating, however, that Chuck pays for Blair’s dowry later in the season. But how does Dan having sent in the video to Gossip Girl connect with Blair’s dowry? Or are Chuck and Georgina scheming about something else entirely? Not likely, seeing as Chuck responds to Dan’s grievances with, “You framed me!” and “Dan has been trying to keep us apart so that he could have you all to himself.” If that’s not a response about the video blast, then I don’t know what is!

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It appears as though Cyrus’ attempts to get Blair an annulment may have proven null. That sneak peek video is embedded below (in case you somehow haven’t seen it):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7MjFGsBs28]
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  • Brownrice

    Dan can’t say sh*t to Chuck. Considering the fact that he DID try to blame Chuck for something he didn’t do.

  • Ocean

    How does Blair knowing that Dan sent in the blast to ruin her wedding day, have anything to do with her going bankrupt? Didn’t EVERYONE at the wedding already see the video? Confusing. This show…

    • Sara

      Maybe Chuck shows somebody the picture of Blair and Dan kissing at V-Day? I don’t know. He’ll do something to mess everything up for sure.

  • wjwneowei

    why is it seem so easy for dan and blair to be together, but every stupid obstacle in the world came between blair and chuck?  what is this?

    • Meek

      His name is Safran. Point blank.

    • it’s easy because chuck is an asshole.

      • The Truth About The Mighty Dan

        and dan isn’t? oh, i’m going to use you and chuck and the feelings you have for each other to ruin your wedding, then i’m going to blame chuck and pretend i’m your big, one and only hero because i took you out of your wedding, so i could basically have you for myself, because i don’t actually have the balls to take my chances and tell you that i love you, because then you’ll laugh in my face and tell me how ridiculous i am for thinking that you love me. all this, after hurting you, chuck, louis and everyone and their mom by lying to them. let us not forget about the fact that i screwed things up between you and louis more than once, and did not even feel sorry for it, let alone apologize. remember when she wanted to run away with dan earlier in the season and he conveniently omitted to tell her that louis had called, just so he could selfishly run away with her, when he knew that it would hurt her? not to mention his silly book and all the crap he wrote in it that stirred up trouble in her marriage.

        did i leave anything out?

        chuck clearly isn’t going to win the Most Well-Intentioned Selfless Guy On The Planet award, but please let’s stop pretending that dan is this perfect, flawless character, with such high moral standards. he’s as much of a dick as chuck is, only chuck takes responsibility for it, dan never does.

        • Rando

          you’re really trying to compare that to PIMPING SOMEONE OUT FOR A HOTEL? false equivalency, much? they are in NO WAY on equal ground.

          (not denying that the video bs is SHADY and gross, btw)

          • Em

            It’s exhausting reading your comments on how Chuck “pimped” Blair out. Do you get tired of writing basically the same comments over and over again? We know that Chuck isn’t perfect. We know Chuck “sold” Blair. We know Chuck has done BAD things. Chuck is the tragic character on GG. We understand that. But none of the characters on GG are perfect. 
            And yes, what Dan has done doesn’t equal what Chuck has done, but Dan isn’t perfect. And I honestly don’t understand why Chuck haters can’t get past the whole hotel thing. It’s as if that’s the only thing that has happened for them. Yes it was a horrible thing. And yes, Chuck was wrong. But Chuck has actually grown as a character since then, and surprisingly he hasn’t regressed yet (although I wouldn’t put it past the writers to make him go back to old!Chuck).

          • he’s grown in character? yet he still continues to manipulate people he knows and is friends with (dan) because of a potential relationship with blair? I think Blair’s been through enough to deserve that, and although Dan falsely mentioned to nate that it ‘might have been chuck’ in order to protect himself, or whatever other secret or person he is protecting. He didn’t opnely say to huge mases it was chuck!!! He only said it to nate, he wouldn’t go to huge extents to hurt anybody. yes his priorities are blair and have been for the past year. alkjsd yes dan isn’t perfect but if there was a scale he would be like 85 and chuck 30. The hotel thing is repeated so many times but it is still valid, and you can’t say that’s defunct and now dan is worse because he may or may not have sent the video. Let’s not forget the numorous things he did to help chuck and blair beforehand. ahjkwdhwjka jeez

          • Em

            Yes, he’s grown in character. He didn’t help the priest. He actually helped the priest. He wasn’t planning on going to Blair’s wedding, and then when he did (because Eleanor asked him to go), he didn’t interrupt the wedding because Blair shook her head at him. What I’m thinking is that Chuck believes Blair chose Dan because she still believes Chuck sent the video in.. That’s my belief, and that’s why I think he does whatever he does. That’s no excuse, but like you said… “His priorities are blair and have been for the past year.” That’s your excuse for the video, well then that’s my excuse for Chuck doing whatever he does this next episode. Only change the past year to the past four years. And while Dan’s been protecting himself, he has let Serena and Chuck both get hurt and blamed for the video thing.  And I never ever said Dan was worse than Chuck. Yes, he has helped Chuck and Blair both. But he’s done other things. 

          • GG

            I’m so sick
            of all the Chair fans making excuses for Chuck’s behavior. Just because he is a
            „tragic“ character doesn’t make him a saint. Just because you’ve experienced
            tough stuff doesn’t give you the right to act  like an ass and hurt the people who love you the most (eg
            Lily, Blair). Other people/characters also have been through tough stuff and
            they don’t take it out on the people they love. Remember Blair also had huge
            problems with self esteem, or her eating disorder. I know people who have been through
            much worse in their life and manage to get over it, in a much more healthy
            version than Chuck. Just because you’ve had it tough doesn’t mean you have to
            take it out on everyone else. It’s not „just“ the pimping Blair out incident,
            but it started a whole while back in season 1 when Chuck compared Blair to an
            Arabian horse („rode hard and put away wet“). Or when he ditched her, when
            they’ve been ready to leave for tuscany. Or when he swore in seaosn 4 that he
            would do everything in his power to destroy her happiness. Chuck only wants
            Blair if he can’t have her; he just wants to own her. And that’s no
            healthy/happy relationship in my opinion. 

          • TB

            I’m really tired of people making lists of “things that Chuck has done” in order to justify their shipping preferences. Everyone on this show does shitty things–usually, but not always, in retaliation or in response to another shitty thing that someone else has done.  When you take the character’s actions out of the context of the storyline, you can make anyone on this show look like raging dickbag.  

            You could just as easily point to ways in which Dan has insulted Blair or otherwise screwed her over.  Like Dan describing Blair as “95 pounds of girly evil” in S1. Or intentionally sabotaging Blair in S2 when she was planning on telling Chuck that she loved him. Or humiliating her at Georgina’s rooftop party in S3.  Or at her birthday party in S4.  Or offering to run away with her even though he knew that her fiance was, at that very moment, trying to help her.  Or humiliating her at her own wedding by sending in the video of her professing her eternal love of Chuck.

            Or the other side, there’s also Blair –> Dan…for instance, her constant class-shaming of him.  Or spreading a rumor that he was sleeping with a Constance teacher in S2, thereby sabotaging his relationship with Serena.  Or spray painting “WHORE” on his little sister’s fashion designs, and running her out of Manhattan forever.  Yeah, it makes total sense why he’d tell her that she “could never be awful”…  
            Hell, you could make Blair and Serena’s relationship look freaking pathological if you listed all of the things that they’ve done to each other over the years!  Like Serena sleeping with Blair’s boyfriend.  Or Blair outing Serena as a drug addict.  Or both of them BEATING EACH OHTER down on a lacrosse field.  And that’s just in the first few episodes of S1!  But if you actually watch the show play out, it’s clear that this is a relationship that is fundamentally a good one, and one that we’re supposed to root for.At least, until last week, when Blair smooched Serena’s ex who Serena was currently in love with right in front of her while her grandmother was dying.  

            I do have to admit it was harder for me to want Serena to be Blair’s friend after that.

          • Walplayer

            I think that it has no sense to compare Dan’s and Chuck’s behaviour to Blair from seasons 1-3. Seriously? The man who was interested in Blair, who felt desire (and still feel:P), who actually claimed that he loved her… and the other man who basically didn’t know her at all. And wasn’t her friend, even further friend. Dan certainly heard rummors about her and knew people’s opinions about her. So as we can see their attitude to Blair was completely different. Chuck hurt her so many times when he had feelings for her. In season 1  he compered her to the Arabian horse after he hummiliated her. For me it was awful. He destroyed her relationship with Nate. In season 2 he couldn’t say that he loves her. He destroyed Marcus vision of Blair. He had to pt up with tragedy (Bart’s funeral) but his behaviour was really bad. In season 3 sold her for Hotel and slept with Jenny. And I know that Blair hurt Chuck too. But it can’t compete with that what Chuck did. For me he is a narcissist. Even though he is changing now. Because last episodes have shown that he still has some from selfish guy. 

  • nadine

    I’m personally going with the whole this is Chuck’s coma-induced-feverish-dream: all the inconsistencies in story-telling and characterization (i love chuck! no I don’t love chuck! I cannot be with Chuck because of God… no wait, the dowry/us being equals… no wait, because of Dan) have been brought about by neural synapses going haywire.  WE NEVER LEFT THE HOSPITAL PEOPLE.

    • Gchristopherbailey

      I become more convinced every episode. Once Louis went bi-polar I was sure. This is kind of like Bobby in “Dallas” back in the day.

  • dee.

    I’ve been thinking about this theory since the episode the dowry came up and chuck offered to pay it and blair said something very interesting, that when they would be together, they would have to be /equals/, start out on equal terms. Now, this might mean that they’d need to be both as emotionally scarred, (because up until now, the popular opinion has been that blair is the one who suffered more for this relationship than chuck), so blair will hurt chuck somehow (to me, choosing to be with dan, of all people, is the most hurtful thing she can do) and also it might mean that if blair ultimately goes bankrupt, chuck would give the Empire up for her, to be her equal on all terms, including financially. He’s been talking about ‘building their futures together’ all through season 4, so this would be the perfect oportunity to do just that, build up from virtually nothing. Plus, he would prove once and for all that he puts blair above his (B)assets, since the issue of trading her for a hotel is such a sensitive one and it’s been constantly brought up by every anti-chuck fan ever since and they also brought it up in the show, when he apologized for everything he’s done to her. Coincidence? I don’t think so. In my opinion, giving up his fortune and his beloved hotel for blair is the final proof of chuck’s redemption and ultimate love testimony and whatever.

    Now, I know how batshit crazy this sounds, but I really believe that it would be possible.
    What do you guys think?

    • Ocean

      This actually sounds better than anything the writers have come up with this entire season. No seriously, it is. ALL SHIPS aside, the writing is….atrocious. Anyway, Dee, you actually have VERY good points. I never thought of it to THAT extent. Very interesting.

      • dee.

        Well, let’s just hope they don’t screw it up, somehow, instead, haha.

    • mmmwhatchasay

      Fantatic theory. unfortunately, I don’t think the wrirters are smart enough to come up with this. It’s too gorgeous. Le sigh…

    • Rando

      actually, that would be gross because Blair explicitly asked him not to pay her dowry. And, really? Choosing Dan is “the most hurtful thing she could do”? Are you serious? Having feelings for someone else is comparable to pimping someone out? If he pays her dowry because she becomes bankrupt as a direct result of his scheming, yeah, it’s a sacrifice, but it’s his own fault. He KNOWS about the dowry, and to consciously scheme against her is a dick move. (not to mention he already jeopardized Dan’s and Alessandra’s CAREERS, so he’s obviously no longer Saint Chuckles)

      • shirl_w

        well we already know chuck isn’t a saint. that doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed redemption. anyway, this is fiction and we all know that the GG writers don’t pay attention to reality…or continuity. perhaps i’m blinded by my penchant to gravitate toward ‘broken’ characters slash the bad boy with good intentions, but i am willing to forgive chuck for his transgressions provided that he deserves to be forgiven (and we don’t know that yet…). 

        anyway, given how these writers have written this storyline with chair, choosing dan really is ‘the most hurtful thing’ blair could do to chuck right now. because the main story chuck is in is this whole chair/dair/lair romance -_- 

        i could probably write pages about this, but i won’t. this isn’t ‘crime and punishment’ nor is it worth analyzing too much.

        • TB

          I do the same thing, but you’re right.  This show doesn’t deserve to be analyzed, because as it’s written it doesn’t make any fucking sense.

    • Sara

      There is one big logical flaw. There is 1 dowry not 2. So either Blair’s family goes bankrupt and Chuck stays rich. Or Chuck’s fortune suffers a bit (I feel like he would still have a lot of money left since he seems to be quite a lot richer than Blair) and the Waldorf family doesn’t have to pay anything since Chuck is paying it. 

      Unless you mean he would give the Empire up after she pays the dowry herself. Like give it to charity or something. And that won’t happen, ever. Mostly because it would be plain stupid.

      I think Chuck is going to pay the dowry. It’s just what the writers would do. Personally Blair finding a loophole or somehow gaining upperhand (for instance she could find out and prove that Louis is having an affait with Estee or something) would make much more sense. It would empower Blair and she would finally stop being the damsel in distress that has to be saved all the time.
      Blair told him explicitly that she did NOT want him to pay the dowry. I’m not entirely sure anymore but I think she even used the word “buy”. As in he would be buying her if he did. So I don’t really understand why chair shippers want him to pay it. It would once again be Chuck going against what Blair wanted.

      Oh and if it’s Chucks fault Blair has to pay the dowry in the first place, it wouldn’t even be a selfless act. It would just be him making up for what he caused.

  • Firieness

    First of all, if Chair fans were pissed/mad/frustrated before seems like this episode will only make it worst. If Blair has to pay dowry because Georgina and Chuck reveal to Louis (pls come back, I miss ur accent) or someone from his family pics of Dan & Blair kissing then it would be so hypocritical of Blair to be mad, since she wanted to “take responsibility” of what she’s doing.. well she knew what she risks smooching Muppet, she should be glad that for whatever reason Georgina didin’t post that pic ealier. But maybe that’s going to be about something else…

  • Sabi

    Paha! Safran has effectively killed this show, I hope the ratings go down even more. Im sorry but how can you go from, “I love you more and more everyday” to you “dont have my heart anymore.” That is inconsistent writing. 

    • Did Blair even show her love for Chuck this season? so the only explanation  for me it’s that she didn’t want to marry Louis and her ott declarations of love was just trying to convince yourself.

      • Brownrice

        Did you watch this season? Yes Blair showed her love for Chuck, not CONVENTIONALLY, but she did.

        • of course she did!!!!! In the car, don’t you guys remember??? before the fucking accident, live happily ever after promisses, and now she doesn’t love him anymore? what the fuck?? true love doesn’t end in a few chapters, omg, i’m so pissed right now, i won’t even watch this damn episode, 

          • but miscarriages WHICH ARE FAR MORE SIGNIFICANT put things into perspective do they not. 

          • Em

            Yes, and after she had the miscarriage, she told Chuck.. On her wedding day, that she loved him and she loved him more and more every day. But we all know about her pact with God (aka one of the worst story lines Gossip Girl has come up with). She stayed away because she thought if she didn’t, he would get hurt or die. And then after the wedding, she told him that if and when they were together, they had to do it as equals. 

          • Sara

            Blair always seems to find an excuse to not be with Chuck. Weird. As if she didn’t really want to be with him. Hmm…

          • TB

            The writers find excuses.  Ones that don’t make any fucking sense.  Why?  Because the only thing that keeps this show going is people watching in hopes that Blair and Chuck will eventually get together.  

            Now that they’re dashing people’s hopes, viewers are fleeing the show like rats on a sinking ship.  Or do you have some other explanation why they’ve lost 10% of their viewers EVERY EPISODE since the wedding?

            Dan + Blair has killed the show.  

          • Sara

            Ugh I hate the rating argument. Seriously who cares? I don’t really see what the point of it is. Even if 99.999% of viewers loved Chair and stopped watching right this second it wouldn’t make a difference to me. Sure we most probably wouldn’t get a 6th season but so be it. Just because the majority likes Chair doesn’t mean it’s better than Dair or any other pairing on the show. I don’t think any Dair shipper is going to change their mind because the ratings are down. The ratings are going to down for seasons now, GG isn’t a new show anymore and the have had really boring and stupid storylines. To say Dair is the only culprit would not be the truth.

          • TB

            You’re right. Dair isn’t the cause of the bad writing, it’s a symptom. 

          • Sara

            That’s subjective. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad writing. People like different things, why is that so hard to grasp?

          • TB

            It’s not bad writing because I don’t like it.  It’s bad writing because it lacks any continuity with the previous seasons’ events and characterizations.  I think they could have done Dair in a way that actually made some sense, but for some reason they chose not to.  Instead they chose to have Blair run to Dan after declaring her love to two men in turn–Chuck, then Louis.  And then tried to justify Blair’s sudden change of heart by having her read about retconned a scene in S1 that never even happened.   Dan hated Blair in S1, and now the writers are trying to convince us that he never loved Serena at all…he only loved Blair this whole time!  I could buy a character’s feelings changing over time, but that’s not what the writers are trying to do. They’re trying to convince us that the show we watched for the past five seasons didn’t actually exist. They’ve substituted a bizarro-Gossip Girl in its place.  I would expect this from a fanfic, but I can’t believe that this shit actually got produced and put on the air, because it doesn’t make any sense.

          • Sara

            (I’m replying to this comment because it was getting too narrow below) 
            I think you are watching the show wrong or something. While I agree that GG has been a bit off (pact with god, I’m still not over how stupid that was) Dair has been actually one of the better written parts. Noone is trying to rewrite the show, noone said Dan never loved Serena and has loved Blair all along. He went to ONE essay thingy because he is a good guy and knew Blair didn’t have the support of her family. To be honest I didn’t like that plotpoint myself, it felt weird and was also very unnecessary. But it wasn’t that big a deal, it doesn’t change that much. People are blowing that one totally out of proportion.
            Has Blair changed her mind a lot lately? Yes. But her feelings for Dan weren’t coming out of the blue. She has been in denial for quite some time now imo. I whish they had never brought Louis into this, it would have been better had Chuck and Dan been the only choices but oh well. Whatcha gonna do. GG is not a well written show and it hasn’t been for a long, long time. 

          • TB

            I agree that the Louis plot was unnecessary (not to mention contrived) and having strong feelings for three different guys in one season makes Blair look really bad.  

            I also agree that the “pact with God” was effing retarded and made Blair look like a crazy person.

            I am glad that you agree that the essay plot point was dumb.  I think they could have done the same thing with Louis’s vows that Dan wrote and we never got to hear.

            I think that if they were going to do a Dan and Blair relationship, they should have done it last season after the first time they kissed. That’s what I was expecting, to be honest.  Instead, Blair reported that the kiss was like “kissing her brother,” she had no romantic/sexual feelings for Dan at all, and kissing him made her realize how much she actually wanted to be with Chuck.  I don’t see how you can go from that plotline to one where she suddenly develops an attraction for him a few months later. She’s spent this entire time crying on his shoulder over not one, but two other guys.   All narrative logic points to Dan getting friend-zoned a long, long time ago.  

            Finally, come on…it’s just silly to claim that someone else is watching the show wrong.  We all watch the same show, but with different biases, and you’re just as partial as I am.

          • Sara

            “…should have done it last season after the first time they kissed.” AMEN sister! I think the writers didn’t have the balls to do it back then. The dair storyline in season 4 feeled like a test run and now they finally dared (no pun intended, well maybe a little bit) to actually put them together. I hated 4×20 – 4×22 so much you can’t even imagine, I had such high hopes for Dair back then and all we got was Chair being completely torn apart (atleast imo). Dan’s feelings have been consistent for a very long time and that was what most Dair fans were clinging to, myself included. Blair was too confused this past half season and I even gave up hope that she would ever return Dan’s feelings. So yeah you are not entirely wrong. That’s why I hope that is over for this season. Let Blair be with Dan for the remaining episodes and then go to a CBD triangle next season because it’s obvious that’s where the writers are trying to go.

          • TB

            Well, we can’t agree on anything else, but we can agree on one thing: shitty writing!  Haha.  I do think that the writers have been trying to string both ships along in the hopes of keeping everyone watching, and the quality of the show has seriously suffered as a result, so that we get plotlines that sputter out and go nowhere (Dair S4, Blair’s pregnancy, Chair S5) and characters reacting  in completely random and unpredictable ways (Blair telling Chuck to GTFO for scheming against her in 4×18, and not caring at all when Dan   schemes against her in 5×13). Character has become so subordinate to plot that nothing that happens on the show actually feels real anymore.  And I’m not speaking solely from a shipper perspective here.  4×22? Didn’t feel real.  Felt totally random.  And I feel the same way about most of this season.  

          • Sara

            Did you notice that you could basically erase everything from 4×18 to 5×16 and it would still make sense? The baby seems to be pretty much forgotten and her being married to Louis isn’t really a big issue anymore either. They were stalling. And they really wanted to plan a royal wedding or something, idek. Having been a chair fan for a long time myself I believe the bad writing started around season 2 and got really bad in season 3 to the point where I wanted to stop watching in the middle of season 4 because Chair had been totally ruined for me and I had no other reason for watching. But then the dair SL came and I actually had fun watching the show again. So I don’t really understand that people say they are badly written. For me they saved the show even tho I was horrified when the first spoilers about them maybe hooking up were released lol. But of course that is all based on opinion. I’ll enjoy them being together for as long as I can, which knowing GG won’t be very long probably.

          • TB

            It seems from the promo that they’re going to have some…issues when it comes to sexual chemistry.  I don’t know if this is going to be an obstacle they can overcome or not.  I admit that my CB loving heart is filled with joy at the thought of them realizing that they only work as platonic friends, but in spite of this I think it would be pretty shitty of the writers to do this to D/B fans after stringing them along for so long.  

            “Enjoy it while it lasts, before the writers screw it up” — this is advice for anyone who’s ever shipped anyone on GG.  

          • Sara

            Nah the sex thing won’t be a serious obstacle imo. Ausiello hinted they’ll find a solution. My bet it they have good sex in the elevator you see them in in the promo. I think they both have just really high expectations and so much build up (specially Dan) that it’s natural for the pressure to mess it up at the begining. Plus adding that it was confirmed the MET steps pics are not a dream I don’t think it’s going to be over this soon. The bad sex thing has been used in many shows and is honestly one of my favourite TV tropes. It just fits that they would overthink everything, idk I love it.

          • TB

            Yes, they’re SO SIGNIFICANT that the writers mentioned it THREE WHOLE TIMES in the episode following the car accident.  And then never brought it up again.

            Miscarriages are devastating.  The fact that the writers used a baby as a plot device and then refused to deal with the repercussions of losing that baby on Blair’s character is fucking shameful.

  • About Cyrus (and Harold really. How come everyone, including the writers, keeps forgetting he is a lawyer too?): What kind of lawyer would ever let their daughter/client sign a pre-nup like that in the first place?  “If the marriage doesn’t work out, you have to give up all your money. SEEMS LEGIT”. I’m sorry, I love love love Cyrus, but worst. lawyer. ever.

    Also, Blair easily could have gotten an annulment the next day. The marriage was never consummated. And it was performed under false pretenses. 

    This show.

    • Neiro

       Hahahaha I’m glad someone else thinks the same that I do. Thank god this isn’t real life It wouldn’t be believable otherwise xd

  • one step further into cancellation

    • I bet my entire home that it won’t be cancelled, stop talking shit. GG is the CW’s most popular show raking in $50,000 per 30 second advert, earning thousands of dollars every week on itunes, consistently trending on twitter every week, every actor is signed for another season.  ugh

  • Um, if Blair/Dan kissing results in bankrupting her family, you know who’s to blame for that? Oh right, Blair and Dan. 

    But as usual, I’m guessing Blair will blame everyone but herself for the total shitstorm her life’s turned into. Ugh, I can’t even deal with her anymore. Please just let Chuck move on… 

    • Gluttonforfuglychuck

      yeah, because Chuck shouldn’t take any responsibility in scheming against her, the woman he SUPPOSEDLY “loves”? Gross. 

      • TB

        Pretty sure he’s scheming against Dan, not Blair.

        Also, go fuck a chainsaw, troll.

    • it’s not their fault that chuck openy allowed the picture to be send into gossip girl, yes they were irresponsible but he held the key to her fate and fucked it over because he doesn’t like dan. 

    • Stephany

      So with that logic Dan is not to blame for the effects the video had. Blair and Chuck are since she were the ones declaring their undying love for each other right before the wedding in a public place with the fucking door open.

  • B.

    Oh,show…Please get cancelled.