So, I know, it’s been about five days since we crowned Buffy the Vampire Slayer as our summer rewatch series — and I mentioned that I wanted to create a schedule stat so that we may begin as quickly as possible. But a few things delayed my momentum. One of them being that I’m the worst and the second being that Nick Walsh (@nickwalsh), owner of the Buffy Facebook fan page, contacted me and wanted in. Basically, I’m exploiting him and he’s exploiting me for a mutual exploitation relationship.

Together, we hatched up a couple of ideas (mostly his, really) on how to make this a true summer community-like thing. So, the ideas are as follows:

  1. Mondays we’ll be watching three (3) episodes live beginning at 9:30PM EDT (daylight savings) — on Twitter with hashtag #buffyrewatch (follow Nick @nickwalsh, me @michaelcollado, and NWN @nowhitenoise);
  2. Tuesdays I’ll be posting my review/recap on here;
  3. and some Wednesdays (mostly season wrap-ups) we’ll have a video roundtable with Nick, other guests (maybe a surprise one or two down the road), and maybe me!

Now, we’re actually starting FRIDAY, MAY 25TH AT 9:30PM EDT with four (4) episodes to kick off the rewatch. And we’ll begin our regular scheduling that next Monday, May 28th with three episodes at 9:30pm EDT. So, by Tuesday, May 29th, we will have watched seven episodes. I’m told to get through season one as quickly as possible, anyway. I know a lot of people can’t watch too much at one time, but we’re hoping you’ll join us for the one-time kick-off marathon, and I thought three episodes a week was a good compromise. We wanted to do it Fridays to make it sort of a spooky, Friday thing — but we knew that every Friday during summer was a challenge. So we figured Mondays when there’s no good TV all summer is better anyway. AND I know we won’t be able to finish the entire series…but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. (Perhaps adding more episodes during certain weeks and whatnot.) All said and done, here’s the schedule for summer, until the end of September.

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Buffy rewatch schedule – Seasons 1-3, Summer 2012

*All times start at 9:30PM EDT
**All dates are Mondays, excluding May 25th.

MAY – Memorial Day Kick-Off Weekend
Friday, 25th:
 101 “Welcome to Hellmouth,” 102 “The Harvest,” 103 “Witch,” and 104 “Teacher’s Pet”
Monday, 28th: 105 “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date,” 106 “The Pack,” and 107 “Angel”

4th: 108 “I, Robot… You, Jane,” 109 “The Puppet Show,” 110 “Nightmares”
 111 “Out of Mind, Out of Sight,” 112 “Prophecy Girl,” 201 “When She Was Bad”
 202 “Some Assembly Required,” 203 “School Hard,” “204 “Inca Mummy Girl”
 205 “Reptile Boy,” 206 “Halloween,” 207 “Lie to Me”

 208 “The Dark Ages,” 209 “What’s My Line? Part 1,” 210 “What’s My Line? Part 2”
9th: 211 “Ted,” 212 “Bad Eggs,” 213 “Surprise”
16th: 214 “Innocence,” 215 “Phases,” 216 “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”
22nd: 217 “Passion,” 218 “Killed by Death,” 219 “I Only Have Eyes for You”
30th: 220 “Go Fish,” 221 “Becoming Part 1,” 222 “Becoming Part 2”

 301 “Anne,” 302 “Dead Man’s Party,” 303 “Faith, Hope, & Trick”
 304 “Beauty and the Beasts,” 305 “Homecoming,” 306 “Band Candy”
 307 “Revelations,” 308 “Lovers Walk,” 309 “The Wish”
 310 “Amends,” 311 “Gingerbread,” 312 “Hopeless”

 313 “The Zeppo,” 314 “Bad Girls,” 315 “Consequences”
 316 “Doppelgangland,” 317 “Enemies,” 318 “Earshot”
 319 “Choices,” 320 “The Prom,” 321 “Graduation Day Part 1,” 322 “Graduation Day Part 2” | *4 episodes

*Watch live on Twitter these nights starting at 9:30PM EDT, using hashtag #BuffyRewatch. Then, come back here on Tuesdays to discuss.

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And there you have it. The first three seasons of Buffy in one summer, watching together! Now, remember, you don’t have to watch live with us — but we hope that you will! Please do! PLEASE? Fine. If you’re not, just make sure to watch three episodes a week before Tuesday.

How to watch

Remember, if you’re watching with us and don’t have any of the DVDs (or VHS tapes!) that the entire series is available on NetflixAmazon VOD (and free with Amazon Prime), iTunes, and Zune (Xbox); the first season DVD is available new for $19 (which I think is too expensive for a season a decade and a half old with 12 episodes, to be honest) on Amazon; and unfortunately, they don’t have it up on You can also watch on Hulu! The first season is only available on Hulu Plus, but subsequent seasons are free! And, of course, there are other ways to get it. But we won’t discuss those here.

Who to follow on Twitter

Michael Collado
Mike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.
  • By the way, can I just say I love the fact that people are excited about this? 😀 I can’t even imagine people would think of NWN as a community back in September. And it’s awesome that people have told me I will like the series based off things I’ve written that they read. Excited to watch Buffy for the first time!

    • Shane

      For the first time? Whoa. When will we watch the other four seasons?

      • Nick thinks we can continue past summer, but we would have to choose a weekend. The only reason I decided on 3 episodes a week is because a lot of people were even telling me just 2 episodes a week (eek!) so, it was difficult.

        And yes for the first time! 😀

    • FOR THE FIRST TIME? Holy crap, are you in for a treat. I remember what it was like to watch Buffy for the first time, and it was so magnificent. You’ll love it.

    • JSK

      When you’ve finished 1-3, definitely watch 4-7 and Angel in order. Even though there are occasional dips, doing it all (especially the first time) is spectacular. Three years ago, I did Buffy in three months (and then another two or three times), went back and watched it and Angel together twice, and then FINALLY watched the final season of Angel December 2011. That’s how great Buffy is. Definitely the second best Sci-Fi/Fantasy series after Lost, though many will disagree with me on that.

  • YES, this is going to be awesome!

    • jgallito

      Agreed!!!! So much fun!

  • thefotogrl

    FUN! I am on season six (for probably the 6th time lol) now, and will happily start over with everyone. #teamjoss #btvs

  • Scot

    The hardest part about this for home viewers with dvds is going to be watching ONLY 3 episodes a week, when I sit down to rewatch the series I usually watch at least 3 or 4 a DAY, lol.

    • That’s so definitely my problem. I watch a disc a night, if not more, so rationing myself out is gonna be a real bitca of a problem.

    • Yeah, I understand. It’s part of a problem, because I know I can definitely watch more than 3 episodes a day, but there were a *lot* of people who told me no. 🙁

  • Toby

    Cool!For some reason Buffy ALWAYS makes me laugh,and feel better about myself! Thanks!

  • MCoppa

    Great idea! Love Buffy, especially rewatching. One request: can we get some estrogen on that list of peeps to follow?

    • You can follow whomever! 😀 Certainly don’t need to follow me, it was just a list of people who orchestrated the schedule and whatnot. But definitely follow Nick xD

      Just make sure to keep an eye on here or the #buffyrewatch tag 🙂

  • I just placed all the Buffy episodes in my hulu queue, I was going to start watching them tonight, but I think I’ll wait and watch with you all!!!!!

  • emellan

    I’m so in! I rewatched Buffy about 2 years ago – first time ever since the shows were actually first-run. I really missed her when it was all over, and she wasn’t in my living room every night. she’s like my best friend 🙂

  • Willowy

    Mondays are perfect for me! Sa-weeet! It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done a thorough re-watch. Thanks to Whedonesque for pointing me here!


  • Amazzing!! This sounds like fun!

  • Ash

    I only watched the first three seasons, and then left Buffy to watch Angel when he left the show for his own spin-off, because I kinda lost interest in it without him. I’ve been meaning to go back and watch the rest but I never did. So if you guys go past that I’ll definitely watch it all!

    • Andy

      Oh, you NEED to keep watching Buffy! Some of the best episodes are in the later seasons! And Spike is a good alternative for Angel 🙂

  • Perfect excuse to rewatch Buffy! Though being in Scotland I’d have to stay up till about 4am, will stock up on caffeine and sugar. Just like school nights in the 90’s watching the VHS boxsets!

  • Rhonda

    I found season 7 at big lots for $10.

  • Yay! This’ll be fun. I’ve already been rewatching some Buffy and Angel eps on Netflix lately, but I could never get tired of BTVS. Buffy and Farscape tie for the best series ever IMO. Although season 1 isn’t the best. The Halloween ep in season 3 is the one that got me hooked.

    • I mean season 2

    • GuinevereDeRaymaeker

      When I think about buffy, I instantly think about that Halloween ep. It was really amazing

  • Melody

    hi, everyone , I come from HK, I will try to follow the schedule , anyway I always watch them at home when I am fee . YEAH

  • NWN- Brianna

    Get excited peeps!

  • Queenoftherant

    Looking forward to it. Buffy is still my favorite show ever, I watched it from the pilot episode – you will love it. I’m in oz so will watch in my own time then join the review discussions. A change of pace at the end of season 3 actually would kind of work, since there is a natural change in the show’s direction at that point anyway for various reasons. BRING IT ON! PS keep an eye out for the gazillion actors who played minor roles on Buffy and now have moved onto much bigger things- the IMDB game if you will:)

    • alicia fierce

      amy adams as tara’s family was my favorite gem!

  • Spike

    I am soo starting my 1984516545156th Buffy rewatch with you guys! But it’s going to be extremely hard to watch only 3-4 episodes a WEEK! ;( But I’m glad that you’ll get to see the awesomness of Buffy the Vampire Slayer :))

  • After my sister and I saw The Vow we joked that the best part about amnesia would be watching Buffy for the first time again. So yeah, I agree that you’re in for a treat. 🙂

  • Ah, shoot. I won’t be able to watch it live with you 🙁 When you have 9 pm in my country is 2 am, so too late 🙁 But I am looking forward to see your recaps. And I will be watching it on my own 🙂

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  • Jordan


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  • AMontemaht

    Can’t wait! Only one thing about the schedule, though. There will be no way that I can split watching Surprise and Innocence by almost a week. Those 2 eps have to be watched together imho so I will be skipping ahead there 🙂

  • Heba Bsat

    I won’t be able to watch live with you guys because 9:30 PM to you is 4:30 AM to me. But I’ll definitely watch the next morning and then join the fun here!

  • What channel is it going to be on?

    • We’re not watching it on TV. I believe that most people are watching it streaming online or on DVD.

  • Ali