As a complement to the Buffy Summer Rewatch, I am going to be reviewing and recapping yet another old favorite—Josh Schwartz’s heartfelt teen drama The O.C. One of my very good friends has been begging me to watch this show for years, and I always meant to, but for some reason I just never got to it. But long at last, here I am, and I am very excited to begin! I plan to review several episodes each week—two on Monday, two on Thursday.  Those who have already seen the show are invited to follow along and rewatch, and those (like me) who have not seen it are certainly welcome to watch as well. In fact, if for whatever reason you have never seen The O.C., then I strongly encourage you to get your butt on and check it out. I’ve seen the first few episodes already, and thus far I am pleasantly surprised; the show is not at all what I had expected it to be, and I am looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts on it. Expect to see my first official posts on the first two episodes Monday, if not sooner!

As mentioned, you can find the complete first season of The O.C. on Hope to have some of you watching with me!