If you’ve read my review on the last episode, I was quite disappointed with it as the writers for Modern Family didn’t really surprise me with any new twists to make the same plot line funny. This week, I was especially worried as Modern Family has done a Halloween special in season 2 (episode 6). That episode was definitely one of my favourites and I was hoping they would live up to the hype for this episode. This time around I thought it was fairly good but not spectacular. It didn’t quite live up to its full potential but got a good few laughs out of me here and there.

My favourite plot line of the three families has to be the Dunphy’s! There wasn’t too much going on in terms of emotional or character development but come on, it’s a Halloween special! This was the only plot line that had ANY horror at all – unless you count Gloria’s raging hormones from her pregnancy as horror, which it very well might be. Claire was forced by the town to reduce the decorations of their house because she scared a man to a heart attack last year, so instead they put up humongous lollipops and she dresses up as Little Bo Peep. Phil is doing an open house for his business, thinking inside the box, hoping to attract parents sick of Halloween. As Phil dismisses Claire’s prank last year as not scary at all, she plots a scheme with her kids and turns Phil’s open house to an open house of horrors! This scares the baby Jesus out of him. A Perfect blend of comedy and horror. Loved it!

Meanwhile, Gloria goes through more pregnancy side-effects as she deals with these hormones, which leads Manny to call her a “hot head”. She’s already usually quite…passionate but she’s at a whole new level now. Jay on the other hand goes through something of his own when he is unable to sweet talk his way out of a ticket. Has his charms diminished due to old age? Gloria takes out her anger on some kids who called her too old to be pregnant by throwing an egg at them, which we later find out, was in fact Manny, and comes to peace with her hormones when Jay tells her it’s just her mama bear instincts kicking in, which will make her a great mother again. Jay’s dilemma is solved when a dressed up princess at Mitch and Cam’s Halloween party hits on him. Without suspecting a thing, he came to peace with his issues through a drag queen!

I’m glad Cam put it all out there in the last Halloween episode of how he was scarred by this holiday as a child so that this time around we were able to enjoy the usual sassy Cam. Cam has lost a total of 32.4 pounds and throws a party to show off his new slim figure to his friends and family. Unfortunately, the costumes for him and Mitchell get mixed up and Cam ends up in an adorable fluffy bull costume and Mitchell, the matador. What really made me happy about this family this week was Lily. Lily hasn’t really been one of my favourite characters since she started talking as all she did was whine – somewhat in a cute way but not really. She’s been delivering more lines each episode and this was no exception. This family dove into the emotional side of this episode as Lily asks about her birth mother. She is obsessed with being dressed up as a princess as Mitchell accidentally told her that her mother was a princess one time when he was overtaken by exhaustion. Cam and Mitchell sit her down and have a serious talk with her and this happened as natural as it could be. Words were chosen very carefully and I don’t think it could have went any better, so props to that!

Talking about costumes, Cam finally switches his costume from a fluffy bull to Mr. Roarke (from Fantasy Island) and Lily changes into being his Tattoo. What were some of the other costumes that you liked? Maybe Gloria’s illegal alien, or Jay’s race car driver, or little devil Luke? My personal favourite was Cam and Mitch’s creative friend, who dressed up as a sugar daddy by strapping a bag of sugar around like carrying a baby, very clever!  This episode was kind of funny and had a little more horror than their last Halloween special (actually the last special didn’t have any at all), so it was overall an okay episode. I kind of hoped to see Hayley a bit more as a college Halloween party would have been a goldmine for possible funny moments!

Denise Chang

Denise is currently a student studying Media, Information, and Technoculture for her undergrad in university. She loves watching television shows as well as giving her opinions on them. She is always looking for new shows to watch so recommend ANY if you’d like! In the future she would love to work in the entertainment industry whether it be behind-the-scenes with production, advertising and marketing, or upfront with public relations and social media. She thinks No White Noise is a great opportunity to share her thoughts and receive constructive criticism to better improve her writing. To name a few of Denise’s all time favourite shows: Downton Abbey, Lost, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Suits, and many more.