Time for another somewhat short photo recap! This time for Gossip Girl season 6, episode 7 “Save the Last Chance”! In this episode, Nate finally has a storyline you guys. It includes three lines and being blackmailed. But hey, it’s something. Ivy decides that she wants to bang all old dudes, all of which are Lily’s exes. Great plan, gurl! Dan and Serena decide to apologize to everyone for being huge a-holes. Also, Blair and Serena make up and breakup another fifteen times this episode alone. Blair, meanwhile, is on her seventeenth different fashion plan — and decides to scheme… because she learned nothing from the previous episode. Chuck wants to destroy his father and finally solves the equation!! Nelly Yuki’s in tow! And Dan is still mustache-worthy.


EDIT: Also, by the way, because sometimes people care… I think this may be my favorite episode of the season so far. It was a bit twisty and soapish and everyone was going after the microfilm. Kind of didn’t hate it. You go Glen Coco!

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  • Matt C.

    That second-to-last pic of “evil” Dan made me spit out my food from laughing so hard. Another amazing recap! So sad there’s only 3 more to go.

  • Whoever

    Omg this is my favourite from S6
    You did your best I LOVED IT

  • Christine

    Your best recap yet! Lol at Dans mustache and flowing mane. And ivys mustache with her eyelashes bahahah thank you for making class tolerable tonight.

  • I just can’t…xD “Look at your life, look at your choices”, Bart being evil, Nate being Nate and the disappointing fact Ivy didn’t bang Bart in the end:(

    • s

      Bahahahahaha look at your life at your choices – best pic ever.

  • My favorite episode of the season, too! High five for us. Now onto the recap portion of events:

    DS sex references! OMG, my whole brain is crying. But you made up for it with BART SMASH, thankfully. And awww, Nate’s puppy face can move mountains. <3

    I feel so bad for Kaylee with all her old-dude snogging. I hope she was well-compensated for that madness. And OMG, I didn't even realize the photo was so clearly a selfie. God, that's awkward. And Bart's quest to be the evilest in the land, rofl. Just golden to watch/read.

    Chuck can't wait to rip Blair's clothes off in the finale!!! Trololol, if only. We'll be lucky to even see their wedding kiss properly. :-/ And SB's makeup! So true to life.


  • Liz

    You are INSANE! Funniest recap of the season!

  • this past week has been glorious ever since i discovered photo recaps. thanks for not making me wait another hour before this one!


    thanks for the constant reminders of Scott, this way I’ll be even more disappointed when he doesn’t show up at the series finale with the rest of those crazy kids.

  • Shreya

    “Isn’t mail white?”
    Genius m’dear!

  • Jen

    These recaps make my life. Lub you, bihhh.

  • Lizlemon

    Hahah I love Evil Dan!

  • xoxoWhatever

    DUUNNN. Favorite part. I really wish Ivy would go away though.

  • it was amazing!i can’t pick my favourite!chuck’s ”reasons”,dan’s hair,nate’s hiccup??????i mean i laughed out so hard that i actually peed my pants!well done sir,well done!

  • annie

    hahahah amazing recap!!!

  • QMargo

    What a lovely drawing of Dan on the second last photo – LOL!

  • lol. this was great. Burst out laughing at Dan’s long hair at the end. lmao. XD And of course naturally everything else was awesome. Can’t wait for your next photo recap! =D Only 3 left! *gasp*

  • This is awesome! XD

  • dee.

    Omg, DAN’S HAIR.
    Also CHUCK + DAN + RIHANNA. Ahahahahaha.
    WHAT IS AIR???!!!!

    I love you, marry me.

  • Guest

    This was too funny. Nate’s “mail is white” and Lily’s “I’m so happy right now” had me laughing out loud in public places. Good on you for making these!

  • gumdropcookies

    This was too funny. Nate’s “mail is white” and Lily’s “I’m so happy right now” had me laughing out loud in public places.

  • trng

    hahahahha just brilliant

  • Brittany

    I think I speak for alot of us fans when I say I would have barfed if Ivy actually tried to give Bart dah sex.

  • sara

    Oh my God…amazing! I don’t want to repost the whole photocap again but here’s some of the lines that had me literally crying and pissing myself with laughter:

    EvilDan’s awesomely evil mane and facial hair
    Serena perking up at the mention of the D
    REASONS (I seriously think this in the script since the writers don’t even bother coming up with semi-plausible *reasons* for Chair not to fuhh)
    Only if we can do the tarantula (is there any other way?)
    Ivy all the way through! Too bad Bart didn’t slip her the D!

    I’m going to miss these !

  • caroline

    is that ivy 4 ft 11 inches away HAHAHAHAHA

  • dude i lub uuuuuu jajaja amazing i’m LOL so much