This week’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show featured a very special potential double catfish! What is a double catfish you ask? Why, it is when both parties in the internet relationships aren’t being completely truthful about their true identities.  In this week’s episode we meet Rod who has been talking to a girl named Ebony on a website for gays and bisexuals.  Ebony claims to be a transgender, but Rod thinks she might not be telling him the whole truth, in part because he has been lying to her. Throughout their four year relationship he has been using pictures of his cousin instead of himself and calling himself ‘KJ’

According to Rod, he has wanted to meet Ebony for a quite a while now, but she had cancer for a hot minute, so they weren’t able to meet. So now that she is better he wants Nev’s help to finally make it happen for real, since they’ve known each other for 4 years and talk on the phone multiple times a day.

When they meet up with Rod, Nev takes the time to clarify that Rod is not gay and not interested in guys (the website he was on was for meeting anyone, he claims), and at first he thought Ebony was just a regular girl, but he isn’t hung up on her differences.  Nev and Max don’t necessarily believe him, but they let it slide until they get back in their car and talk shit behind his back.  Rod explains that all he wants is to find out if she is really who she says she is, because if she has been lying he doesn’t know if he can handle it, which as Max points out is, is pretty hypocritical.

The next day Rod comes over to Nev’s hotel to start doing some Ebony research, but before they can really get started Ebony gives Rod a call. He puts it on speaker and basically she talks a whole lot and Rod just laughs.  Rod is clearly a simple man who just wants some lovin’. Who can fault that?

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Once they start the research they quickly discover that Ebony quite possibly might actually have a daughter, which throws Rod for a bit of a loop.  Soon after he bounces out and Nev and Max continue the research on their own.  They give Ebony a call, and while remembering to call him ‘KJ’ instead of ‘Rod’, Nev tries to get her to agree to a meet up. The conversation gets a bit heated, but in the end Ebony agrees to meet Rod, but not before putting in a request for a huge rock for her fat fingers.

In a touching moment, Rod takes the time to let his best pal know that he has been pursuing a transgendered women.  Luckily the friend is a cool guy and he supports Rod 100%. They are BFFs y’all! After their bro moment, Nev lets Rod know that the next day they are driving over to the ATL to finally make the meet up with Ebony happened.  Duh duh duhhhhhh.

Rod is super nervous as they pull up to Ebony’s house in Atlanta, but like a true southern gentlemen he made sure to bring flowers for their first date, and when the door opens, Ebony actually looks like Ebony! Wow, we’re not use to this! You can see the shock on Nev’s face because she actually appears to be what she said she was.  Ebony is clearly a bit taken aback by Rod’s different appearance and name and it quickly goes from a joyous meeting to anger and hurt on her part.  It really is weird seeing this from the other angle, but interesting.  After Ebony takes the time to chill herself out, she returns and comes clean about her own secrets; that 1) she has an 11 year old daughter and 2) she is not transgendered at all, but she has never dated a man before (she used to be a lesbian).

After all the lies are out in the open, both parties forgive each other and things get happy once again! Is this true love? GUYS THIS MIGHT BE REAL TRUE LOVE! No…wait..hold up….We have a problem.

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Once they are in the car Rod confesses the real honest truth: Ebony had been sending him money when he didn’t have a job, which was why he kept talking to her. And if she hadn’t been paying his bills he never would have continued the relationship.  Who sends money to someone they’ve never meant? People do that? Was it like cold hard cash? Because she didn’t know his real name so it couldn’t have been a check. I don’t get it. After this revelation, Nev and Max is even more suspicious of Rod’s sexuality, since he seems not as into now that he knows she isn’t actually a guy, which is a valid theory. Who knows?

The next day Rod tells Ebony how big a role the money played in his investment in the relationship, and Ebony is rightfully angered.  He’s been using her the whole time and she is over it.  You go girl! Guy is obviously a loser.  But then he starts crying in the car and of course, Nev steps in to try and fix it.

Ebony explains to Nev her side of the story, saying she was looking for a gay bestie while she was dealing with her cancer, and for the first year of their relationship that is what she thought Rod was. Nev explains to her that he thinks Rod might be struggling with his sexuality and needs a friend right now, just like Ebony did all those years ago.  So after some work from the catfish whisperer Nev, Ebony goes out and talks to Rod and they agree to just be friends.

At the one month check up, Rob and Ebony are still friendly, although they aren’t talking as much as they used to.  Both parties are avoiding online dating, but Ebony has found love with women.  Good for her.  She was fabulous and deserves some lovin’.

Next week’s episode seems to be dramatic and full of lies and problems, so obviously I can’t wait!

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  • kate

    Question- Ebony said she had never dated a man…
    Where’d the daughter come from? Ebony seemed to be a little young to have gone to a sperm bank, especially considering her daughter’s already eleven.

    • Mikell

      Just because she has a daughter doesnt mean she actually dated him to make her daughter. You NEVER know the story, she could have just had a one night stand or got raped.