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Welcome back, Bo. We’ve missed you! Anna Silk’s bigger presence in this episode just confirmed what I believe most of us felt during the past couple of episodes: We need Bo. Yes, the supporting characters are great, but ultimately this is Bo’s show — and I’m certainly glad that she’s back. I’ll still venture to say that during the premiere, it wasn’t so dire because of its whacky premise. More so, the premiere still chose to have a lead character: Kenzi. The previous episode tried to mesh everyone together in an ensemble, and it just didn’t work. Even this episode, where Bo’s back, lacks some of the rest of the cast; it’s better than last week’s, but it still leaves something to be desired.

And what I desired was not the A-plot this week. I know it’s only been three episodes (out of a thirteen-episode season, I presume), but for some reason, I’m more than ready for Lost Girl to tell us just what is going on. In fact, I dread the fact that Bo and Dyson apparently forgot everything that happened on the train. What was that train? And what about The Wanderer? I feel as though we’ve waited long enough. Some stretched out elements work for me, like Kenzi’s firework hands, but with this Wanderer storyline, I feel like the narrative is being pushed into uncharted territory. And by that, I mean confusing and unmapped.

I suppose I’d be OK with this A-plot if it connected somehow back to Bo’s storyline or backstory. I think she’s dealing with this because… her dad or something? I don’t really know how to make a connection, except that it seemed like an improbable detour. And having Bo realize Daughter reminded her of Kenzi all the time just made me greatly feel the absence of Kenzi in this episode.

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But I do think there was something quite redeemable from it. I know others aren’t a fan of this aspect of the show, but Dark Bo is something I am quite interested in. The show has been weaning us toward that. Perhaps the voices in Bo’s head were too blunt (plus, we could argue that she was losing her mind because of the train thing that The Vampire Diaries‘s Isobel explained), but something like wondering what Bo would have done to Father this episode right before she realizes he may not be completely evil is right in that sweet spot.

Besides, I think it really culminated in Bo just kicking butt at the end of the episode. It’s like the show knew exactly what you’ve been missing, and we want more of it. Can’t wait for Bo to be back in leather. The only real longterm questions (or threads) we get from this storyline is what will Bo and Dyson’s faux vows mean for their future? In last week’s episode, we surveyed Dyson telling Lauren to not come back into town, right before he was sure he’d bring Bo back. This week, we see that Dyson wants Bo to be absolutely committed to him. Uh oh? It was also weird that Bo trailed off right before saying Lauren’s name in the list of people she missed… not that that has any connection to the Dyson stuff.

In the B-plot, I think all I can say is ugh. I wrote last week that there are only two paths this story can take: Crystal is altruistic and she helps Lauren grow as a character by allowing her to trust again, or she just betrays her. How were both of those options telegraphed? Now, it’s unclear whether Crystal has known about the Lauren situation the entire time, whether she sold Lauren out as a last-minute cash out, or whether she was coerced. Though something about all of the Where are you going?s makes me think it was a longer planned betrayal. We’ll see.

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Obviously, Lauren was in dire need of emotional (and physical) connection to someone, and while it makes sense in a scandalous way for her to be betrayed by someone she opens up to, I think I would have been much more interested in her discovery of humanity rather than a reaffirmation that the world is a cruel place. But at least it gave Tumblr some hot GIFs.

And finally, the Morrigan. Our most charismatic leader needs her eye back, which she gets, and is now set out to wield her plans. That’s really it, but she did fill in some of the snark and character for this episode. We’re slowly getting our characters back together — very, very slowly, but together nonetheless.

Anyway, while Bo’s presence was absolutely and greatly appreciated, I just don’t think this made up for the case-of-the-week’s run-of-the-millness. I think next week’s episode will most likely be up to our standards and what we’re used to. I don’t exactly want it to ignore the serial story altogether, but anything that brings the dynamics we’re used to back in play works for me.

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  • Shirotora

    The show has been weaning us toward that. Perhaps the voices in Bo’s head were too blunt (plus, we could argue that she was losing her mind because of the train thing that The Vampire Diaries‘s Isobel explained) <—————I think the voices in her head were actually caused by the body jumper in the episode, not her dad or DarkBo.

    • Oh, yes, I didn’t think about that. It could also have been that. I just didn’t think that it jumped into her before the definitive moment. I think the most plausible is that she really needed to feed because of the inter-elemental travel.

  • Arbit

    I agree with every word of this view so much it’s crazy.

    Sometimes I just want to run out into the street with a printout of your reviews yelling “THIS!”

    I don’t know what’s going on with LG anymore. I used to love this show so much, and now I just have such a sense of frustration with it.

    Unless they’re incredibly, supremely confident that some almighty hail mary up their sleeves is going to make up for the start of this season or the end of the last one, I just don’t understand their thinking anymore. We’re three episodes in, and honestly, I don’t feel like I needed a single one of them, we’re no further on in any real way with either the central plot arc or where the individuals are. Bo is absent even when she’s onscreen, Lauren’s plotline is wtf, and what they’ve done with Dyson… well, plenty of others have that covered.

    I had high hopes that they were tuned in enough to the response last year that they’d start dealing with some of these problems, because God knows, they were spelled out everywhere for them, but we’re far enough into the season by now that their failure to do any such thing is starting to loom large. It still feels like the engine hasn’t started.

    • It definitely does feel like they’re only just revving up the engines, which I was OK with for a premiere, but I think it’s been enough time. I want the season to get going and I kind of want to know exactly what it’s about or where it’s headed.

      That said, people did tell me that Lost Girl had pacing issues before, and I didn’t really notice them because I was binge-watching. Perhaps it’s just the fact that I’m watching on a weekly basis as opposed to before, but the few comments I get a week kind of confirm what I thinking.

      • mehlsbells

        Funny, I didn’t start watching until Season 3 was already underway, and I remember thinking the same thing. ‘What are they talking about?’ But now . . . now I think maybe it was the binge-induced coma which blurred my vision.

        My review said the exact same as yours: some parts of this episode are just boardsetting, so if they become key, then I may revise my idea of how rough this episode was. But it better become important REALLY REALLY SOON. I enjoyed your concise summation.

        • Haha yeah perhaps it does have a little do with getting used to NOT binge-watching.

          It seems a lot of people feel that way about this season. I really hope they don’t just decide to ignore some of the question for a big gap of episodes.

  • Maureen


  • Anggellkatt

    I keep thinking they are leading us up to the fact the Bo’s father is a God of the Dead, or the God of the Dead, like Odin or Haides (or maybe they are the same guy) Which would explain why Bo is so powerful and why she was on a death train (modern version of Charon’s ferry perhaps?) and why she was not on the same plain as her friends. (death train would obviously be headed to the netherworld right?)

    Maybe papa was locked away in his own realm during the Fae wars which would be why Trick seems to know something about him(maybe he was one of those who locked him away). And I’m also thinking the Dark King that kept Aife prisoner and Bo’s father are not one in the same man. Perhaps Aife made a Deal with Death in order to escape the Dark King.

    Death is neither, and yet both, Dark and Light which is why I believe Bo cannot and will not chose a side.

    My point is it’s looks like it’s going to be a while until they give us any information on that issue.
    Those of us who have been watching the show from day one are getting a bit tired of them dragging out the storyline since there is so much story and lore they can work with.